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By X2-Glory
Wow, where to start. This was really a learning process for me since I used so many different techniques and alot of experimentation.
Trial and error was a big part of it, so I had to redo parts maybe 4 times or something. A total of 120 layers finishes it. This piece is special to me,
not because I made it with something in my mind, but because it felt like a really accomplishement, and not just another abstract piece. What I
personally like is the fact that it has a really 'painted' feel to it, which was also why I didn't knew in which section to put. I'm really uncertain
about this piece, because it's very new for me, but yet very special to me. So I want to thank everyone who took the time reading this, and if
you got anything which you might add, then please do because i want to take everything out of it that's in it. Love you guys, Mark.

Edit: YES A DD. Thanks for all the support everyone, thank you =masser & @bluespeed9 :D
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Looks awesome! :) can I use it for my facebook?

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Looks more like picture man. Nicely done. I think maybe it looks like ash is flying around. Kind of Apocalyptic feeling.
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extremely powerful mood. I love it. the whole thing is so mighty, and you have other things as well as the painted fell in it. It sort of stands out as just a supremely authoritarian visual. Thank you for sharing this! Your skilled. Good description too! Well reflected.
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A powerful piece indeed!
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I like this abstract picture. There is a lot energy with its chaotic appearance. It almost looks like there is an explosion especially with a light source that seems to be hiding underneath. good work.
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i love the combination of colors, really breath taking
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i like the colours alot! warm !
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Very nice. Bears a resemblance to the fires of hell=p (at first glance I didnt notice WHAT was burning, so I assumed it was the hell fire). You did a great job on this. Im curious - What are your computer specks if you were able to make this 120 layer image? Do you use a tablet or a mouse? And finally - HOW BIG WAS THE PSD FILE?????=P=p=p
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Wow, I'm surprised that no tablet was used. Great work=)
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thank you. I didn't use a tablet for this, and my computer specs are 512 ram 3.6 ghz. psd file was approx 50 mb.
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wow. right on man-
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This is awesome.. Definite favourite..
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they give out daily dev's now like its candy...drives me nuts.
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meh..whatever. Its not a bad work...but i just feel like the quality of DD's go down all the time...but im sorry. I will refrain from making these sort of comments on THEIR works.
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This is not the appropriate place for a comment like that. The artist has no say in them receiving the DD, so it's unfair to leave a comment like this on THEIR work. If you have issue with the quality of or number of DD's, note the admin who chose it or create a thread in the appropriate forum.
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and your point is?
That is beautiful, I really like it. +fav. That is the kind of art I would have on my walls in my home.
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Congratulations. This is a gorgeous piece, lovely composition and colour palette.
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