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Bakara Watercolor

By xa-xa-xa
A watercolor of Bakara from the Movie "Dofus , Return of Julith"
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© 2016 - 2021 xa-xa-xa
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Ton taf sur les poses et les gestuelles de tes persos, anatomiquement, c'est extraordinaire !
Sur ce dessin, les appuis, les lignes de force, les attitudes, c'est vraiment impressionnant !!
Je sais que je me répète mais sérieux t'es gavé chaud, je kiffe ton taf !!!
Tellement que je peux pas m'empêcher des rajouter un point d'exclamation à chaque fin de phrase !!!!
C'est un truc de ouf !!!!!
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Khan would have THIS gem posted on his locker room OR dressing room
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Mais bon, on est habitué hein ^^
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Good to see you're back with more work!
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She is reminding me of an Eni here =3
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i just love your art 
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Lovely work, very nice ^_^
Thats a very interesting pose.
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Hey merci LN ^^
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This looks awesome, I loved this movie
(I even bought the Artbook lol)
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Wow great pose!! How love how natural it feels.
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ah wow totally awesome! wicked job doing this!
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:D This is truly a fabulous work of art. Keep up the good work.

By the way, I have put up a poll on my Deviantart profile. Can you please be so kind to select an answer that is best for me. Please and Thank you so much. :)
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Very impressive piece of work! Well done! Congrats!
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