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TCM: The Medic Hunter by xacuchina TCM: The Medic Hunter by xacuchina
this the villian for my 5 cartoon arc World War II love story titled "The Combat Medic" a 3 year project just finally getting fleshed out... (well it has some flesh to it)

Anyways this guy is known as "The Medic Hunter" he's a german nightmare, to both the Allied forces, and the even his own force. He kills combat medics plain and simple, he has no respect for them, and and kills them for pure hate,

this fella here once fought in world war I but his entire platoon was killed when one of his comrades stepped on a land mine, our fella here got the remains of the landmine directly in his face, and his chest. he tried calling for medical help but no one came to his aid, he spent 3 days out in the battle field trying to find a medic to ease the pain, finally he passed out and woke up at a hospital, fellow germans found him bleeding out and they dragged his semi-living body to camp, where he got admitted into a hospital.

now comes WWII he joins the nazi party and becomes well known after killing 13 combat medics in cold blood, he collects their patches as a sick souvenir, what makes this guy so dangerous is that he will kill anyone who either is a medic, of both sides, or anyone who tries to stop him from killing medics.

anyways that's the main bio of our villian be sure to look out for more COMBAT MEDIC art. coming very soon.
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September 16, 2009
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