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just felt like posting this.

i want to make it clear that this is a zone where you can have any opinion. if you hate warrior cats, no, i wont scream at you. if you hate felidae, no, i wont flame you. 

if you are a wolf-lover, no, i wont split your head open. if you are a human-lover, no, i wont slap your face. 

i think i've made that clear. also, the thing i don't want here is the term wolfaboo. i think its kind of rude. thanks!! 
from the title, i think you can tell i'm doing commissions. 

my commission prices are heck cheap. please. buy one. 

Sugar Rush by x-Recolor-Splash-x
a fullbody non-shaded, no background like this is 60 points

a headshot non-shaded no background is 20 points

a paw/legshot no shaded no background is 10 points

a scene is 100 points

a shaded fullbody is 70 points

a shaded/background fullbody is 80 points

a background fullbody is 80 points

a shaded/background headshot is 30 points

a shaded headshot is 25 points

a background headshot is 27 points

a shaded/background paw/legshot is 20 points

a shaded paw/legshot is 15 points

a background paw/legshot is 15 points

if you want to add an extra character it's +10 points



character(s) description: 

what type?:

if it's a scene, please describe: 

have a good day! please consider! 
frick frack
knick knack
sick sack

what am i dong with my life 0w0
have this crap-post

i just, wasted, ten seconds of your life
this is a song for goosefeather

what did i see? 
what did i see? 
can you see what i see?

flash cats
daft rats 
there's really no difference to me
so why don't you open up your eyes 
and look at all the different dyes

starclan has cursed me
starclan hates me
what am i? 
what am i? 

will i die? 
their skulls are thick as a rye
i cant get it through their skulls
everything looks dull

through their eyes
through their eyes 

pried cans
died fans
just a little thing i see
unopened paint
beauty and grace 

that's what i truly see
i can rap
so drink your sap
while i rap

You all suck
your no smarter than a duck
so grab the puck 
let's play some hockey
i'll give you a little sockey

it's not so hard
to see everything

Next, we have a Sparkpaw song

you get all the light
you get all the sight
you get all the love
like a pretty dove

but no one gives a shove
for me
only you
your going to survive
i'll get stung in a beehive

everyone will be mooning over you
i'll be gone too soon
you little maroon
i never thought i'd sing
i never thought it'd ring
in your "fancy" ears

apparently to fancy for me
for me-e-e
nobody cares for me
for me-e-e-e

You may seem all depressed
but i know your possessed
your all dressed
and ready to go

I'm ready to be woe
so here we go