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N. Shore Surf-fest Logo

A design I drew up in response to a suggestion by a friend for a North Shore surf-fest's logo-searching art contest awhile back.

Ultimately - and unfortunately - I never got around to turning it in cuz of a hellish schedule.

BTW, anyone may do touch-ups (it certainly is needed); CGWD (Credit Given Where Due).
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Very, very cool! ;O
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This is really cool... it would be nice to see a more defined version..maybe done with pen instead, just so it stood out more. But definitely very neat.
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Thanks for saying so. It would be nice, but unfortunately I don't got the tools anymore, and I'd like it if someone could use a graphics program to tweak and refine it (I'm honestly not very proficient in that field).

If you noticed it was blurry, that's cuz I had to blow it up by 200% lest it show up as a sharp-but-small 300x300 mark - not much in the way of getting attention, ya?