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My son, Jacob, was diagnosed with T1D just over a year ago, when he was 2 and a half years old.
It was such a relief to finally find out what was wrong after all that time. The nurses and doctors at the Calgary Children's Hospital were a godsend. They literally saved my son's life, and I cannot thank them enough.

After Jacob started receiving insulin & proper treatment, things were looking brighter everyday. Becoming healthy changed him so much... I felt like I was seeing the real Jacob. When he was sick he was so unhappy and the life was being sucked out of him. Although this meant changing our lives and schedules completely, it was worth it for my wonderful little boy.

As grateful as I am to see my son healthy & alive, it's still not fair that he has to go through certain things day-to-day. He's only 3 years old & doesn't even understand what diabetes is. Yet, he's already accepted it as part of who he is... it breaks my heart to see my baby take the fake needle out of his play Doctor's kit, stick it in his leg, and say, "I'm giving myself my needle, mommy."

Jacob has to receive 4 injections per day (which sometimes bleed and even bruise), numerous finger pricks, and is on a pretty strict diet. I have to worry about whether or not his sugar is getting low when he's running around playing, or wonder if he had too many carbohydrates and will need extra insulin. His arms & legs are getting too fatty from scarred tissue build-up, so we're hoping we can get him an insulin pump very soon.

I wish that I was the one who had this disease. I wish I could take it away from my little boy, but I don't have that power.

The power I do have, is to help this cause... the cause to find a cure for diabetes so every child (& adult!) who suffers from this can live a normal & healthy life with no worries or restrictions.

Every little bit helps, & I am truly grateful to all of you who are willing to support... even if you want to do the walk in your community! See when it's happening, sign up, and raise money!
If you can't do the walk, even a $5 pledge is important to me! Because $5 x 30 people = $150... and that's half my goal! It doesn't matter how much you can afford, it's the love and support behind the donation.

Together we can all fight to give our loved ones, and other people's loved ones, the change to live life they deserve; a normal life w/o disease, struggle, worry, & pain.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!

Anna & Jacob…

Save The Snow Leopards + embarrassing date moment

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 6, 2009, 3:14 PM

The important business

I’m posting this to let you know about a FREE and easy way to help save snow leopards.

The Snow Leopard Trust ( needs your help!
they would like to you to sign up for their eNews & have others sign up as well. for every new subscriber, The Sengupta Fund will donate $2 to the Snow Leopard Trust for a total of 5000 new members. However, if we all sign up & post this in our journals, we can help donate up to $10,000 for snow leopard conservation!
visit here for more info!:
in addition to helping out a great cause, you could also win one of a few great prizes by entering a contest! visit this journal (hewhowalkswithtigers.deviantar…) for more info on how you can get involved!

please, sign up today & copy this into your journal to spread the word! w/ just a little bit of effort, we can make a big difference!

also, please be sure to mention my username in your entry so that HeWhoWalksWithTigers will know I referred you to this cause, & I can get more entries into the contest! :D

Every female's worst nightmare lol

I removed this because I don't want certain ppl I know from other sites coming here & reading it. it could cause some problems lol


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SUP JOURNAL (+ features)

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2009, 12:37 PM
Did anyone miss me?
I haven't made a journal entry in awhile & was wondering if anyone missed me... I doubt it though. :( I'm definitely not popular on this site lol but I still love taking photos & looking @ all the other art/photos. I have gotten alot of inspiration. some of you guys are so amazing it just blows my mind! :faint:
I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago... 24 years old on the 15th! oiii... so old! :lol: mid-20s! haha

I guess recent news for me:

:bulletpink: got a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS for Christmas & I absolutely LOVE it! :heart:
:bulletpink: went for a sleepover w/ my son to my friend Ashley's house. she has a daughter (Austyn) a few months younger than Jacob & they just love playing together. that was a good time & Jacob had alot of fun. but it was the last time we will see them for awhile, as they have moved up north to Grande Prairie w/ Ashley's boyfriend (also Austyn's father). he found really good work up there. they both are from there & decided it was best for their family if they moved back. :lonely:
:bulletpink: on Wednesday my good friend Steph & I took her daughter & Jacob shopping. that kinda sucked cuz we were rushed, but I got some new nose studs. :lol:  they also came over to spend the night, & we watched the movies Taken & Madagascar 2. Taken was AMAZING but Steph fell asleep halfway through. she'd already seen it tho. :giggle:
when Steph was over, my mom was a terrible host. I was shocked & Steph didn't appreciate how she was trying to parent Lily, who's 9 months old. she was just being so nosey & wouldn't eff off. I was getting pissed off & embarrassed, & I could tell Steph was getting annoyed & offended. my mother was also being extremely rude to me in front of Steph.
she's never behaved like that before in front of one of my friends. :no: but it let Steph see first-hand why I am the way I am. now she is one of the few ppl who understands what I go through on a daily basis. & it was nice to have a shoulder.:blushes:  I appreciate her so much.
:bulletpink: last night I made up w/ a girl that I share quite a few friends w/. we both had an extreme hate-on for each other. but it was all on her... I tried to be nice & she would just bash me any chance she got. but she apologized & our friend Jenn said she means it & wants to start over. so that made me feel alot better. that girl has made me cry, on numerous occasions. :blush:
:bulletpink: there's this suuuuper hott guy I've been talking to on MSN, whom I met on PlentyofFish. he's really nice & I enjoy talking to him. it's a bit of a long shot, but we'll see what happens! :giggle:
:bulletpink: I was playing Guitar Hero World Tour w/ my brother last night, & totally beat songs on Medium for the first time! :dance: woohoo!

& I think that's all the news I have for now! now for some features! =]

[Features] ;; ~<3

[Shameless Self-Promotion] ;; ~<3

I just thought I'd submit a few of my favourite macro deviations of 2009, for all of you to see! =] I have come across some amazing artists this past year, & if you don't know who they are, I suggest you check these deviations out! (As well as the rest of their gallery if you like what you see! :D) Also, if someone else got more features than you did, don't feel bad! It's nothing personal, & this took me all day to do! :faint:
Keep in mind that you will have to search if you're featured... you may have more than one deviation featured, & I mixed them up! ;)

:: Floating love :: by Liek Decorus by eyedesign :thumb31652773: ..magnify. by fridaythe13th Purple. by AstridT .:::earth:::. by onixa all of my love by werol Navi by eyedesign Hairy Berry by Jenni77 Open Your Eyes by Sugargrl14 To My Sweetheart by snak Remember Me by Jenni77 galaxy. by simoendli Wasp by AstridT Reflection by ninazdesign Spectrum II by Lilyas .globeShine: by fridaythe13th :: Summery firework :: by Liek A Window to Souls by Sugargrl14 in the end... by fridaythe13th ep85 by moongo Close up by AstridT Vibrant by Jenni77 Provectus by eyedesign garden of magic by fragilesimplicity Chelan Snowflake by snak ..lady. by fridaythe13th rainbow eye by ftourini :thumb81378277: :: ECLIPSE :: by onixa The very hungry snail. by incredi Love Is by Jenni77 chips. by simoendli :: Bright flowers :: by light-from-Emirates HEAVEN . II by light-from-Emirates Rose of Sharon by Lilyas Always Hope by ninazdesign :Natures Gifts: by onixa tear of gold by prismes Twister by snak Hearts by sourcow

An entry... finally! lol

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 27, 2008, 2:27 PM

A-dizzle & J-dawg
Right now I'm being subjected to Toopy & Binoo on Treehouse. Gosh this show is so effing dumb lol
Sorry for the lack of uploads [if anyone even cares]. When it comes to this site, I just don't know where to start. lol I pretty much  :+fav:  deviations & that's it. But then I just don't know what to do when it comes to my own site. =(  I'm a lame-ass. lol I just need some freakin inspiration & a camera that can take some sweetass shots... maybe I'll get somewhere then.
Moved to Kelowna from Calgary almost a month ago... been interesting, in the sense the scenery is completely different. I have a gorgeous view of Okanagan Lake, from my balcony, as opposed to... buildings. lol But I haven't gotten a job yet (I reeeally want, & need one), our house isn't completely set up, & I've gotten out of the house once. lol It's pretty crappy. :(
I'm also getting super, super lonely. It's been pretty much 3.5 years since I've been in a relationship, & I just want someone to hold, kiss, & love me. I miss all of that so much. :sniff:  :tears:  I just need to get out there & meet someone, I guess. It's just getting so tiring of not having ANYONE. Plus I don't drive, which isn't helping matters. & my mom isn't too willing to drive me 20-25 minutes into town. /sigh  I suck. lol
Anyways, I'm going to go lay down w/ Jacob... didn't sleep very well last night, & Jacob [well, my dad, actually, stomping on a MASSIVE spider. :wtf:  lol] woke me up @, like, 8am, which is not something I'm used to.
Please respond... it would be nice to have some attention on this site. haha

My links <3
>> n e x o p i a <<
>> k i w i bo x <<
>> i m e e m <<
>> i h e a r t s i n g l e p a r e n t s <<
>> x a n g a <<

PS - isn't this journal layout SO cute? I love it! :heart:  :love:

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How do I become better?

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 8, 2008, 4:59 PM

I am sitting here bored out of my tree :bored: , watching Ratatouille... having a 2.5 year old explains the choice of movie, although I do find it enjoyable. Very, very well done. It's pretty much Jacob's (my son) favourite. I've definitely seen it more times than you could imagine. haha
You know, I love this site, & really wish to become popular on it, but I have a feeling I just suck. :(  Or maybe I don't submit enough? I don't know... I just look @ all these absolutely beautiful & amazing pieces of art/photographs that other users submit, & I become overwhelmed w/ not only awe, but also envy. :lonely:  I wish I could be as good as them... but I guess having a 2megapixel camera, & no money to splurge on a new one, would cause me to be lacking when it comes to the photography department. :sniff:
Hmmm... maybe I can use my dad's old digital that I used before? It's by far not the BEST camera, but it is probably a whole lot better than my 2megapixel phone camera. :giggle:

artist of the week ;; Jenni77 [<3]

She is my favourite photographer right now... her photos are flippin amazing. She is SO talented, & definitely has a good eye.

Here are a few of her pieces that I have :+fav: :

Derelict by Jenni77   White Stripes by Jenni77   Green Peace by Jenni77   Rayon De Soleil by Jenni77   Ze Pollen Collector by Jenni77

my other sites ;; please have a looksie.

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