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Morrigan fanart 1

By xa-xa-xa
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© 2016 - 2021 xa-xa-xa
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but I do think it’d look much better if you had erased around the lineart
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I adore this, she is so cute in your style!
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Those are some nice

Wings. 😁
BONESofBURIED's avatar
I love her proportions 
Vanderstorme's avatar
The colors are amazing <33
Fluffernubber's avatar

Radical work with all the colors here!
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I love this! What a great pose and color scheme. Keep up the good work!
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stunning, super sexy and super cute :3
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Definitely one of the cuter Morrigan draws I've seen.  Always nice to see a take on her that plays more to her playful side every once in a while! :)
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Very cool art Nod 
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Great recreation of the Capcom color style.

With you doing Capcom characters any chance we'll see some SNK? I would love to see your versions of; Mai, Luong, Angel, Kula, etc.
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Hi, we at :icondarkstalkerssavior: are having a mini competition for Halloween. If you want, you can come up with a Halloween themed Darkstalkers art piece by 27th October for a chance to win a prize, and to get your entry featured in our group on Halloween! Check our group journal for more details :) (Smile)
xa-xa-xa's avatar
Ah thank you ^^ Maybe if I find time ;)
killjoySG's avatar
Submission is until 27th October, so there is no rush :)
Siansaar's avatar
Could have fooled me into thinking it was watercolour. Nice!
AzureRat's avatar
Your style of Morrigan is pretty cute.
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Her body looks good and all, but that look on her face kind of makes her look oblivious. I know that as a character, she likes to shirk her responsibilities and explore the human world, but I don't know. It's just her face. Everything else is great.
xa-xa-xa's avatar
Thank you for your feedback :)  Yes maybe usually she looks more mature and seductive than in this drawing where she seem's innocent , a bit contradictory for a succube . Good critic ;) 
Rebelno6's avatar
Oh, thanks. It's just that I love Morrigan and am not really happy that Capcom refuses to do anything new with Darkstalkers other than throw the characters into Project X Zone and other crossover games, but I did like how she was portrayed in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Yes, I know that game is more infamous than famous, but it was the version I got first and I had fun with it. Heck, I actually liked Morrigan's English voice in that game unlike most people. Also, the game introduced me to Deadpool. Sigh, hopefully if the franchise ever gets sold off to another company, they'll actually make an awesome Darkstalkers game rather than just rehash the same old passed games again.
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Awesome as always !
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