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Welcome To Wolf-Paws!

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WELCOME TO x-Wolf-Paws-x!

And a HUGE thanks to anyone joining us or watching us!
Our aim for this group is to give recognition to the best of the wolf art here on dA.
Everyone is welcomed. However, we can only accept

advanced to professional art

because we want a high quality gallery.
So please join and submit only your best art! Not all of your art will make it in. (See below for more info on where to submit as a beginner-intermediate artist.)


"Beginner-Intermediate Artist Collection"
If you are uncertain that your work will make it through our high standards, or you are new to our group, please submit it here first:…
We will notify you if your work is acceptable for our gallery.
If not, we will send it to another group who would be just as eager to have your art in their gallery!
:iconblueheartplz: Generic Wolf with Balloon Journal Doll by Crazdude :iconblueheartplz:
:bulletgreen: Everybody can join! You don't have to be a popular artist.
:bulletgreen: Realistic AND fantasy wolves are welcome!
:bulletgreen: 1-3 deviation/day/folder
:bulletwhite: The quality bar is high.If you're new and not sure if your art will make it through, please submit it here:…
:bulletred: Your own art only, please!
:bulletred: NO Violence and bloodshed[excessive blood] ,
or nudity of any kind will be accepted. (This includes "Cartoon nudity")
:bulletred: Anthro/Werewolves will receive extra scrutiny, since some things may be deemed inappropriate.
:bulletred: For photomanipulations, make sure to credit the photo(s) owner!
:bulletred: We do NOT accept profanity (curse words, swear words, etc.) either on the artwork itself or in the artist's description. This is for our group's reputation.
:bulletred: No adoptables, sorry.
:bulletred: No pure advertisements.
:bulletred: No T-shirt designs. We are dedicated to art and photographs of wolves, T-shirt designs tend not to be original.

:thumbsup: / :thumbsdown:
If your work gets declined, it doesn't mean you are a bad artist or your art is bad.
Please make sure to read the rules carefully.
If we decline your work, we will add a comment why I decided not to add it to this group, and a helpful critique. :)


:love: Every day I go through the submissions to choose the best work add it to the Featured folder. This work will at some point show up on a journal using :thumbs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the founder: RabbyoSaberwolves

Gallery Folders

Into the Frey by DoodleBerrys
Standoff by Kuvari
Little King by Chickenbusiness
Morning Light by KiwiProductions
Traditional Folder
Zillan OC by ThatxDamnxGirl
.:PW:..:All The Little Lights:. by I-WhiteLightning-I
Blood in your hands by MyleneC
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 223 by ARVEN92
Digital Folder
Fairy Space Wolf by ThatxDamnxGirl
Seda (YCH) by Arkanton-Art
|| YCH | Falling back to the earth + SPEEDPAINT || by qhyron
Echon- Comm by DarkRyderr
Photography Folder
Kyne's Peace by moonwuff
Majestic Wolf by Khalliysgraphy
Timberwolf 17 by bluesgrass
Wolf by VitaniFox85
Plush and other crafts
Spirit wolf by koshka741
Black wolf pendant by koshka741
Wolf Yin Yang by TrollGirl
Grey wolf posable art doll by DragonDodo
Reference Sheets
Blade Reference Sheet by Sidonie
.:[Matchitehew - Character Sheet]: by Aki-ii
Lineart, and Fan art
Balto Field Sheet by Nukaleu
Gwynbleidd and Zireael by wolf-minori
BALTO emotions by Vao-Ra
White Light Majesty by Lordfell
Animations Folder
.:Mom ?!:. by Ayuukuro
Look who had a haircut! (Completed YCH) by DragonDodo
Running : Line : by FeysCat
Chibi, Icons, Tutorials, aka Digital two
Juryoku Icon Commission by DragonsPixels
Neralis-Step-By-Step by DragonsPixels
Canine teeth study by Chickenbusiness
Caspian icon by Sidonie
Lyric inspired digital
Dreams Don't Turn to Dust by x-RainFlame-x
Mixed Media digital-traditional Folder
.:Raksha:. by graciegra
Tribal and Tattoo Folder
The Moon of the Wolf Tribal by theblackalma13
Photo Manipulations Folder
.GENTLE BREEZE by ilareen
Events Folder
Fade by DoodleBerrys
Wolf maker Folder
R1 2014 Rabby's Swirrle Black and yellow by Shadow-o-Rabby
Critique Folder
Levitation ~ by Xyrea


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Lupana here, one of your co-founders. I know we've been really lax lately but we aren't dead I promise. We all have busy lives and even I haven't been around for the group as much as I should be. Deviation are expiring before we can review them. If this happens to you, please be patient with us and try again. Thank you!


Now, for some other news. I am currently part of a project called Wolf, and because we all love wolves here at Wolf-Paws, I thought I would tell you guys about it.


What is Wolf?

Wolf is a traditionally animated film being made on a volunteer basis by Silver Sky Studios. We are regular folk from all around the world who love animation and want to show wolves in a positive light while helping others learn more about animation. The plan is to make the movie, release it on DVD, and proceeds go to wolf conservation.

Why do you need my help?

There’s a lot that goes into making a movie: Story writing, ref sheets, backgrounds, animating, inking, coloring and effects animation. If one step isn’t completed, the next steps cannot be done yet. This brings production to a halt and the movie takes longer to make.

How can I help?

We desperately need BACKGROUND ARTISTS more than anything. However animators are always welcome to apply. You can also help by spreading the word any way you can. Guys, this is a really really beautiful project and I really want to see it completed.

What does the job require? What is the process?

If we feel your art skills are a good fit for the project, you will have to sign a non-disclosure contract. You are welcome to look it over before signing, and if you are under 18, you need a parent/guardian signature. The contract does not state you must do a certain number of shots/backgrounds/whatever in order to work for us. Most of us are college students or have full-time jobs that otherwise occupy our time. If you can’t work for us all the time, THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE. You can do as little as one shot a year or as much as ten shots a month, whatever pace works for you!

There’s also a forum that we use to communicate with each other (as well as email), and you don’t have to be staff to join it. Other information on how the process works can be given if you apply.

If you are considering applying, please check out our website:

You can also check out this page (…) of the site for more about different positions and how to apply

Our Youtube where you can watch clips (…)
We still need help! lol a group this size takes a surprising amount of work, if anyone is interested in what the iner workings of a group like this looks like this message me or the group and we will get you started in training!

Tetchy by ArthasElric .:Land of the Ancients:. by Aviaku Fiona on a log by DragonWolfACe [AT]-Kurama by Zu-Nasr Bella's Bracelet by MonsterBrandCrafts Fire Within by WraithWolves Distaste in my Mouth by FearTheLiving27:thumb489054769: You did it again! by Leaquoia Plush cm - Angar by AzureHowlShilach .:PW:..:Bracken:. by I-WhiteLightning-I Wolf sketch by LarimarDragon Prince of the Tundra by MWRoach Map animation - Howling ghosts they reappear by AzureHowlShilach Tokoween - ANIMATED by Nojjesz Inktober Day 8: Breath by Arkanton-Art Dakota Howls by DragonWolfACe:thumb494006913:

More Journal Entries



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Hi! If my OC is a wolf mixed with a dog, is it still allowed in the group?
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Thanks for the add!

I'ma Wolf lover, I make little creations inspired by Nature and her Spirit (in particular Woods, Forests and Mountains), from Forest Animals and other Creatures and from Pagan and ancestral traditions. I'm glad to join this group!
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could you acceptt my works in your group@@ ?
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it's okay~ You've worked hard :>
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