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Ha! Ladies and Gentleman!  That's it,  MCD "DeathBirth" is availiable!!!

I've spent more than two very long years to make it happen. There was many problems and adversities (the worst was MA Thesis and hardly broken hand - near the wrist) but it's done. My first sonic child is born. And it's deadly... :)

Projects' name is NEPENTHE (which means "the one that chases away sorrow", it was a drug of forgetfulness mentioned in Greek mythology, depicted as originating in Egypt). When I was searching for its name this word appeared several times in my dreams, so I took it as a good sign and perfect sounding word for my music.
In fact - I found the meaning 2 weeks later.

"DeathBirth" (title inspired by Gigers' "Totgebaehrmaschine" works) is composed, recorded and produced by myself, I did all artwork and layout of this CD also.
Vocals recording session, mix & mastering was done at Jolly Roger studio.
At this moment NEPENTHE begins it's official life as a studio project. It will deliever sounds that are always made from passion for fast, aggressive and technical music. My skills has been evolving through many years, and finally I'm prepairing to make a further step – full length album.

I want to dedicate this work to people who always believed in me, and to those who shared their ways with mine. Thank you all, you know who you are!!! Salutes!

  • Listening to: Karl Sanders' "Saurian Meditation"
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dead-but-smiling Featured By Owner May 2, 2007
:-) YAY, it's XAAY ;)
billthegeek Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2007   Digital Artist
Those songs on your website are really really good. I can hear serious potential there. Keep it up!! Hope you can find a label!
xaay Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot!
Like I wrote in this journal - this is just the beginning. New recording will have a better sound (especially drums - because now it's just a programmed stuff) and more interesting music, and it will be a full lenght album.

SicJoey666 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude!!! The Proyect Kick Mayor ASS!!!, GREAT Tech Death, I Would Like A Copy Man, Please haha, It Sounds Amazin', Keep The Tech Alive!
xaay Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
hello Joey!
Muchos Gracias amigo!!! I would send you one copy, or at last the tracks in mp3. No problem.
SicJoey666 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please Do!!, i saw the Nile Web To Man...Amazing!!!!
evisceration Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006
Nie wytrzymam i pochwale sie, ze jestem szczesliwym posiadaczem pierwszego egzemplarza. Koniec i bomba - kto nie slyszal ten traba :)
BadeK Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006
Gitary zabijają. Czekam z niecierpliwością na real drums ;)
Daj znać mistrzu jak mogę kupić płytkę
xaay Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Hou Hou Hou!!! ;)
Zawitam w Djafie przebrany za nie-swiętego Mikolaja hehe...

Trzymaj sie i relaksuj w najlepsze w nadchodzacych dniach :)

JimmyMarshall Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006
Excellent music man. Are the drums recorded or programmed?
xaay Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I'm trying to do my best...
Drums are programmed this time. The real drums will be on the forthcoming album.
FilthyDreads Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006
hmmm mam was na myspace hah znalazłam! :heart:
xaay Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Ha ha, teraz na razie w skladzie jestem sam, ale w rzeczy samej - ze znajomymi zbijam sie z mojej psychiki ze to "mgr Loranc & mr Xaay". Moze wiec faktycznie cos w tym jest, ze ludzie czesto mysla ze jest nas wiecej :D.

Pozdrawy Jade!
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Submitted on
December 20, 2006