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CopperCuckoo Hypos ~ Breeding Sheet by DaisyDragonSiren CopperCuckoo Hypos ~ Breeding Sheet :icondaisydragonsiren:DaisyDragonSiren 8 17 Cat Breedable Result 6/6 CLOSED by Petvet2004 Cat Breedable Result 6/6 CLOSED :iconpetvet2004:Petvet2004 4 4 Kittens #1 Adoptables closed by Mit-s0u Kittens #1 Adoptables closed :iconmit-s0u:Mit-s0u 3 13 CLOSED by ventingRadiation CLOSED :iconventingradiation:ventingRadiation 8 40 1-2 point adopts ~OPEN~ by Sam-Sunflower 1-2 point adopts ~OPEN~ :iconsam-sunflower:Sam-Sunflower 7 39 Kitten Adopts (4 Points)(10/12) by FaithView Kitten Adopts (4 Points)(10/12) :iconfaithview:FaithView 6 8 Chibi cat adopt 2 Closed ( 0/7 ) by Kaena59 Chibi cat adopt 2 Closed ( 0/7 ) :iconkaena59:Kaena59 23 24 Drawcember day 8 burned-branded/star by punkucats Drawcember day 8 burned-branded/star :iconpunkucats:punkucats 3 4 Cat Adopt AUCTION [CLOSED] by HopefulAdopts Cat Adopt AUCTION [CLOSED] :iconhopefuladopts:HopefulAdopts 17 25 Cheap Cat Adopts OPEN by HazelKue Cheap Cat Adopts OPEN :iconhazelkue:HazelKue 18 71 Mystery Adopts 2 - Close by xXInkyHeartlessXx Mystery Adopts 2 - Close :iconxxinkyheartlessxx:xXInkyHeartlessXx 12 45 Mystery Adopt 1 - Close by xXInkyHeartlessXx Mystery Adopt 1 - Close :iconxxinkyheartlessxx:xXInkyHeartlessXx 13 41 1 POINT PUPPY ADOPTS -OPEN- by TheToxicNotion 1 POINT PUPPY ADOPTS -OPEN- :iconthetoxicnotion:TheToxicNotion 4 29 Christmas Kitty by cathFreaky by CathFreaky Christmas Kitty by cathFreaky :iconcathfreaky:CathFreaky 3 8 2 POINTS CHEAT CAT ADOPTS  7/12  OPEN by FoxesSocks 2 POINTS CHEAT CAT ADOPTS 7/12 OPEN :iconfoxessocks:FoxesSocks 4 18


While I know I'm eventually going to have to get into the third generation for my story, I didn't think I'd be doing any pictures of them. However, Tantalis is born relatively early, around the time of a lot of the 2nd generation. Plus he was too cute not to draw a picture of.

Tantalis is the son of Tatsumi & Viola. (And the grandson of Macavity and Griddlebone)

Tantalis is going to be considered his generations Macavity. He'll be sauve, ambitious, ruthless, charming. He'll definitely have all the great qualities of being a capable leader as well. So much so, that both Tatsumi and Viola, and potentially Fayd as well will fear him, and consider him a threat to their power bases. He'll go one of two ways; He'll either end up overthrowing Tatsumi and becoming a powerful ally of Fayd's tribe and someone the Jelllicle tribe fears....or he'll be targeted by All three powers (Viola, Tatsumi, and Fayd) and end up seeking sanctuary with the Jellicle tribe. We'll see how things go.

Tantalis designed by and adopted from :iconpetvet2004:
Owned by Me
This is Desire, AKA Dez or Dezzy. (NJJ).

She is the only kitten and daughter of:

Buliwyf  x  Malice

I am still uncertain if Malice stays in a relationship with Buliwyf and Villura, or if it turns out to be more of a fun fling. But in any case, Mal gives birth to this gorgeous girl! I have no set ideas yet for Dezzy, as she won't be born in the story for quite some time, but she'll no doubt be an interesting addition to the Fayd/Tatsumi alliance. And with the parents she has, you can bet she'll be quite headstrong, stubborn, and independent.

Desire designed by and adopted from :iconpetvet2004:
Owned by Me <3
Spook Group
(NJJ Art)

The "Spooks", so vividly called by Rum Tum Tugger, are the jellicles that have a mystical power and hang around with each other. I believe there are a couple jellicles that have a mystical ability (of the first generation) that are usually on their own, aka Chaos. The rest tend to feel a pull to be around each other or frequently get together to converse.

I hopefully got all of the first generation Spooks together in one drawing...this sucked, I don't think I'll attempt another group drawing for a while (I do have a few sketched group drawings....but I don't know when I'll attempt to finish them)

Anyway, they are as follows (left to right):

Nightrider   x   Jemima   x   Cassandra   x   Tantomile   x   Vimala   x   Coricopat   x   Rumpus Cat

Vimala and Nightrider belong to me.
Troxxie's Girls
(NJJ Art)

Ructinse   x   Joani   x   Bombalurina

Otrox, the frickin hornball that he is, managed to snag himself three drop dead gorgeous mates. Are we surprised?
Unfortunately, a LOT of drama happens to him and them before they manage to come together into a quad.

Bombalurina is the last one to become Otrox's mate and she did do some pretty petty things against Joani when Joani first becomes a jellicle and starts showing an intimate interest in Otrox. So, there's still some tension between the two scarlett tabbies, which is why I wanted them to have some distance between them. Joani and Tynsi get along real well and are in a triad with Otrox for quite some time, before Bomba ever joins, so there's more of a sisterly relationship between them.

Anyway, wouldn't be an Otrox love triangle...*cough* square, without massive drama. He tends to attract that sort of thing. Devilish 

And while Bomba goes through some changes in my NJJ story, not all good...she just gets prettier and prettier every time I draw/color her. Or is that just me?

Otrox, Joani and Ructinse all belong to me.
Tagging :iconktcatsbone: (Since I adopted Tynsi from her)


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Holy mother of Fu::! I love your Art, gonna watch you!
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Thank you so much! I'm very humbled by your compliment. <3
SpectratheRestless Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017
I don't know if you remember me from our CATS rpgs, but I role played as Spectra and Violet. :) Anyways, I miss you. How are things?
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I love reading those old threads with Dodd's characters. He was so full of life and love, and wrote very nice pieces and short stories! I already miss him so much :( :hug:

If you need a shoulder to lean on, feel free to fall on me :)
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I love your art! It's so great to find people on DeviantArt who still draw Cats stuff. I hate it when I find a cute fic or cute art and I go to the account to see their other work but A)It hasn't been updated since 2009 or B)It was only ever two uploads AND the account hasn't been updated since 2009.
X22X Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Thank you so much Demecat. :)
Yeah, I still have many many sketches I still need to get done, I want to say at least 50, I just haven't had time to ink or color the sketches yet. But most of them are of CATS or of my CATS story. (So canon and OC's will be drawn) Hopefully I'll get around to finishing a few more within the next two weeks. I'd love to get more drawings uploaded.
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