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Mirror troubles 4

Drawing I did for a few month ago Patreon's pack 

More content and tutorials here :
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Wondering how she made this beauty

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She is so beautiful and cute!

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"I'm just a squirrel looking for some nuts..."

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"Oh Honey, trust me. Those aren't nuts."

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Flat is justice!

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they have the perfect size, no worries

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Aww, poor thing

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Ok I’m in-watching you now.

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This feels like the body dysmorphic disorder series. Pretty relatable.

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I don't know about you, but I've never met a single woman that was happy with the way she looked. Just seems like standard women to me.

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Pretty true for dudes too. It's just treated differently.

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Then I must be an oddball. Got average looks, going bald, and not particularly built. Good enough for me to go outdoors with a smile.

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getting wooozy

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what a cute little pouty face :meow:

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