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I turned to my friend. '...Why didn't you act?'
'I am just one person', she replied, lowering her eyes. 'I make no difference'.

I paused, breathing out a deep sigh. Taking her hand, I decided to take her to somewhere that would explain much better than any words.

After much walking, we stopped and gazed up at the rows of tall windowless sheds sitting awkwardly on the grassy landscape, oozing tonnes of excrement into the surrounding countryside.

'What’s all this for?'
'Eggs. This is where almost all eggs come from...' I started, catching her eye. She was looking slightly worried.

We walked to the first barn and I undid the door, stepping inside. Despite it being night, it still seemed so much darker inside.

I turned to my friend, who was now beside me, struggling to wade through the waist-deep excrement and breathe in the ammonia-saturated air.

'Inside each barn will be about 25,000 hens.' I shone the torch upwards, to reveal rows and rows of birds crammed into tiny cages.

'But why...?'

'One person.' I replied flatly.

'Huh?' She was confused.

'One person decided he or she wanted to make money from eggs. That's all it needs and all it takes.

If you think one person can't make a difference, look at the tens of thousands of birds right here in front of you... all the doings of one person's decisions'

She looked down, unable to face the little faces peering down at her any longer.

'The problems of our world stem from exactly this;

Firstly, every one person wanting to make a lot of money. The best way for this is to exploit something; the environment, people, animals...

Secondly, every one person not considering anyone or anything else. Because to every one person, it's only them that matters. They are just one person, that's all they need to worry about. As long as they get their money..

And thirdly, every one person who supports all these people in their hapless quest to make money. Every one person that buys these eggs. They pay the man that kills hundred of thousands of individuals, sprays tonnes of excrement into fields and rivers, force feeds animals with drugs and produces products which are unhealthy to consume. These people are probably the most dangerous, because they help the first type of 'one person' make the money in the first place.'

My friend’s face seemed to be crumpling with what seemed like a mixture of horror and disbelief.

'So you can imagine what the world would be like if so many people had this attitude', I paused and held my breath, waiting for her response.

'But... but..

... that is the attitude of most people. That is what the world is like…’ She looked at me, eyes wide.

This isn't a rant, a journal, or anything I've done before.
This is something I felt needed to be said. This isn't a prose about veganism, as it may seem; it is about everything.
I would like to stress that it is fictional and entirely made up, but the point is as real as it gets.

It's an important message... not something shocking, or something new. Just a reminder during this urgent time our world has moved into. It's also a message which is deliberately witheld from mainstream society:

one person can really make such a difference.
A massive difference. Good or bad. In your choices; your actions.

Now more than ever it's so important that people wake up - things are getting too late. It's every one person that's causing the problem; and it's every one person that's letting it happen.

The world is bleeding at our feet and crying out for mercy, yet we still cannot see the blantant lies and exploitation in front of us.

Act now...
© 2006 - 2020 x-vegan-x
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SakuraofchaosStudent Digital Artist
I'm glad you wrote this! Thank you!
And there's a vegan "egg" from Follow Your Heart.
I have yet to try it.
So I basically eat tofu scrambles instead of eggs.
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awwww that is so sad *tear* :( but it is true...and i agree.....if more people would just not look so up in the clouds or brainwashed this world could be such more of a beautiful place. We are very lucky, though, to have wonderful people in this world that do care and and make attempts to fight for the animals everyday :) Your right....if there weren't some people trying to keep things in a decent line...the world would just be a mess or greed, money and selfishness. Most of it is already....but it gives me happiness to know that not all are like that and I feel better about myself for not being part of that and striving to help in any way i can :)
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alder-sketchProfessional Interface Designer
this is excellent. moving, thought-provoking, not to mention well written. :+fav:
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WinterfangHobbyist Writer
There's...not really a lot I can say. This is something I've known and thought about for a long time, an attitude I've noticed and flinch at. But this says it well, says it brilliantly. It's a well-written piece that conveys something that needs to be said. Thank you for writing this.
x-vegan-x's avatar
Thanks a lot for your comment, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it so much :glomp:
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Aaaw Thats really good.

I'm not vegan but I only eat eggs that are from free-run chickens and am strongly against factory-farm eggs, veal houses, ect.

Kudos to you.
x-vegan-x's avatar
Thanks a lot.. nice to hear people are making an effort to avoid cruel products :excited:
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This actually makes me cry.

How can humans be so fucking heartless and uninteligent, and still say we're on the top?!
x-vegan-x's avatar

You got the point exactly... thanks a lot. :heart:
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Wow im not exactly sure how to respond. (in a good way) this is for sure different from everything i have ever seen you do. you have spoken about something that i have believed for years. But nobody has ever said it in that way. I understand exactly how you feel.
x-vegan-x's avatar
Thanks a lot, its really nice to see how well the point has come across. Thanks for the fav, too! Much appreciated :hug:
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Hey, I have a selected reading list on my website, and I put up everything of interest to me and my community. Would you mind if I posted this up, Ill have a link to your DA site from there. If you dont have a problem, let me know your name so I can credit you appropriately. Thanks... My site is [link]
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Oh wow really??? You know I looked at this website when you posted it in your journal - I was so bowled over by the piece on the front page.. its like someone has been able to write something so terribly frustrating and hard to put into words.. and it couldn't be better said. :faint:

Anyway, I'd be honoured to be on the website. You can just put my name as 'Natasha', is that ok? (I don't give out my surname - makes it too easy for any dodgy people watching my conversations!) If thats a problem then just make up a name, I don't mind :giggle:
ListenReflect's avatar
Great.. Im going to throw it on the site. If you have more writing you would like me to check out, let me know. If you have 3 or more pieces, I can make a specific page for you on the site. Ill put anything up. Let me know... peace
x-vegan-x's avatar
ah wow! Cheers. I will definitely let you know if I produce anymore rantings -- oh er, I mean, writings. :giggle:
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Thanks natasha. Let me know, I would like to put up more work :)
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Your prose has an interesting feel to it, and you do get your political-agenda across fairly well, but there are problems with your grammar and sentence structure. A highly-admired instructor of mine said to me one day that, "Dialogue in prose allows the author to bend the rules of language to produce a more accurate feel of speech, however an author must watch himself carefully so he doesn't use it as an crutch." -- I feel that your are using this writer's crutch, that or you forgot to edit.

The first thing I would suggest is for you to look up the proper use of a semi-colon, as you tend to use it in the place of a period, comma, and colon -- which is not the proper use at all. Take the following paragraph that you wrote:

"1And thirdly, every one person who supports all these people in their hapless quest to make money. 2Every one person that buys these eggs. 3They pay the man that kills hundred of thousands of individuals, sprays tonnes of excrement into fields and rivers, force feeds animals with drugs and produces products which are unhealthy to consume. 4These people are probably the most dangerous, because they help the first type of 'one person' make the money in the first place.'"

You lose your the majority of your credibility as an author and activist in this major paragraph here. The first sentence is a fragmented sentence. In order to make it correct you should change it to read, "And thirdly, every one person who supports all these people in their hapless quest to make money - every one person that buys these eggs - pay the man who kills hundreds of thousands of individuals: sprays tonnes of excrement into fields and rivers, forced feeds animals with drugs, and produces products that are unhealthy to consume." More or less you must combine sentence 1 with 2 and 3 in order for it to be correct. Sentence 4 is just confusing, I would suggest re-writing it so it is a bit clearer to the reader. I had to read it at least 5 times in order to get your meaning.

But as I tell those of who's work I edit, take what you like about my suggestions and throw away the rest. I'm sure I have a few editing mistakes in my work, but one can only do so much before wanting to move on to the next segment of writing. I hope this helps you out. Never stop writing.
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Thanks for your pointers, I will definitely take them on board. However I am not overly concerned, as I am not a 'writer' as such... this was just a one-off thing which I decided to write (as you can probably tell!)

The main point for me was that people got the point of the message, not to examine my grammatical mistakes. I understand though, that by submitting it to deviantart, it does become open to critique.

I will still be more careful when writing future prose, have a closer look at grammar etc :nod:
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Also, deviantart is not the best place to post political material. I can barely get anyone to take a look at my work, let alone understand (or care for that matter) any message behind it. Cheers.
x-vegan-x's avatar
Oh! I've found a fair few of my watchers are political activists, and there are groups, too!
Regardless, I find this is my place to 'vent', and I know political or not I have friends here who easily understand the point :nod:
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Good concept, I like how you've illustrated the statement using the scene. x.
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