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Lineart Batch 5 - Draft Type Horses

5 Draft Horse linearts, ready to colour!

-Give credit to me for the lines
-Link back to this deviation
-You may use for references, adopts(draw,point,cash), etc
-For DA use only (Not to be used on any sites such as howrse or other such games)
- No YHH's may be done on these! No exceptions.
- My linearts must not be posted unaltered for others to purchase.

More Linearts:
Lineart Batch 1 by x-SWC-x Lineart Batch 2 by x-SWC-x Lineart Batch 3 by x-SWC-x Lineart Batch 4 - Light Type Horses by x-SWC-x

Artwork (c) x-SWC-x
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© 2014 - 2021 x-SWC-x
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LupisMortis's avatar

is there a way to purchase just one of them, i only want one of the linearts

howowlish's avatar
Bought these over a year ago lol. Finally using them. Used:

Old Gray Cob by howowlish
Aionix774's avatar
I adore the upper right horse lines, i'm definitely trying to get some points to buy these lines. That beauty will be perfect for my favorite horse oc.
HickoryRunEquestrian's avatar
Purchased these beautiful lines. Thank you. Could I make a request for small breeds such as ponies, mini horses, etc? I would happily buy that!
x-SWC-x's avatar
Oh ya of course! I will take note of that <3
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
How much? And would you be able to note me thepng versions of each?
x-SWC-x's avatar
Price is 300 :points: And I can do that if that is what you need.
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
Yes please I'll send the points now :D
x-SWC-x's avatar
Would you like them clear pngs or white background? :)
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
Clear please! Thanks so much :D I may look at your other lines too are they the same price?
x-SWC-x's avatar
Kk getting them ready now <3
Yes all sets are 300 :points: each :'3
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
Ok I'll definitely look at them thanks again :)
x-SWC-x's avatar
No problem! <3 Sending you a note now <3
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CloverFlowers's avatar
You have amazing lineart. ;u; So beautiful~
How-You-Remind-Me's avatar
Purchased, thank you for these beautiful lines! Just wondering, once a coloured design is uploaded onto DA, can the image be used on a Equine RPG as long as credit is on the image and links back to the original design on DA? I do this with all my character refs and images, so wanted to make sure it was ok with you =)
x-SWC-x's avatar
Thank you!!!! <3
Yep that sounds fine by me :'3
How-You-Remind-Me's avatar
Awesome, thank you so much! =D
KrazyKrafter's avatar
ughhh wish I could afford :cc
UkuleleMoon's avatar
Purchased, thank you.
StalkerofWind's avatar
makes grabby hands
RandomZone's avatar
Used! Again and again XD But no, seriously these are gorgeous OwO

Used here -…

But be sure to check out the full sized art as well! OwO…
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