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Mirror troubles 3


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Drawing I did for a few month ago Patreon's pack 

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love love LOVE this

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Super cute and flirty

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If it's lingerie "It's not slutty if you're not selling yourself or throwing yourself to just anything that's alive and are using it to entice your significant other."

If it's a swimsuit "As long as you're at the beach, pool, or in a situation that requires wearing one other than attraction (opinions may vary on swimsuit competitions), it's not slutty."

Going on with the swimsuit theory, if she is too self conscious I would maybe suggest getting a matching cloth and blouse. The cloth to tie around her hip with the knot just on her hip leaving one leg more exposed, and the blouse either worn open or tied up just under her breasts, but never fully closed.

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It's always a pleasure to see new drawings from you !

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... sorry... I just... saw a goddess... um... wow!


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So nice! Well done!

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Mirror mirror on the wall
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fffffff :E|

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She looks absolutely stunning with that :3

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As a rule of thumb, if you think it looks like has less cotton than what you would find in an aspirin bottle it probably does.

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I doubt she'd look like a whore... She looks the cutest and most innocent of the bunch, even compared to the "Lolipop' girl...

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depends on if that's underwear or a bathing suit

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Toujours au top on dirait :)

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