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Yep, that's cool. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a moment. Cheerz!
Hello my Friends,

at last I have some time to announce the premiere of a new Behemoth's website !

Soon I'll place here my new works: NILE album cover & artwork, microphone stands for Behemoth, Vader mic. stand & T-shirts and some more stuff for the other bands...

Stay tuned. Cheers!!
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Hello Friends!

New work from my XA Design Squadron is on.

It's a website for Armagedon band - veterans of Polish underground. It's their comeback after 15 years.


By the way, there are several websites done by XA Design Squadron, but left without announcement via DA journal, so here are the links:

De Profundis:



Silent Eternity:


BlackStar Studio:



Katagory V:
Dear Friends!

The Behemoth website is ready. It's at:

Check it out, and say how do you like it.

Bon Apetit!
Dear friends!

Yesterday I did birthday without control ha ha, I wish you been there, it was the most crazy party of the recent times. I'm a little bit worried because the older I'm than the more crazy things are happening haha.

So... let the river flows, fuck everybody who is stopping your internal freedom and power!!!
Ha! Ladies and Gentleman!  That's it,  MCD "DeathBirth" is availiable!!!

I've spent more than two very long years to make it happen. There was many problems and adversities (the worst was MA Thesis and hardly broken hand - near the wrist) but it's done. My first sonic child is born. And it's deadly... :)

Projects' name is NEPENTHE (which means "the one that chases away sorrow", it was a drug of forgetfulness mentioned in Greek mythology, depicted as originating in Egypt). When I was searching for its name this word appeared several times in my dreams, so I took it as a good sign and perfect sounding word for my music.
In fact - I found the meaning 2 weeks later.

"DeathBirth" (title inspired by Gigers' "Totgebaehrmaschine" works) is composed, recorded and produced by myself, I did all artwork and layout of this CD also.
Vocals recording session, mix & mastering was done at Jolly Roger studio.
At this moment NEPENTHE begins it's official life as a studio project. It will deliever sounds that are always made from passion for fast, aggressive and technical music. My skills has been evolving through many years, and finally I'm prepairing to make a further step – full length album.

I want to dedicate this work to people who always believed in me, and to those who shared their ways with mine. Thank you all, you know who you are!!! Salutes!

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Ha!!!!!!! What a day!!! (15.III.2006)
I'm so happy, I cannot express how much just in words, we should all gather and have a party of the year. hahah ;)

I want to thank you all for so many warm words, support, and greetings. I can't answer to everybody - so I want to thank you all here, I really appreciate that!!!

The biggest thanks should go to mr. Dave Mustaine - who is one of the greatest persons on the whole metal scene, and for me personally - the man who made music which was always close to me (since '92 when I've heard Megadeth for the first time).

I would like to thank also the persons who encouraged me so strong and still believed that I'm gonna make it: my sister - Kamila, my love - Anna [ [link] ], my eternal brothers Pawel G. & Kamil S., and the whole wolf pack from Cracow (especially: heavy asses from Witchking band: [link] hahah).

Salutes to all artists who were in this contest!!! There were many works that really kicked asses! And I'm real lucky that I was the finalist. Cheers for you all!!!

Thanks also to the LTD & DA, for a great guitar!
It came to me like star from the sky - I needed a new guitar to record my new Nepenthe stuff, and I was prepaired to buy a new one (maybe it's little ironic and funny - it meant to be a Jackson guitar hah ;) ).

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!
Hello my friends!

I have submited stuff in Megadeth contest, so - if you like this work I did, please give me fav.
Here is the link:…

any help&support is needed! hehe.

Check out my latest project:
George Kollias official drum site ->

You can check also Mike Browning's band After Death website, because at least it's at good place ->

Greetings to all of you,