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Still practicing using my tablet ^_^ (see full view please)
Once I've saved enough for a subscription, I may open up drawings like these for commissions :3
I'm holding a raffle where you can win pokemon chibis, squishies or even your entire pokemon elite team in chibi format! See here [link] for samples of my chibis and squishies, and here [link] to find out more about how you can get your very own and take part in the raffle ^_^
For just 1 :points: you can win a deviation of your entire pokemon elite team as chibis, usually worth 400:points:!
enjoy x.

NOTE: No artworks displayed may be used without my permission for ANY reason.
Thank you ^.^

Virizion © Pokémon, Nintendo
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© 2011 - 2021 x-SquishyStar-x
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My fav. Pokemon of fight type :3
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My fav. Grass type is Serperior
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She looks awesome here.
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I really like this guy!
I think its one of the better looking pokemon in Unova.
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Huaw. I think it's Virizion who's invading your gallery. So it must be your favourite pokemon, huh? If you ask me it's a YES :love:

P.S. you're drawing is actually awesome!
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Thank you ^_^ yeah, virizion is my favourite 5th gen pokemon :3 :heart: x.
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I really like this pokemon and I think this is the nicest looking one I've seen! ^_^
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greaat *^* i like to habe a tablet D': but weel xD its great *^* i catch it! xD in black ewe
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Aw, it's adorable! I love the way you did the shading/highlighting. :D
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i gotta tell you that you make this pokemon look GOOD. its normally ugly .
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hehe, thanks ^_^ x.
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This looks fantastic! But I am getting Black. :) I can't wait until Sunday!
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Thank you ^_^ and yeah, me neither! x.
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Wow, looks great!
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welcome. I sent points for the draw :3
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Wow. Sorry for getting off topic and not commenting on your drawing. '._.

You did a really nice job ^_^
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I don't mind ^_^ I like talking to friendly people ^_^
And thank you :3 x.
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