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Hello, brother

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Kopa is alive (raised by hyenas) and as the rightful heir he came back to become a King, at any cost.

Art © X-Zelfa
Kion, Kiara, Kopa © Disney

Please, do not use/copy this art!
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Kopa...? No...no...I...(falls to knees) failed...

Kion: Don't say that.

Then what am I supposed to say? I made a vow to protect Kopa at all costs and keep him on our side. Now...look. (Tosses a smoke bomb and the three escape) How can I call myself a hero if I can't protect someone I love?

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Dinofanx Writer
Now this... is the likable Kopa theory. :D:D:D:D
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I loooove it!!!!
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1 "I love it, bowling for buzzards!"

2 "Gets 'em every time."

3 "I can't believe we picked this up from a meerkat and a warthog."

2 "Aw, quit yer gripin', it's fun ain't it?"

1 "Uh oh, hey, you two better come look, I think it's still alive."

2 "Darn it. It's not going to put up a fight, is it?"

3 "Aw, I was looking forward to an easy meal." 

2" What've we got here?" *sniffs* *turns over* "Ack, jeez, it's a lion! Run you guys! Move it!" 

1 "Why?"

2 "Its parents'll be along any second to rip us to shreds! If they smell lion on our breath-"

1 "Look at him. He's so cute and all alone. Can we keep 'im?" 

2 "Are you nuts?? You're talking about a lion! Lions kill guys like us! And the jerks don't even do us the courtesy of eating us!" 


1 "He's so little."

2 "He'll get bigger."

3 "Yeah! Let's scram!" 

1 "Maybe he'll be on our side." 

3 "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Including you knuckleheads talking me into emulating a runt rodent and a pudgy pig." 

2 "Meerkats aren't rodents."

3 "Whatever." 

2 "Having a lion around may not be such a bad idea."

1 "So we're keepin' 'im?"

2 "Yeah, why not?" 

3 "I can think of at least a dozen reasons. They're each around 300 to 400 pounds and have sharp teeth." 

2 "Yeah but can they break bone?"

1 "You two can have your spat later. Jeez, I'm fried. Let's get outta here and find some shade." *picks him up by the scruff* 
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UnnamedWatcherHobbyist Writer

Whoa, dude, you're awesome.

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How could Kopa be alive and raised by the hyenas?
I thought Kion is the only male cub from the TV show 'The Lion Guard', who befriends with the hyena Jasiri and her family
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I'm thinking that Hyenas rescued him from Zira after nearly being killed by her, which kicks off the events of "Simba's Pride"
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KeynoriamaArtHobbyist Digital Artist
FIght for the thrown!! or Guard :D Disney should consider this omg
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Darkenedstar14Hobbyist Writer
I really like the sutble differences between Kopa and Kion, you can tell they're related but still their own character. Like the slight difference in jaw size and the flowing "bangs" on Kopa while Kion's are pushed back. Plus the scars and hint of ribs on Kopa speak of a very harsh life compared to the much healthier looking Kion.

Anyway, awesome work!Love it and hope to see more!
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Darkenedstar14Hobbyist Writer
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ienzo628Student Traditional Artist
Kiara:  Never trust a lion raised by hyenas, he will always ally himself with hyenas.  Hyenas only have their own interest in mind.

Kion: But, he's our brother!  Kiara, you're just being paranoid and a bigot!

Kopa and the hyenas: Listen to your sister, we hate you Pridelanders!  Always looking down at us, running us from territory with plenty of prey and water.  You expect us to get along with the likes of you, please!
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AVOCADLIOHobbyist Digital Artist
I just want to say, this piece has inspired me with my own fan theory very similar to yours. I have a sort of different design for him on my account and I have a drawing of Kopa with a little bit of a story. But I want to say thank you for the awesome art and for being an inspiration! :)
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Now that is a twist!
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Kion:''W-Who are you?''
Kopa:''Awh. You dont know your big brother?''
Kion:''Big brother?!''
Kopa:''Are you serious Kiara? You didnt tell him about me? Thats just betrayal!''
Kiara:''Did you want your own lilttle brother to know about his death and possibly  go mad on hyenas and Zira?''
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ElenaFlamesHobbyist Artist

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I know Kopa is all evil and everything in this art buuuuttt....TEAM KOPA ALL THE WAY!!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) Sweating a little... 
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TabacookieHobbyist Artist
This What If/Headcanon Fan Art looks Dope, I Love It though!

I like how Kopa Becomes just like Scar. After he was almost killed by Zira, Kiara was Chosen to be Simba's Heir

He's Planning to Kill Kiara or Kovu for becoming the Former Ruler of the Pride Lands and he'll be Follow Scar's Legacy
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MythicalMarvelousHobbyist Digital Artist
Your setting is amazing!
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I am creating poster for a grade school Lion King Jr. play.  May I use this artwork?
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This would make a hell of a movie! Kopa returning with an army of Hyenas at his side. A fully grown Kiara and Kopa and the Lion Guard seeing Kopa for the first time. This is a great idea!
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