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I smile as you bare your teeth, crooked and cracked.
You bite your lip at the sight of my shaking.
I've become too weak to carry your pain and heal the scars.
Your cross is too heavy on my back.
I fall and bleed more in the cobwebs of your secrets.
Each three days, it comes again. Swelling and full.
It hits hard and it doesn't stop.
I used to crawl into your wounds, at hushed tones and they would wail, wince, and flood the streets.
They sang to me, and as your fear muffled every word you wouldn't say to me, I knew.
I knew how much darker your world was. Every lie you spoke was poisoned but your eyes told me otherwise.

I am two coffins of smoke and air, a dark chamber of rivers.
I am two open windows and two frail, paint peeling halls.
You can leave your fear here to wallow in its' pain.
You can hide all your sickness in my sheets.
Please stay within this broken but hoping home.
I can't swear it'll help you but it will try,
harder than any path you could take, any night you could shake.
This home is my heart and it is warmer than any city streetlight.
But a coward has a way of crawling to the cold.

Darling, if you won't stay, I will fall to the deepest ocean, sink into the seaweed of every dark sea.
Let me run my fingers through your ribcage, I'll hold your sunbleached bones in my own.
I will harbor your hate, and soothe your screams, while I dig your blood and flesh from my nails.
Where were you when I needed you? Your mouth has so much to say, but you've done nothing through these haunting days.

I tried to keep you above the surface of the sea's rough waves, you watched me spit up blood for days and you smiled..
oh how you smiled.
I watched you every second I choked on stinging salt water, my thoughts mixed with the bubbling screams,
"you asked me to fight this for you? with you? but why are you leaving me?"
I kept my burning eyes above our sinking ship and your lies, .. and I.. I, watched you walk away.
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