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Please Note me about Re-colors!



This refers to the various decor pixel resources that I share with folks to use on their DA pages. Sometimes what I pick to make it in isn't the color someone else would prefer. I never mind being asked to do a different color of it, BUT I do mind when you ask in the descriptions on the piece itself. It annoys me. Sorry, but it does. ;p So this is being done to try to help share that I don't mind being asked but I very much prefer that you do so via :note: (note). Thank you! :aww: 

I have a smaller version of this too - HERE . But I'm anal about how my desc are set up so I wanted a big one too for certain things. Haha. Don't judge. ;p But you may use this too if it suits you for anything. Just use the thumb code! 

*** Base by SimplySilent  
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