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Result Workshop Manga 2 sketch

By x3ns0r
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result no. 2

pose (upperbody and clothing)


was pretty hard this one..but still fun to do
The finished version will come later...lesson 3 (shadows and lighting)...
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Oh man, there's so much wrong with this picture that I have a hard time imagining you look at this piece of picture with the same eyes as me. You call this good?
That face is fucked up like someone unleashed an angry bear on her(him?it?), the facial proportions are thrown out of the window and good god, did you have to maul whatever it is so badly?

The pose is messed up, the arms look really really terrible and I have no clue on what's happening with that chest but I can tell you have no idea on how to draw a human being, or anything else for that matter.

I have no idea what is up with those pants but I know they aren't pants, at least not in the eyes of a normal human being. Are you on drugs or something? Did you do some LSD whilst drawing this? Because if so I can understand why you messed up everything that is human anatomy and proportions. If not, I feel bad for you.
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JohanzStudent Digital Artist
Oh dude, shut the fuck up. If you got constructive critism, write it in a constructive way. Don't be a total dick about it.

If I wrote some critism on this I would atleast link to a good anatomy sources to practice from, give some tips and pointers.
You, my friend, are just being a huge asshole. Get out.

X3ns0r, dont worry, we all start out somewhere. I wasn't this good when I started out drawing, but you gotta keep at it if you are gonna get good. Dont listen to idiots who have nothing worthwile to say, listen to those who actually want to give critism in a good constructive way.
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Thanks for that
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that's why i'm doing a workshop...to learn these things...
the thing about MANGA..is that it doesn't have to be über detailed like US style drawings..

and as you can see this isn't a complete drawing but a finished sketch result..u can still see most of the lines i erased and for proportions

{teachers comments on this}
the shoulders are as wide as the hips? (correct)

round face with sharp skin(female) (correct)

only misstake are the elbows (right elbow is a bit more up then the left one (making her body actually bend a bit to the left,fix this by moving the left shoulder down and her head a bit right..too balance it out.)
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JohanzStudent Digital Artist
Well, anything that you draw doesn't have to be detailed, you decide. There isn't anything about american or japanese comics that dictate how much detail there should be in a drawing. I mix my influences from european and japanese comics and make something that I like to draw. :)

It's good that you are noticing mistakes too but there is alot to work and improve upon! If you want to get really good at drawing in manga influenced stuff, you must, like all great mangakas, learn the basics! What you should do if you want to draw humans, even in a mangaesque-style, is to draw them realistically first. I can almost bet that almost all great character artists have studied humans alot before they went to draw comics or somesuch.

So! What you should do is to learn the basics, but in the right way, that is learn to draw humans realistic, take a nude photo of a male or female, draw it as accurately as possible. The more you know about the human body, the easier it is to draw it in a specific style because you know where you can exxagerate more or less and how to draw dynamic flowing hair, and you learn to draw folds in clothes that act out like they would in real life and so on.

I learned this the hard way, I refused to draw realistic and practice real life for a good 5-7 years or something, and then I noticed that I was sorta stuck and couldn't draw the things I wanted, I had to learn how to draw humans the right way so right now I'm actually studying human anatomy alot, just because I skipped out on it from the begginning.

So do it the right way and do practice realistic and life first. It's a great experience and you learn stuff alot faster than guessing from comics. Comics might not be 100% accurate with how they depict folds in clothes, muscles and anatomy in general. But real life and pictures of people always do.

Just a few pointers. Might sound like a tall order but take it easy, step by step. Practice a little here and there and before you know it, you'll see that you have improved alot!
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Yea i know..the workshop says look at anatomy and real life poses
And that's what i'm doing ... i draw always the most visible folds in clothes as the lesser can be added when coloring...as for hair ...that's one of the bridges i still have to take :-p
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