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September 3, 2020
sci-fi Scooter by xa-xa-xa
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sci-fi Scooter

Hi there ^^
here's my 1st 3d modeling.
I learned Blender and did this modeling in about 3 hard work weeks.
hope you like it !

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Wow ! Je te suis depuis longtemps, et chaque illustrations me flatte la rétine... J'apprends Blender aussi, je suis sur la série de tutos "Guitare" de chez Sociamix, mais je ne me sens pas encore prêt pour ce genre de délire ! Chapeau bas, si tu n'as jamais touché à la 3d avant ça !! Après, ton niveau pro en illustration aide sacrément à avoir les bonnes proportions et l'oeil pour la colo ! Mais super job !! Le modèle 2D était déjà très chouette !

AceAl's avatar

Love this!

Thanks for sharing.

TAHOpaints's avatar

It's amazing you can achieve a high level art both 2D and 3D. I am comparing them and while there is a accuracy in the 3D reinterpretation, you made great design choices especially on the bike. I am floored by your knowledge in both form and color!

Sheharzad-Arshad's avatar

Awesome work on all the details!

BKazunori's avatar

Awesome... just beautiful.

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Luv this. Very soft and bright
SeaOfStarlight's avatar

What do you use to model? its amazing!!!

Monele's avatar

3 semaines ?! Nooonnnnn °___°.... sans expérience de modélisation auparavant ?

DTJB's avatar

Looks good.

Pocahawtness's avatar

It's awesome! I love the attention to detail. She has so much character. Really looks like someone you would like to meet! Just makes me smile. :D Love the refinements from the original artwork too. Excellent!

FactChecker19's avatar

Looks like one wicked wedgie.

XharajukubabieX's avatar

This is incredibly adorable! Amazing work, even more amazing you did it in only 3 weeks, this is on the levels of someone doing work for years.

Looks like an angel...

Lemiken7's avatar

Great work!

That's pretty good for 3 weeks, look forward to more stuff. :)

Daekai's avatar

Simply awesome! I learned a bit of Blender years ago, but just did crap stuff hahaha, wish I could do something like this! Love it!!

MK515's avatar
She is perfectly done! Plus I want that little scooter
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Aww this is so sweet! :aww: !!! Great work! :clap: !!!

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I still cant get my head around blender, too many old, new and dated help guides :/

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Looks amazing! The perfect blend of cute and sexy. :D

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... WHAAAT??!!!... your first render??!!... man, you are between good and evil, between life and death... anyone who knows abuot 3d modeling cannot notice this is a 1st model quality.


Now the best: start printing, you are gonna get rich very soon.

Rottgiest69's avatar

Fantastic work!

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