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:iconxacuchina:xacuchina posted a status
So it has been a long damn while, as you can see I haven’t been around... nor have I submitted anything worthwhile on here, so does this mean I am done... no far from it, I just had a shit ton of bad coincidences occur that prevented me from creating anything worthwhile... but I just give you all a quick update I am currently working (very damn slowly mind you) on a new exciting comic series that actually started as a silly nonsensical idea that some how blossomed into a full fledged comic story with a lot of character building and world building... so much so I devoted all my efforts into making it a top priority to get everything planned out and designed before I move forward with building the comic itself.
As for SPUD? Or was it POWER gah I honestly don’t know what it’s referred as anymore.... that has sadly been put on hold indefinitely it’s a project that just can’t be worked to perfection like ETERNAL DREAMS or this new project, who knows maybe it will be a short story comic or maybe a game? But for now it is being put to the side to collect dust.... it sad because even though i love the characters and world itself my passion for that universe just died... and when you don’t have the passion to finish something it’s just not worth it.

Now on the subject of ETERNAL DREAMS that is taking a lot of time to iron out the kinks in volume 1 so much so that it needs time to proof read and reworked til everything makes sense, furthermore it’s going to be a graphic novel series, that I think needs a lot of love and attention that it also is being put in the corner it’s still being worked on little bit by little bit, but it such a big universe that I want everything to make sense and
Building everything from the world, to the characters, hell even the food and clothing takes a lot out of you... so going through this script and double checking it makes the work that much harder because your constantly nit picking every little word or description...

As for this new project I think no wait I know I uploaded 2 characters from this project with the title attached to them, the name of this project is OUEVRE, now I can’t really go into the story all that much because I don’t want to give anything away. If you haven’t seen them I posted 1 of them here in this journal I actually plan to upload a cleaner version of this particular character soon.

So yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say as what I have been up to recently. Keep yours eyes peeled as I will eventually be uploading more of this project in future.

Until next time, take care everyone!

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