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Someone i know died from depression earlier this week, his funeral is tomorrow.
I didn't know him well, yet his death is still effecting me.
He has a loving wife, a young family and had a bright future ahead and so many adoring family and friends. Though he couldn't see it. He himself was hilarious and very loving.
His death is making me think, a lot.. and re evaluate everything in my own life.

So this is a PSA if you will, a reminder to take care of your own mental health and check on even your happiest friends and family because you just dont know. Its ok to struggle, you are not alone, ASK for help, REACH out, people are willing to help you even if you dont think so.

You are so so loved, even if it doesnt feel like it.

lauratattoogibbs Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019  Professional General Artist
 Sorry for your loss of a friend.
marcelflisiuk Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Sad to hear about your friend may he R.I.P.
LuLupoo Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
Sorry to hear about this friend, its very sad when it gets to a point like that where I am assuming he must have took his life. Thank you sharing this, people never know what others are going through sometimes until its too late.  :(
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November 28, 2018


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