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:blowkiss: revamp

By x-Sassy-x
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I decided to make a revamp of :blowkiss:!
I tried to respect the original ideas, such as two hearts, the emote blushing and its dark blue colour.. but I obviously improved the animation.

I've always wanted an emote of mine to be in the Legend, and since my opportunity has finally come.. well here's my try!

**I hope it gets accepted.. I'll be soo happy! =D**
( I think I'll make a plz account if it's not accepted..)
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maid-in-rosesHobbyist General Artist

The emoticon you did is better than original

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Brilliant work! I love it very much!
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This is also a nice one!
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LilyasProfessional General Artist
I am using this very often in my comments. You did a great job on your revamp! :blowkiss: revamp 
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OMG its so cute! ;) So much better than the one before. Great revamp!!!!!!
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Awh, this is cute, I hope they accept it :aww:
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Thanks! :) But they hadn't picked it.. :(

Oh well.. still was fun to make though! :D
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it's much much much better than :blowkiss: !!! ahhh..
i hope it will be accepted :o
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why thank you (:

yeah i thought it needed some revamping.. i wish its accepted too :D
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How can I use it?:D
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I don't think you can.. but im no dA expert xD

I hope someday they use this revamp to replace the crap original.. then you can use it for sure :P
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Wow, awesome! I think there is like a 90% chance (maybe more) of being accepted! Unless there are other entries, then the probability lowers, but it would depend on how the others are.

Anyways, amazing work, awesome revamp, I'd be glad to use it as ane moticon :XD:
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Wow, thanks for the support, comments and fave! :tighthug:
I do hope it gets into the emotion legend.. I'd be too happy to see it there. But I suppose for now they're done with refurbishing it, although so many emotes still need revamping.
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You are welcome :D!

Hhm, yeah, okay, well, you tell me if yours gets to be in the legend, that would be so awesome xD!!!
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If it does, you'd probably notice ;) Then, we can celebrate! :party:
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YAY XD!!! MJ called his son blanket O_o *hearing MJ dicumentary 0_0;;;* were you a fan of his :B? Well, I am not o.o It's okay if you are, just wnat to ask XD
x-Sassy-x's avatar
:O_o: How original.. lol.
No, not a really big fan, but I did like a couple of his songs. I still think it's a pity though that he died..
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His childrne ALWAYS use masks, and there mother was a surrogate mother, so who will take care of his children after his death??? He also hid there faces when they were babies, possible suffocation!!! And his house was actually a certain neverland and he thought he was peterpan and that he didn't grow and said that he was "chaning" because he is a growing boy and that is why he is turning white, and it's like, wtf? Yeah, his crazy, but why does he hide the truth O_o??? Oh, and his childhood was tought, poor him, no wonder he turned out to be like he is D: And he said in the documentary that it would be normal to sleep with someones child, nothign sexual, just sleep, and like, the person asling stuff said taht to him it would seem uncomfortable, and it's like, how did he not go to jail O_o??? Who knoooooows. And he still says his a child, and all those fans, he holded his baby outside the window D:!!! WTF?!?!

I liked the thriller, very original music video, but he was ...saner before, and I kinda thnk that he USED to be the kind of pop until certain events ocurred and he turned kukoooo @_@ sorry for all this rant, jsut wanted to share this knowledge @_@
x-Sassy-x's avatar
:O_o: Craazyyy... he had a terrible childhood though so I'm not surprised he grew up to be who he was and behave abnormally.
He grew up with parents who broke down his self confidence and left him insecure. I believe that his childhood is the reason behind his change of skin colour. He wanted to erase who he was as a child and possibly "start over" as someone new.
I do agree that he was much saner before though.
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Fantastic! What program did you use? How many frames is it? :) You are so patient!!
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I'm still using CS2 and ImageReady.. my stupid pc just won't accept the one you gave me =(

It's only 20 frames.. not much patience needed :XD: (when compared to the other one I did which had like 180 :P)
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Wow! Only 20! Thats a little! I thought it would have like MUCH more :p
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It probably looks like a lot cause it's a loop animation.. but it barely takes 2 seconds to play the whole thing :meow:
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