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splash's owo by x-Recolor-Splash-x splash's owo :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 1 0 i wish sometimes by x-Recolor-Splash-x i wish sometimes :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 1 0 the horrible person by x-Recolor-Splash-x the horrible person :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 1 1 true colors by x-Recolor-Splash-x true colors :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 5 0 Sugar Rush by x-Recolor-Splash-x Sugar Rush :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 2 1 warrior cats texting - page four by x-Recolor-Splash-x warrior cats texting - page four :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 0 0 warrior cats texting - page three by x-Recolor-Splash-x warrior cats texting - page three :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 0 0
Felidae / Spongebob - Felicity Meets Patrick
random idea xD
also, just for the sake of it, felicity isnt blind in this. youll see why
Felicity padded along the beach, struggling in the sand. Suddenly, she saw a pink object, much like a star, wash onto the beach. She padded over. "Huh?"
Felicity had heard of these before. "Starfish," she muttered.
She picked it up, and all of a sudden a muffled voice yelled, "HEY!!! WHAT GIVES?" 
Felicity dropped it, and it gave an 'oof' as it fell. It popped out of it's form. Now, it was standing. It had green pants with purple... things on them. "Oh, I-I'm sorry... My name's Felicity, who are you?"
Patrick 'huffed' and stormed away, arms crossed. Felicity gave a snort of laughter. Patrick turned back, anger boiling in his eyes. "What'ya laughin' at?" 
Felicity just sighed, and turned away, she heard a second voice, and turned around, shock crossing her face. There was a yellow sponge, and it was beside Patrick. "Come on, buddy. Let's go back to Bikini Bottom."
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warrior cats texting - page two by x-Recolor-Splash-x warrior cats texting - page two :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 0 0 warrior cats texting - page one by x-Recolor-Splash-x warrior cats texting - page one :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 0 0
Felidae - FelicityxReader
this isn't a lemon because lemons are gross (if you dont know what they are save yourself) and no i dont mean the citrus
You watched the she-cat you liked. She was blind, yes, but that didn't make her any less attractive. Her gold necklace glittered in the sunlight, her blue-gray fur making it stand out. You watched her as she strutted the street. "Hello, Felicity," you finally uttered.
"Why hello (Y/N)."
She flicked her tail, her voice soothing you. You pad up to her, and ask, "Want to do something?"
Felicity shrugs. "Like what?"
You think, as you are braindead right now. Suddenly, an idea pops into your mind. "Want me to grab you some scraps?"
"Steak would be awesome, (Y/N)."
You nod at her and run away, glancing back every now and again. You finally arrived at the dumpsters. You sniff out, and find some still-warm steak. You pick a chicken leg for yourself, and pad off. The sun makes your F/C fur glint. You run back, and Felicity is waiting expectantly. "I'm back," you purr.
:iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 4 1
bad commission example/my mouse suckssss by x-Recolor-Splash-x bad commission example/my mouse suckssss :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 0 0
The Story of BloodClan - A Warriors Novella
Little thing my friend, brother and I made up. 
BloodClan was a thriving Clan, it's main three 'warriors' being Bone, Brick, and Scourge. But there's more story behind these three than you think. So here it is, for you to delve into.
Brick was an out-of-the-ordinary she-cat. She didn't like things for female cats or Twolegs. She hated dolls, they creeped her out, and 'shopkins' as kittypets call them. She wouldn't even think twice about hating 'My Little Pony', as kittypets called it. She hated anything girly. Bone was Brick's brother. He was a little shorter than her, but nonetheless as fierce. Scourge was their friend. So, naturally, they made a group. BloodClan was the most feared organization in the city, and these cats were part of it. 
"Boss!" Brick's voice came from around the corner of the ally. "Yes?" Replied Scourge, in a casual tone.
She strode into his 'lair' and sat down. "I have a report to make. My patrol scouted the area. We found two former kittypets, Socks a
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i just almost drowned by x-Recolor-Splash-x i just almost drowned :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 1 1 is that disaster unfolding by x-Recolor-Splash-x is that disaster unfolding :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 0 0 ooh look at that fire by x-Recolor-Splash-x ooh look at that fire :iconx-recolor-splash-x:x-Recolor-Splash-x 3 1


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i'm a trash 17 year old, whos going to become 18 this year in august.

asexuals are LGBT+ by splatter789
Aromantic Stamp by sunbirds
Asexual and Aromantic by flying-wolf-32

does all my aromantic asexuality scare you? then go away

I support Warrior cats stamp by Dolorr
Leafstar Stamp by VampsStock
Cinderheart Stamp by VampsStock

my fursona's name is splash, and she is aromantic and asexual. just like me!


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