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Season Tree

my first positive`s all just `cause it spring time now!!!
waiting for your comments ^)
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Beautiful. Colorful. I really like this picture. It looks calm. :)
It's so beautiful :)
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Am I able to use this image on some work I'm doing for print? Think it's absolutely gorgeous!
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Use it free if you like it :)
very nice colors, would know if i can use it to illustrate one of my song?
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Just Beautiful ;] surprised it doesn't have more favorites

This is amazing! im currently recording an EP with my band and this photo is exactly what i was trying to do for the album art! I was wondering if you were happy to let us use it, or if you could give me some tips so i can recreate my own....

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dunno if i like the text or not, but the artwork is :eyepopping:

instant :heart:, instant :+fav:
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i don`t like text too....but i love this was made for my wife.... :) lovely.....
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Wow, nice!. I don’t know, maybe the text should be smaller. And the left side is too shiny; maybe you can do a color balance so the left side doesn’t seem so white. That’s just my opinion ;). Nice work!
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i know what you`re was my mistake...but i don`t want to repair it...i can`t `cause i lost source file.... :( but thanks a lot :)
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Haha yeah, it also happens to me. Anyway, really nice work on the tree, maybe one day u make a tutorial on how you worked it ;).
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hehe...i`ll do it...if i remember how to do was like a flash in mind :) i think i can remember :)
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It would be cool. :D
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i`ll try to do it...hope you find it someday :)
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I love the image - don't like the text. I think it's too contrasty and draws your eye away from the subject, which is the tree. Perhaps if the text was a softer color and maybe smaller it wouldn't draw my eye so much. The signature doesn't bother me so much, but I don't know if it's all that necessary. Fantastic work on the image, however - great, soft colors and a nice and simple composition :)
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yep...i know this...but thanks 4 critics :) THANKS for comment :)
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Awesome colours, awsome drawing, i feel warm already! Awesome job :!:
Xa0tiK's avatar
sping comes in our hearts!!! thnx:)
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Wow, that looks beautiful
You have chose wodnerful colors for the tree, it makes the picutre seem so light and happy....also I love the way you made the tree's leafs look, they seem very carefree and soft
You did a wodnerful job on this and it looks great
Good work!
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uuuhhh!!! thkx a lot :)
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