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yeah as it says, another chatting entry.

here's my little bit: I now have a tattoo, and I recently got into a band called Nightwish, I can't get enough of their music.

now its your turn. comment with a little something about yourself and try to comment on others comments and strike up conversation with each other and find common ground.
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Empowered Chapter 1
It was a nice sunny day at the Institute. Spring had arrived and with that a new student.
"I hope you will find the arrangements comfortable," Xavier smiled at his newest pupil. Her name was Molly Callum.
She smiled back, "Yeah, thanks."
Molly looked around nervously. She had never really been away from home before even though she was already 18 and now she found herself staying at  
this school. Her small but curvy body stood in an eternal slouch in the foyer as she played nervously with her short hair. She never did have great posture,  
in part from being top heavy and  late nights  spent slumped over the computer.
Her red shirt with the yellow trim on the collar and sleeves had been cleaned and ironed, as had the blue jeans she was wearing. Maybe she should've chosen
something fancier for her first day, like a dress or a blouse.
Then again, it was not her attire that was bothering her. She was self-conscious. 'What am I even doing here? I wil
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Empowered Chapter 3
Remy knocked on Molly's door.
She opened it just a crack, then all the way. He stepped inside.
  "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have run away like that. I'm just really shy and sometimes I just, well, I get pretty embarrassed.
Like I said, guys don't notice me, so they don't talk to me. I-I'm not used to guys like you calling me p-pretty," She said,
thinking back to earlier in the day with Kurt.
No doubt about it, Molly was definitely developing a huge crush
on this guy. This amazing guy with his burning red eyes and toned muscles.
"It's alright. No harm done. That's some power you've got there," He smiled,
putting a hand on her shoulder. She flinched a little.
"Uh, thanks. I mean, it's not so great, but thanks," She stammered.
"It is. You have a lot of potential. Now let's go back downstairs
and finish dinner. There's cake for desert," Remy winked.
"Okay. Thanks Remy," Molly said.
They walked out into the hallway and headed in the direction of the stairs.
Without warning the floor
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Empowered chapter 4
Molly walked back to her room and saw something on the floor.
It was Kitty's new lizard, Lockheed. He'd come out of his cage and
was just running around the floor like it was the best thing in the world.
She gently picked the lizard up and stroked his head.
"Now, now, I don't think Kitty would want you getting out of your cage like
that. After all she just got you today."
Molly sneaked back into Kitty's room and put Lockheed back in his cage.
She stared at him and an idea formed in her head.
She snuck back outside and stood in the empty hallway.
Sucking in a breath she pictured lockheed and concentrated.
Suddenly it felt like she was falling. Scared, she opened her eyes.
She wasn't falling, just shrinking. Now she was about three feet tall with leathery skin. The process continued and
soon she was morphed into an iguana.
Molly changed back and smiled. "I did it!"
"Nice job," Kurt said from behind her. Molly turned around to see him.
"Oh, thanks. You're still awake?" Molly said.
"Just w
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Empowered Chapter 2
Kurt and Molly came out of the kitchen and ran into the pony tail girl from earlier and
a pale girl with a white streak in her hair.
"Uh, hi," Molly smiled. She noticed an iguana riding around on Pony Tail Girl's shoulder,
"Aww, cute! What's his name?"
"This is Lockheed. The Professor just said I could keep him. I'm Kitty. You're new, right? We've been waiting for you all week," Kitty shook
Molly's hand.
"Yeah, I'm Molly," Molly smiled. Something told her she was going to like Kitty.
The slim girl in the pink cardigan seemed to generate warmth  and happiness, like a little sun.
The taller girl standing next to her though seemed just the opposite. Molly felt intimidated by the girl in the heavy make-up and sheer green blouse.
"That's Rogue," Kurt introduced her.
"Hey," Rogue said, not smiling.
Molly just nodded at Rogue.
"You want to come up to our room?" Kitty asked.
"Uh, sure," Molly said.
They went up to the room. Kitty talked a mile a minute and Rogue stayed silent.
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