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Xtrem Hopscotch

By xa-xa-xa
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Key art of my new game available for free on Google store !^^ (for Android phones and tablets)

You can download it there : play.google.com/store/apps/det…

Hope you like it ^^

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My Gumroad Tutorial 
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Toootally just downloaded it
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does she have a name? :3
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Xa, if one day your games become as awesome as your art, you'll be a legend!
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J'adore sa bouille. Cute mais un peu trash :)
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Ehem… Looks like splashscreen for adult game. A bit.
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Not big on phone games, but I love your art for it!
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Il est géniale le jeu mais ..... tuto ???
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As always I love your expressions.
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Ok, now I have a new waifu :v
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looks like fun
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WOW We WOW  hopscotch is fun .___. so fun..............
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Any possibility of an iOS port? If so, I'll definitely check this out. :)
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Maybe later , I don't have Imac for exporting to ios for the moment :/
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Oh, okay. Still love the artwork. :)
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People live and die by this game. That is the face of a hardened Xtreme Hopscotch champion.
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Amazing work! - XA I recently got back to art again! And I never got the chance to tell you that you´ve been a huge insipiration for my art for the latest Years! - and seriosuly I hope that one day I get to meet you! - I send you my regards and keep on arting sensei!
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1st sooo cool and soo adorable

2nd X3
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This art is fantastic!!
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Of all the game art that makes me want to check out the game...

Really awesome!  I like the "Xtrem" determination of this lil miss...  Her poor knees.

Maybe for extra crazy have her confronting a friend with a "Little miss Pole dancer" tutorial toy (2) - 'cmon, any girl not handicapable (1) can pole dance, but how far can you hop!?'

1 - Politically correct GroupThink - Handicapped = HandiCAPABLE...  Doublespeak - to deny is thoughtcrime...
2 - Yes, "Pole Dancing" kits have been found in toy stores in the USA, usually removed after outrage, even in toys for girls her age...
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Gonna give it a go based on the cute art of this girl alone.
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