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Uh, my first entry -

Errr...yes X'D I played some ''questions and answers'' with some personal questions about me ^-^

1. How do you look like? 
- Red and relative short hair, blue-grey eyes, soft face, 1,65 Meters tall

2. Your favourite color?
- definately blue! This color is magical for me *^*

3. Your Sexuality?
- Bi-Sexual =w=

4. Are you in a relationship?
- Sure! With my bed *^* mean a Love-Relationship to another person? Well...I then I don't have an relationship 8D I'm happy with my bed XD

5. What's special about you?
- Ask my friends, I don't know 8D

6. Why are you here on Deviantart?
- Because I want your Soul. GIMME!

7. Where are you from?
- Germany owo'' But I'm half hungarian

8. Are you shy? 
- No. Never. - THAT WAS A LIE D: I'm very shy o//w//o

9. Will you be my pet?
- As long as you feed me, ok. 

10. Will you ever give me your Pantsu?
- Ask the Magic Pot of Russian Soap! (That means...NO! NEVER! v)