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I hope you've all been well. I just wanted to type this journal to inform anyone that does follow my work that I will be making a different area my main art platform rather than Deviantart. For a few reasons.

  • Every time I try to pay for a core membership it never works and I have to get my friends to do it for me and that's just really annoying. Not to mention I once paid someone in a core and they didn't get it activated for two solid weeks yet the money was still taken off my card. Uh... No?

  • I saw they are changing the entire design of DA, and I liked the design I had. Hell half the reason I stayed on here was the customization. I don't think I will like the new design, as it reminds me of Art Station, not saying the design is BAD, but if I wanted that design I could go to art station. If it's not broken don't fix it.

  • Lastly I'm just never really that active on here. I can't keep up with the overload of mail. All my commissions come from other platforms, and most of the artists I loved that were on here have moved and went inactive.

    That being said, I still am going to keep my FREE account up and upload art. But it will be just that, uploading and moving on. I'll answer comments as I can. But I won't really be here but rarely to upload. So if you like me or my art please feel free to follow my social media below. Outside of that my new main area for my art will be a website I am currently designing and developing. Which I will post a link to once I am finished with it.

    Social Media
    Facebook: [link]

    Thank you for your support!
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Submitted on
December 13, 2018