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In this journal you will find all the basic info and samples on things that I can potentially make for you! If you are interested on placing an order with me, please pay mind and respect the status button first. When I am closed, please do not order and wait until I announce I am open. When you can order, you may place your order here in a new comment OR :note: me! Each section will have a few samples included to make it easy but if you for some reason you want to see more, just browse my gallery. Some areas have a LOT more. xD

:redalert: by KinnisonArc Please Read & Respect my TERMs of SERVICE (TOS) if you want to COMMISSION me! :redalert: by KinnisonArc

  1. Payment is requested upfront please before I start! As of 2017 - I’ll accept paypal as payment for those who prefer that instead of :points:
  2. You are buying the right to use your commissioned piece for display only and only on DeviantArt and toyhouse. For toyhouse to give credit, you may link to my DA profile or my own toyhouse - toyhou.se/Drache-Lehre
     If you want to use elsewhere, please discuss it with me first.
  3. You may NOT edit/alter/change anything about it. If I made a mistake, please kindly inform me and I'll happily fix it for you. I very much prefer to discuss this over notes and not in the deviation comments.
  4. If you want to use what I've made for you, within something else (a journal skin, a stamp, etc) you need my permission first or else it will be treated as theft.
  5. Patience is a must with me. I am not that fast, especially on my pixels; plus life also delays things. So if you are in a hurry please find someone else to help you.
  6. Crediting me is a MUST. If you using the thumb code, nothing extra is needed since the thumb code automatically credits me.
  7. I don't always work in order so please don't get upset if you ordered 1st but yours is done 3rd.
  8. Being courteous and respectful to me as both a human AND an artist, a comment on that piece saying "THANK YOU" is fully expected. Failure to do so will result on my no longer working for you & possible removal of the art from my gallery - which I remind, you are NOT allowed to re-upload. You may save onto your computer or private sources like in your sta.sh or dropbox for safe keeping. ^^ You accept these conditions if you wish to order from me. I'm not asking for anything hard. ;p
    Say Thank you when someone... by x-Skeletta-x


* Decide what you want to order. Pixel? Stamp?
* Then copy-paste the form if what you want has one available, fill it out.
* Then post that in a new comment here or send me a :note:. =D
* If I accept, you'll be asked to pay.
* Once you pay, you'll be added onto the to-do-list where you can keep track of the status!

Gallery/Favorites Icon Sets!

Do you like to sort your gallery or favorites' into folders? Than I am sure you've noticed the standard look that DA offers is BORING. Would you like a look that is more personalized to your tastes? Then you've come to the right place! =}

Those are samples of what my style is like. To see an in-action screenshot click HERE and HERE! Did I get your interest? ^_^ Then please click the thumb below where more info is provided as well as the order form! Prices are also listed on the Flash. :3
GIS Order Sheet! - Update 4. LOTs of NEW Stuff!! by x-Skeletta-x
* take note this is going to be updated again with new options added!

Stamps, Buttons and Progress Bars!

Like so many others, I love making things. Stamps and such is no exception. I've made random message ones to art status sets. Then of course I've made a few buttons, group icons and progress bars. Please know that this section is mostly for the graphic style ones. Below I show a few to give you some idea. For the more custom, pixel ones please visit my Pixels section for further info on that. For the time being, the info sheet is unavailable because I'm in the process of making a nifty flash sheet. Yes, similar to what I did for the GIS info. If you are interested on this before the flash is done, we can discuss it. I have some info available in sta.sh which I'll share based on what you're wanting to inquire about. =D

Pixel Arts!

The following purple-hover boxes are the various types of pixel works I offer. When it comes to this, I am still very new and have a lot to learn. But for the time being I do enjoy it a lot and try my best to produce something worth while. With this I dabble in a few things from personal icons/avatars, group icons and profile decoration (dividers, bullets). There might be more in the future but until those ideas reach me, what you see is what I can do. x3 I also enjoy doing collabs from time to time too. I find it a lot of fun to coloring in someone else's lines. ^_^ I do want to warn you tho, when it comes to pixels I am not fast, not yet. So patience is a must is you want pixel-art from me

Bullets/Small Sprites!

These usually range from the size 10px up to 30px. The item being made usually determines the size but I can work with the size you specify if needed.
Price ~
»»» 80 :points: / 1$ shared as free-resource
»»» 160 :points: / 2$ only for your use!


For the most part I try to keep these no wider than 150px and no taller than 50px; especially if animation is involved to avoid needing a preview image. However I can do bigger if that is preference or required based on what is being drawn. There is also the option of I making it a 2-in-1 which has the proper 150x size for the “preview” which is the thumb and the larger size as the deviation itself which can also be displayed using the “” code. I have included some 2-in-1 samples below to help ya understand better what I mean. =) The price will vary based on what the subject you want is; object or animal for example and the size. Then put into account if you want both sizes for a 2-in-1. Final price will be determined after discuss what you want me to draw! :dummy:
Price ~
»»» 200 - 500 :points: / 3 - 7$
+ 200 :points: / 2.50$ exclusive for your use only.
The following are 2-in-1 samples. Notice the preview you see and then click it to see the other image for it. ^^

Personal Icons/Avatars!

These are 50-50px pixels that you can use as your personal DA Icon/Avatar. When you wish to no longer use it as your icon, they can make great page decoration. :} I offer two styles. One is an icon made from scratch; aka a custom and the Second is you pick one of my available bases and it will be edited to look like your character; these are also known as “Your Character Here/ YCH”. Please know for the time being I’m only willing to do animals and objects. NO humans.

Custom Prices ~

»»» 450 :points: / 6$ Includes simple animation such as blink, stick tongue out or float.
+ 100 - 200 :points: / 2 - 3$ more for complex animation. Discuss this first please.
»»» 325 :points: / 4$ shared as a f2u decoration; such as object commissions. Usually of your own character won’t be f2u.

If you want to order, please use the provided form below!
or Character Ref
Animation? (will discuss if I can do or not)
If applies; Private or F2U? (personal characters are automatically private unless you state otherwise.)

YCH Prices ~

»»» 175 :points: / 2.50$ Includes simple animation such as blink, wink or stick tongue out.
The Info Sheets ::
Your Cat Here Icon~! by x-Skeletta-x MLP Icon Info Sheet~ OPEN !! by x-Skeletta-x Canine Sticking-Tongue-Out Order Sheet~ by x-Skeletta-x

If you want to order, click on the info sheet and you’ll see the order form in that description!

Sprites/Journal Dolls!

The sizes vary based on what I’m asked to do and how you intend to display it on your page. If it’s close to 50x50, I’ll use the avatar price. It’s when you want larger than 50x50 and more detailed than a divider to make it cost more. Mostly the idea for these are just for decoration be it your profile, journals or groups. We can figure out a good size based on what the subject is you want me to do and how much you want to pay. Some samples were collabs; a friend drew the lines and I colored while others are 100% by me. I share both because they work for samples of my shading style too. Some of the samples may be old at this point in time but I’m still pleased with them~! ♥
Price ~
»»» 450 - 800 :points: / 4.50 - 10$
- 100 - 200 :points: / 1-2$ if can be shared as a f2u decoration! (discount depends on initial price first)

Group Icon/Avatars

These are 100x50px pixels that you use as your group icon/avatar. If you prefer a more graphic like and not pixels please scroll up and read the stamps section.
Price ~
»»» 550 :points: / 7$ Includes simple animation such as blink, wink and text.
+ 100 - 200 :points: / 2 - 3$ more for complex animation. Discuss this first please.

Re-Coloring Requests!
Do you like one of my free resources but would prefer another color choice more fitting to you or your page? Well that is what this section is for! If you want a re-color for something, please use this form to help me out! These are Free! But there is no guarantee it will get done. Sometimes I’m too busy but more often than note, it does get done. ;) Either post this info here or :note: to me!
Pixel to be Re-Colored: (insert link here)
The Colors?
This something new that I am going to try to do. Putting it short, these will work the same way you use coupons at the grocery store. You order, include the thumb of your coupon at the bottom of your form and then it will be used to determine the total for your payment~! This does not change when you can order, if I am closed that means you can't order/redeem it! This is merely an extra perk, that you can use along with your order info when I am open! This is not something you can ask for. I will give these out at my own discretion for a number of reasons; as a thank-you to returning customers, as a gift or perhaps will go towards prizes for contests that I host myself or donate too.

However these can be bought for your friend! Let's say you know a friend who likes my icons and wants to get one but doesn't have enough points? You can buy this (it will be like a gift-card) which they can redeem themselves when they come to order. This way, you don't need to worry about collecting/giving me any specific info. You would just need to know what category they want, an icon, a divider etc, to how much to pay me. This would make a great GIFT to your friends for the Holidays, especially if you don't have time to draw/do anything yourself!

These are not to be uploaded anywhere else. These are meant to stay in my gallery and only my gallery. This keeps them authenticate and real to be redeemable! The only thing you want to do is fav it so when you want to use it you can find it to give me the thumb code! I will only display a couple here so you know what it looks like! ^^ These may get a new look at some point tho… ^^;

Coupon #03 - ducky-overlord by x-Skeletta-x

Hashana - Birthday Gift by TwistedWytch
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