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‘Why does she care so much about him? Why must they be so close she can't realize he's just a monster, not a human? She's always favored him, ever since high school. Shizuo this, Shizuo that. I'll admit, it pisses me off. She's always clung to him while if I go near her she pushes me away like I'm some diseased insect. Such an interesting human but so confusing. Doesn't she love me? Like I do her? I'd do anything for her and she stays away from me. I'd kill for her, is she that oblivious?’

A male with short black hair sits on his desk chair, facing his computer. His reddish-brown eyes scan the screen, video recordings playing over and over from different locations. All with one female singled out. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair lays down messily and her (e/c) eyes sparkle, even on screen. She wears her typical outfit, a white (sleeve length) sleeved shirt with (color) (pants/shorts/skirt) and (color) (type of shoes). She looks younger but in actuality is 24. Her boobs aren’t big and her curves aren't fantastic but he doesn't give a care. To the one watching her she’s beautiful none the less. He holds a wistful smile and a dreamy look in his eyes.

"You understand that's creepy right?"

The man, the infamous info. broker known as Izaya Orihara, ignores the comment from his secretary as he sets his hand on the mouse and pauses a video. One with her face perfect with a large smile. He imagines it in person, seeing it so many times.

'But never pointed at me...'

He turns away, spinning around to face the large window behind his office. It looks bright out and his thoughts roll to what she's doing.

"Don't tell me you're still stalking that one girl." Naomi sighs, still working through the piles of paperwork Izaya had left her to. Izaya shakes his head, smiling.

"Why not?" He asks simply, making Naomi cock a brow.

"It's creepy. Plus you have a job which doesn't involve stalking a girl you obviously have feelings for." She answers, writing on one of the papers. Izaya chuckles lightly.

"Well I have to make sure she doesn't go after Shizuo. That brainless monster doesn't deserve my little (F/n)-chan~. Only I can have her. And soon enough I will...."

Naomi blinks, peering at the back of the 24 year old mans chair. Was it just her or did he sound... possessive just now? Sure, Izaya is creepy but now was different...

‘Does he want this girl that bad..?’

Izaya giggles quietly before saying,"I'm coming (F/n)-chan.~"

*Le time skip provided by Izaya’s trolliness*

(F/n) giggles as she walks beside Shizuo, the girl holding a bag of groceries in each hand and Shizuo holding one as well. She swings them in a childish manner and Shizuo notes how cute she looks.

"It's nice shopping with you Shizuo," She giggles,"Better than by myself."

"Well, anyway I can help you. Besides, you live with me and provide the food so I need to help sometimes." He chuckles, taking an inhale of his cigarette. (F/n) swats it out of his mouth, scolding him.

"You know those are bad for you!" She nags, Shizuo shaking his head.

"Sorry." He sighs. She smiles and nods.

"No problem, I'm just looking out for my best friend." She playfully pushes him and he grins, lightly blushing.

The two continued on, speaking of different things. Reaching the apartment they shared they walk in and (F/n) gets to it putting the food and such away.

Shizuo's phone goes off, the blonde answering it and speaking to the person on the other line. He nods.

"Be right there."

Hanging up he stands and heads in to tell the (h/c) haired woman.

"Hey, I'll be out. Tom just called so I'll be back in a little bit."

"Alright, don't get too hurt." She jokes, hugging him goodbye. He leaves and (F/n) continues her work.

*Le time skip provided by Simons love for sushi*

A couple minutes, about 10 to 15, pass when the front door opens again. (F/n) cocks a brow, hearing it as she's putting away a can up in the cupboard.

‘Is he already back?’

Before she can go check two arms wrap around her waist and the owner blows into her ear, causing her to freeze. She quickly pulls away, facing the unknown person who had the gaul to hug her. Her eyes go surprised but then to completely irritated at who it is.

"Izaya? What the hell?! What are you doing in mine and Shizuo's apartment?" She shouts, glaring and her teeth clenching. Of course it's him. It's always him. He's always doing these kinds of things but this is the first time he's ever come into the apartment. Of course, Shizuo isn't home so he saw the opportunity. He grins cheekily at her, patting her head and ruffling her hair, lightly running his fingers through the strands of (h/c). She shakes him off, backing away.

"Izaya, get out. I don't need you being here when Shizuo gets home and having him mess up the apartment!" She pushes him, aiming to push him outside. But he only laughs and walks past her. She blinks then freezes.

His fingertips press against her back, lightly running down her spine. (F/n) feels her breath catch as it reaches the rim of her shirt and the ravenette slides his hand under. The woman feels her face heat up as the palm maneuvers slowly up. He reaches her bra clip, plucking at it. The man steps up, his other hand playing in the girls locks of hair. He plucks again at her strap, playing with it while hoping it'll pop open.

(F/n), gaining her control back, turns around and pushes him away. The man stumbles a moment before staring at her surprised. (F/n)'s face is beet red, the woman swallowing.

"Izaya, wh-what the hell were you doing?!"

Izaya blinks before smiling sweetly with a hint of sour at her. He gives an expression like he did nothing wrong.

"(F/n)-chan, don't you see yet? Or are you still so blind?"

The (h/c) haired woman furrows her brows, her face giving the look of full confusion.

"What...? What are you talking about?"

Izaya begins chuckling but to (F/n)'s fear it turns into cackling. She knows Izaya's a wack job but this... this isn't normal...

"(F/n)-chan, you're so cute," he says as he calms down,"Don't you realize what I've been doing for years?"

"Being a creep? Yeah, that's a bit hard to miss." She snaps, growing annoyed now. Does he need to make everything a fucking mind game?

"(F/n)-chan, you're no fun, can't you just guess? You might be right." He giggles.

(F/n) isn't in the mood for his games though and she points to the kitchen walkway.

"Leave, now Izaya." She demands, fed up. Izaya only smiles, as if he didn't hear her at all.

"But (F/n)-chan, I want you to-"

The sound of whistling coming towards the apartment stops Izaya mid sentence and Ash gets scared as they recognize the voice.


Izaya thinks a moment and before he leaves he whispers,"I'll be back (F/n).~"

With that he bolts out the front door, the sound of Shizuo screaming at him normally would make the girl laugh but her mind is too jumbled.

‘He'll be back...? What's he talking about...?’

*Le time skip provided by Shizou’s love for screaming*

Days passed after the strange encounter with Izaya. (F/n) thought about telling Shizuo what happened but she didn’t want him rampaging through the streets like Godzilla and hurting people while looking for the info. broker. So the (e/c) eyed woman kept her mouth shut and just continued her everyday routine, dodging Izaya the best she can. Surprisingly he has kept his distance. (F/n) isn’t sure whether she should be glad about it or afraid.

Standing in line at Simon’s sushi restaurant she waits to order. The girl yawns, peering around. She notices the teens laughing at a table, a man tapping at his computer, and a couple feeding each other. It seemed peaceful today. No fighting outside. No screaming. No annoying ravenette bothering the hell out of her. It’s great!

Finally it’s her turn and she orders then waits again. Once it’s done she takes her food and leaves, holding it in her hands and humming while walking to the nearby park.

‘I wonder what Shizu’s doing...’ The brunette thinks, pulling out her phone to text Shizuo.

-Hey, are you busy?-

Sitting at a bench (F/n) opens the box with her sushi and lifts the chopsticks, taking a piece and biting on it. The (h/c) haired girl eats in silence, birds chirping and children off playing. It makes her feel calm and the girl hums a song she remembers listening to earlier. (F/n)’s pocket buzzes and she pulls her phone out to see she’d gotten a text from her best friend.

-On a job with Tom sorry :/-

(F/n)’s shoulders slump but she doesn’t let it put her down and she replies.

-It’s ok Shizu :)-

The girls sets her phone down beside her and she returns to eating her delicious food. She smiles and bites into a third piece.


(F/n) peers at her phone then flips it up and checks it. Her brows furrow and she stops eating.

“Unknown number…?” She mumbles, opening the mysterious text.

-Hey Ash! It’s Celty! Do you wanna meet up? :)-

(F/n) blinks, confused now. Did Celty get a new number or something? Deciding to text back (F/n) finishes the piece of sushi she was nibbling and replies.

-Sure. Did you get a new number?-

-Yep! Meet me at the coffee shop near the park in 10-

(F/n) shrugs, and hurries to finish eating so she can do as Celty asked. Once done the woman stands and throws her box in a nearby garbage bin then heads out to the coffee shop as instructed.

*More time skipping!!*

“It’s been 15 minutes, where are you Celty?”

(F/n) is growing slightly impatient and checks the clock on the wall. They were supposed to meet almost 20 minutes ago!

“It’s not like Celty to take so long… I wonder if she’s busy…”

‘Or maybe it wasn’t her...’

(F/n) shakes her head, getting the suspicious thoughts out of her head. Who would fake being her friend to get her to show up to a public coffee shop?


‘No, no, no!’

(F/n) decides to wait a bit longer. Someone’s eventually going to show…

*20 minutes later…*

(F/n) finally leaves, worry cascading over her. It’s not like Celty to not show and now she’s worried. Something couldn’t have happened could it? Or maybe it was a prank. But how would they know (F/n) is friends with Celty…?

The woman heads back to the apartment, planning to call Celty or Shinra to make sure everything is OK. She unlocks the front door but before she can open it a hand with a cloth goes over her mouth and an arm wraps around her waist, yanking her into a slender body and holding her away from the door. (F/n) goes to scream but the cloth muffles the shouts and she feels her consciousness begin to fade. Before she passes out she hears the assailant whisper in her ear and her heart stops.

“Ah my (F/n)-chan~. So naive. That’s another thing I love about you.~”

(F/n) wanted to kick and scream, escape this psycho, but her vision fades and she drops, falling unconscious in the mad mans arms. He giggles maniacly and lifts her onto his shoulder, hurrying back to his apartment to make preperations. He finally has her… she’s all HIS.

*Le time skip of Celty’s motorcycle skills*

(F/n) awakens slowly, staring into darkness with little light from a small window to her left. She’s lying on something soft and plush, covered by a warm blanket and her head resting on a fluffy pillow. She’s on a bed, not hers though. The woman sits up, her eyes somewhat adjusting to the darkness. She can barely make out anything though besides the light coming from the bottom of what she’s thinking is a doorway. (F/n), confused and a little shaken, climbs off the bed and begins to slowly walk towards the ‘doorway’. Maybe she can find out where she is…

Setting her hand against some wood she almost felt hope.

‘A door!’

The adult feels around, searching for the handle but feeling a bit frightened when she doesn’t feel it anywhere.

“What the hell? Where is it…?” She whisper yells, frantic now and backing away, peering around. She then begins feeling around the wall beside it. A lightswitch, where’s a lightswitch?

Her hope springs again as she finds a switch and she flips it up. The light flashes on and she looks back at the door. There’s no handle.

“But it’s obviously a door… hello!” (F/n) calls out, knocking on it. No response.

(F/n) begins feeling scared and she looks around, hoping for a way out. Just as she goes checking the window the ‘door’ creaks open and she jumps, facing it. She waits for the person who’d trapped her in here to step into her line of sight and as he does she freezes, her heart plummeting.

“Hello, (F/n)-chan~. Glad you’re finally awake.” The infamous man say, grinning from ear to ear and staring happily at her. (F/n)’s breath slows as she backs up, bumping into the wall. Her (e/c) eyes widen as he steps closer to her.

“I-Izaya… where the hell am I?” She asks, the question just short of a demand. His grin widens and he cocks his head while slipping his hands into his jacket pockets.

“(F/n), do you know how adorable you are?” He giggles, changing the subject.

“Izaya. Where am I?” (F/n) snaps, her hands tightening into fists.

Izaya chuckles, his reddish eyes shutting,”Why you’re with me silly human,” He begins walking to her, his face turning mad with a grin and his hands coming out, one holding his switchblade which he flicks open as he continues,”And I don’t plan on letting you go.”

(F/n) gulps, shaking slightly. What the hell is this psycho talking about?

“Izaya, why am I here? You know Shizuo is going to look for me…” (F/n) tells him, failing to hide her fear. The man now stands in front of her, towering above her and lifting one of his hands to trap (F/n)’s face on her right side. She stares up at him with trembling eyes. Izaya lifts his blade to her left cheek, running it up and down the flesh.

“You see (F/n)-chan, I’ve grown a liking to you, from your looks to just who you are. I’ve watched you since you came here during high school, always wanting to hold you. And now it’s become unbareable. I need you (F/n), I want your body, your heart, everything, to belong to me. Hell, I’ll even murder Shizu-chan just to keep you as mine. You’re all mine now (F/n), and I’m never losing you…”

After that Izaya leans in quickly and captures the girls lips with his. She, of course, fights back but Izaya presses the knife against her abdomen, causing (F/n) to gasp and hesitantly kiss back as tears brim her eyes. Izaya forces his tongue into her mouth, tasting her cavern and grinning. He pulls back after the few seconds, saliva hanging like thread between them and he stares at her scared face. The man then takes his knife and cuts into the middle of (F/n)’s shirt, ready to make her his.

“You’re mine forever now, (F/n)-chan… your body, your life, it’s all mine…” His tone is terrifying and obsessive. (F/n) stays silent, feeling her heart breaking. She doesn’t want to give up but what other choice does she have…? She can’t fight back like this…

With her shirt ripped Izaya strips it off her, taking in her beautiful torso which cause (F/n) to flush deeply and turn away. Izaya grips her jaw and turns her back to look at him. His eyes hold love and affection but (F/n) can see evil mixed in, lust, obsession. She’s his now. Whether she likes it or not.

“I love you, my dear human.~”
So I posted these stories of Yandere!Various X Reader and Izaya was asked for! I will post my Shizuo one once I finish it XD I have others I shall post, don't worry! Just enjoy k! ^^
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