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croquis 2

Recherches pour les illustrations du jeux "Wakdu", pour la serie animée et autres..
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I love your art style!
It inspires me to find my own original style ^.^ 
Sirprods's avatar
those thick legs it makes me think of lelo and stitch 
DLagers's avatar
Amazing Gestures.
Gnome64's avatar
Looks as though you have some real live people stuck in your drawing...gosh darnit.
PrezesD's avatar
I love you're work! ^^ The characters look like they were out of the screen. I love female panda's ^^
I tring to draw one of you're sketches. I do not want to be rude, but if you want to see how I went to here is the link
XxLouveBlanchexX's avatar
J'aime bien les 2 petits croquis en bas à droite ! ^^
NEOghost's avatar
Am I the only one that sees Tarzan and Jane?
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MoyArt's avatar
Impressive Work here!! love your art.

Best Regards
LousCharacters's avatar
tous superbe ! en particulier la panda (en noir haut droite)
Wonder awesome.
Yuffie1972's avatar
I use all of these for referances .... thanks :)
bestwish's avatar
Wow!Amazing ;[
IndioBlack619's avatar
LOVE it LOVE it LOVe it:happybounce::happybounce::happybounce::happybounce::happybounce:
wildbirdsketch's avatar
OH WOW ! is this water colour and paper or marker?
mideva's avatar
J'ai vraiment aimer le style de jambes épaisses ainsi!
mideva's avatar
i really like how you draw your legs, they're not super skiny like those ugly cheapo's! love it!
Kitsumeo's avatar
like the sketches ;D
juana-the-hedchidna's avatar
So full of awesomeeeeee TwT <333
I saw these sketches along with your others and their absolutly beautiful. I was actually looking through images to find some ideas for my next tattoo and after seeing your sketches I was wondering if I could commission you to design a sketch for my tattoo. You see, I am recently engaged to a man I met over Dofus...long long love story, but basically we met as a female eni and a male sram...and I was hoping I could have you sketch the two together as a tattoo for me? Female eni is really outgoing and a bit spontaneous... my other half, the sram is more serious, very focused man. If you're interested we could work out some sort of payment method for your time and expertise. Perhaps you could even draw me a few options. full body...just faces..etc...idk, I'd find a way to compensate you though for the work either way. My email is Thanks!
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