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Psylocke - XMEN by LifeisaFiction
Psylocke XMEN by LifeisaFiction
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Kitty babysits Yoona by MonsterIsland1969
Colossus doesn't know his own strength by MonsterIsland1969
Beast is a sexual harassment by MonsterIsland1969
Tanzanite by NikoAlecsovich
DWOAH: Baraka vs DakenDeadliest warriors of all historyBaraka vs DakenA most savage of Warrior Baraka info:Height: 6 foot 5Weight: 280lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Fangs, Tarkatan Blades, Bone SpikesStrengths: Is one of the most brutal and ferocious characters of the Mortal Kombat roster, Superhuman strength (Is naturally stronger than a peak human, Manhandled Sonya Blade in their first fight, Can tear off limbs and faces with utter ease, Can break bone with minimal effort, Can shatter Subzero’s Ice, Can harm the likes of Shao Kahn and Kronika), Superhuman durability (Can tank hits from the rest of the Mortal Kombat roster, Can continue fighting after having multiple bones outright shattered, Can continue fighting after being stabbed/throat slit/electrocuted/frozen solid/set on fire, Apparently survived Kung Lao's Fatality after their first fight and had his body stitched back together), Peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can keep up with the rest of the Mortal Kombat roster, Can dodge Raiden’s Lightning and Kano’s Lasers), His Blades can regrow in an near instant if snapped off.Weaknesses: Despite their ferocity Tarkatan’s are considered to be one of the weaker races of the Mortal Kombat universe, Can be single minded in combat allowing opponents to outwit him.Daken Akihiro info: Height: 5 foot 9Weight: 167lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Bone Claws, Adamantium Swords Strengths: Is Wolverine’s biological son and a temporary member of both the Dark Avengers and the Apocalypse Twins, Superhuman strength (Whilst not as strong as Logan Daken possesses incredible physical strength, Severely winded Dark Spider-Man with a throat chop, Threw FrankenCastle through a SWAT car, Threw X-23 against a brick wall so hard it cracked the wall, Can tear through metal with his Claws), Superhuman durability (Whilst not as durable as Logan Daken possesses incredible durability, Was smashed through a wall by Skaar and was fine afterwards, Tanks a Telekinetic attack from Hellion, Has survived multiple fights with his father), Superhuman speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can roughly match his father in speed, Can dodge bullets casually, Got the jump on Spider-Man when Peter blinked, Cut off Deadpool’s hand before he could shoot), Possesses an extreme healing factor (Whilst not on parr with Wolverine’s Daken’s healing factor allows him to heal broken bones and flesh wounds in seconds and regrow his Claws even quicker), Possesses superhuman pheromones (Daken’s body can release pheromones that can make normal humans of any gender pliable to his control, His pheromones are strong enough to throw of Peter’s Spider Sense and even manipulate Ares’s temper), Is a master of multiple martial arts and the art of Assassination.Weaknesses: Suffers his father’s weakness to Carbonadium which dramatically slows his healing factor to that of a regular human, Lacks his father’s Adamantium skeleton making him more ‘fragile’ (He routinely breaks his Claws and bones during fights with tougher opponents).Battle begin!The Tarkatan Camp was an utter bloodbath.The bodies of Tarkatan Warriors both male and female lying strewn across the Outworld sands in bloody pieces as a single being still stood alive in the centre of the massacre, his three Claws dripping with Tarkatan blood as he panted lightly with exertion “ok, which one of you ugly bastards is next?” he questioned running a blood soaked hand through his hair as another Tarkatan stepped forward, this one looking far more battle hardened than the others.“Nay akka ratakka tahar kombat!” Baraka snarled as he extended his arm Blades and crossed them over his chest, the action reminding Daken of his father immediately earning his ire.“Ok, in the words of the bastard, bring it bub” the Mutant growled mockingly mimicking his father’s famous nickname for his opponents, his words meaning nothing to Baraka as the Tarkatan charged at him with Blades and Fangs ready to tear into his flesh.Reacting to the wild charge from the Tarkatan Daken spun to avoid it before he swung the Claws of his right hand down upon Baraka’s Blades only for them to be cut clean off against the edge of them, surprising the Mutant before he quickly recovered to backhand Baraka hard across the face making him stagger.Flexing his hand as new Claws erupted out to replace the broken ones Daken then leapt at Baraka to bring his Claws down upon him, slashing and slicing at the Tarkatan sending splatters of blood everywhere to further stain the corpse covered sand until he finally blocked with one of his Blades and raked the other upwards across Daken’s body, cutting a deep clean groove from pelvis to shoulder.As blood erupted from the Mutant’s body Baraka then slashed his other Blade horizontally at Daken’s face, cutting through his cheeks deep enough that the tip of the Blade met where his jaws connected leaving him with a deep Joker's grin before the Tarkatan kicked him back.As Daken staggered back Baraka mockingly licked the blood from his Blades as he watched the Mutant bleed only to stop in surprise as he watched the deep cuts he had left in his opponent close completely, healing as if he had never been wounded “not bad, but I’ve suffered worse” Daken praised him sarcastically grinning wide as his cheek cuts closed up “round 2?”.Letting out an angered snarl Baraka lunged at him again with a flying leap, his Blades poised to run him through only for Daken to block them, hooking the Blades between his Claws before sharply kicking Baraka in the knee, dislocating it with a loud ‘snap!’ before freeing his left Claws and driving them into the Tarkatan’s chest, piercing his lung and making Baraka spit blood as he cried out in pain.Hooking his Claws deeper into Baraka’s chest, Daken then used the leverage to haul him into the air before throwing him over his head to slam him to the dirt, his Claws cutting through his ribs and further perforating his lung.As blood poured from the Tarkatan’s chest Daken raised his right Claws ready to carve out his opponents throat with Baraka suddenly surged both arms forward, ramming both of his Blades through the Mutants stomach before throwing his good leg upwards to kick him in the head hard enough to force him back and remove the Claws from his chest.Once free Baraka hopped back up to stand and forcibly relocated his knee, bringing his leg back into working order before turning to face Daken again, blood pouring down the open wound in his chest as the Tarkatan seemed to still be in perfect fighting condition with only one lung.“Tough bastard aren’t you?” Daken sneered as Baraka scraped his Blades together threateningly.“Your head will decorate Kitana Kahn’s throne!” Baraka barked back before clashing his Blades together, creating sparks that shot towards Daken to which the Mutant sidestepped to avoid them, watching them whiz by leaving him open for Baraka to rush him from the side driving one of his Blades straight through his side and out of the other whilst clamping his Fangs down on Daken’s shoulder, filling his mouth with the Mutants blood before ripping his head back to tear a gorey chunk out of his body.Feral-ly swallowing the chunk of flesh Baraka went in to bite out another when Daken suddenly spun around sharply enough to cause Baraka’s arm Blade to snap off leaving a bleeding hole on his forearm whilst the Mutant tore the Blade out of himself and let the stab wounds heal over.Tossing the Blade aside Daken’s eyebrows raised as Baraka then flexed his arm causing another Blade to burst out of the bloody hole the first one had left, the Tarkatan snarling feral-ly at his opponent before suddenly curling the top half of his body up to flex his shoulders and upper back as Daken rushed at him, the action causing the Bone Spikes that lined his upper body to erupt from his skin like a Shrapnel Grenade scoring Daken several times in the chest, stomach and legs as he leapt up in the air.Powering through being stabbed multiple times by the Bone Spikes Daken brought his Claws down hard upon Baraka’s arms, tearing out the Blades from his forearms as he did so before driving his Claws into the Tarkatan’s stomach and lifting him into the air.As blood poured down his body Baraka fought through the pain and grabbed at Daken’s face, digging his fingers in deep before pulling back hard to completely rip the Mutants face clean off of his skull, the action making Daken recoil allowing Baraka to kick him hard enough in the chest to shatter his ribcage and free himself from his Claws.Upon his feet hitting the ground Baraka flexed his arms again sprouting two new Blades before rushing at the Mutant again slashing and flailing his Blades in a flurry aiming to carve his enemy into pieces.In response Daken sheathed his Claws and reached back as he regrew his face, waiting until Baraka was upon him before unsheathing two Silvery Swords from his back and swinging them, cutting Baraka’s arm Blades in half with ease before swinging them both downwards as the Tarkatan passed him.Coming to a stop a few feet away Baraka stared down in shock at his now cleanly sliced Blades before then exclaiming in pain as his forearms then fell to the floor, both of them neatly cut at the elbow leaving him literally disarmed before Daken’s Adamantium Swords were rammed through his body from behind to impale him.“That was a pretty good face off trick you did there, how about I give it a try?” Daken then growled as he roughly spun Baraka around to face him before grabbing the Tarkatan by the face and tearing his face clean off before he could bite at his hand, leaving Baraka screaming as his exposed facial muscles and eyes spurted blood everywhere only to be silenced as Daken suddenly took a firm hold of his face by the bottom jaw.“You know, you look better without your face” the Mutant then stated mockingly before suddenly unsheathing all three Claws of the hand holding Baraka’s face, sending them straight through the Tartaton’s head making him freeze up as two of the Claws cut into his brain.With the Tarkatan’s head impaled on his Claws Daken then pulled violently upwards to rip Baraka’s head clean off of his shoulders, leaving his neck stump fountaining blood as his body fell to the sand whilst Daken took a moment to admire his severed head.After a moment he then tossed the head to the sand and brandished his Claws again at the remaining Tarkatan’s who were watching on in shock “now, who’s next?”.Winner: DakenNow this was a bit of a shitstomp wasn’t it?Don’t get me wrong, with his sheer strength, durability and tenacity Baraka could give Daken one hell of a fight but being able to survive being Clawed and ripped to shreds and deal out the same doesn’t really mean much when Daken can heal that damage whilst Baraka can’t.Meaning from when the battle started it was simply a countdown until Daken dished out the fatality.
Moonlight: Ch. 1She ran as fast as she could. The forest path pounded beneath her feet, the trees whooshing past one after another. And still, she could hear them behind her, running and yelling like a pack of dogs when they've caught the scent of prey. She had to run, had to get away somehow. She couldn't let them take her like they'd taken Kane.She heard a pop, and something whistled toward her from behind. With a cry, she ducked to the side, as the something shot past right by her head. She dove into the trees, running in irregular patterns to avoid the thick trunks, tripping over the brush. And still, they followed.Meanwhile, the summer day was actually pretty quiet for Logan, as he rode his motorcycle down the narrow strip of road between the trees. It was always a good place for a ride. Secluded, never any traffic, aside from the occasional jogger. A good place to clear his head.Suddenly, a figure darted out of the trees right in front of him, and he slammed the brakes, swerving as the figure dove to the ground. As the bike spun to a halt, he turned to yell at reckless idiot that had run onto the road, only to find a young woman sprawled on the pavement, clutching an ankle. Abandoning the bike, he went to check on her.It was obvious at a glance that she was a mutant, with silver lupine ears poking out of her long, tangled black hair, and a long, bushy tail, silver with black and white at the tip. She gasped breathlessly as he approached, her chest heaving, and she tried to scramble to her feet, but stumbled with a cry. Logan tried taking her by the arm to help her up, but she jerked away from his touch, tried again to stand, and again stumbled."Take it easy," Logan said, kneeling next to her, "I'm not gonna hurt you." Looks like someone already did, though, he thought, taking note of several scrapes and bruises that peppered her arms beneath the sleeves of her tee shirt. The knees of her jeans were ripped, the edges touched with dirt and dried blood. She raised her head at his words, and he was shocked to see that her pale lavender eyes were unfocused, her pupils milky white. No wonder she ran into the road, he thought. She was blind."H... Help me," she panted, shaking. "C-Coming... They.. They're coming!"Logan looked up as the sound of footsteps and yelling floated from the trees. "I'm guessing those aren't friends of yours," he said, and she shook her head frantically, her pointed ears pricked in the direction of the sound. He listened intently, sniffing the air. Three of them, moving fast. No sooner had he stood up than a group of men came crashing out of the woods, drawing to a halt when they saw Logan waiting for them. Logan looked at them, sizing up the threat. He'd almost expected Mardies, but these men definitely didn't look the part. One had jagged spikes growing out of his face, scales on his arms and hands, and slitted eyes. Another had copper metal casing his arms. And the final one was massive, at least a foot taller than Logan, and twice as broad. The one in the lead, the spiked man, carried a gun. Too scrawny for live ammo, Logan decided. Tranquilizers.The man stepped forward, lowering his gun. "Afternoon, stranger," he said in a thick drawl, obviously trying to sound friendly as he smiled with sharp teeth. "I see you found our little dog. Gave us quite the chase, that one."Logan glared at him, wanting nothing more than to knock those teeth out. "What is she to you?" he asked, keeping himself between them and the girl."Ah, well," the guy droned, "you see, the mongrel owes us a debt. We're just here to collect.""With a tranq gun?" Logan said, raising an eyebrow. Now the man looked annoyed. "That there's our business, stranger," he snapped. "Now, are you gonna move, or do we gotta do this the hard way?"Logan paused for a second, contemplating what she might've done to warrant a hunting party. But, he already knew he wasn't going to give in to a bunch of goons who would chase a blind girl through the woods. "I guess I'll be taking the hard way," he said finally.The spiked man scowled at him. "Have it your way." He raised his gun, ready to fire.In a flash, Logan's claws were out, and the gun was reduced to scrap. The spiked man only had a moment to react before Logan's fist met his face, and he was down for the count. The other two stared, stunned, as Logan turned to face them. Then, the one with copper on his arms raised both hands. With a loud crackle, electricity sparked, spiraling around the conductive copper gauntlets, and he ran forward, swinging at Logan with electrified punches. Logan ducked to the side, leading him away from the girl. He couldn't get a hit in without getting zapped, but he got an idea when he saw the musclebound goon running at him from behind. At the last second, he ducked low, and the massive fist missed him, slamming instead into the shocker, who went down hard and stayed there. The man gave a bellow and charged him, and for a few minutes, Logan grappled with him, hitting and kicking, but nothing seemed to bother the berserker. Then a huge foot caught him in the chest, sending Logan flying to the ground. As he pulled himself up, his hand brushed the remains of the tranq gun, and he snatched up the darts that had fallen out. When the berserker charge him again, he dodged, throwing the darts as hard as he could, and watched as three of them stuck in the man's chest. He roared again, took two steps, and fell, out cold. Logan brushed himself off and turned back to the girl, but she wasn't there. His nose told him she was still nearby, though, and he picked out her scent headed into the trees just in front of him. "It's okay, pup," he called out, taking a few steps closer. "They're down." She didn't answer. "Look, I can help you out," he said, trying his best to sound reassuring. "You just gotta trust me. There's a place where you can be safe, and we'll do whatever we can to help you keep this goon squad off your tail. Just come on out, and I'll take you there." The bushes below the trees rustled, and he looked down, expecting the girl to come out. The thing that crawled through the brush, however, was a very large, very furry, and very terrified looking wolf.Logan took a step back, his claws out, before the beast's scent reached him. "Neat trick, kid," he muttered, relaxing a little. The wolf was big, her shoulders coming at least to his waist. She was thin, though, her ribs just barely visible beneath her thick silver coat. She had the same ears and tail she'd had as a human, and all four legs were black to the knee. A long shock of pitch black fur topped her head, tumbling down to the same blind eyes. She hobbled toward him, favoring one of her back legs, and crouched in front of him. In a heartbeat, the wolf was gone, replaced once more by the girl, still looking shaken and scared."Can you really help me?" she asked, her voice soft and lightly accented with something he couldn't place. "I'll do my best," he replied. She hesitated, thinking. On the one hand, she didn't want to get anyone else involved in this. But on the other, she was never going to make it on her own. Finally, she nodded. "Okay," she said, holding out a hand. "I'll trust you."He took it, and helped her onto the bike. Before getting on himself, he took a minute to search the unconscious goons, and came up with one of the spare tranq darts, a small notebook from the reptilian man, and three bronze badges, each depicting a menacing looking 'M', styled to look like fangs. Whoever they were, they worked for someone. Pocketing the items, he climbed on the bike. "Hang on, pup," he told her, starting the engine. She clung to him as he spun around, leaving the hunters behind, heading back to the institute.
E.Honda by FurkanHolmes
Contest Gifts
Storm for Phillip-Nelson by Gothicthundra




Hello Maniacs,

Okay, so a few things first.
Listed Below is the new Contest, as well as a link to more details.

BUT this post is about the possibility of an OC Tournament.

I've been thinking about this, it was a big deal at the old XME clubs (long since gone) but since we have a vast aray of dimensions, why not an All out OC Tournament. If anyone's interested, let me know. If enough people are, we'll hold one.

On other notes, we would like to take notes.
PLEASE pay close attention to the folders you submit your art too, also the graphic nature should not be overly sexual... HOWEVER we have been toying with the idea of a folder just for that, please let us know what us think?

New Contest My Maniacs!

Draw some of our lovelies or just one. Enjoying or hating the Summer seasons. Perhaps a reimagining or retelling of Mutant Beach Party? Or Pyro giving hell to the already overheated Brotherhood | Hellfire Club? Iceman dealing with it terribly. Whatever your fancy. Whatever your fancy.

START:   May 15th 2016
END: August 20th 2016

All Mediums Welcome
Any time you desire. Your own X-men world is welcome.
OC's are allowed, but would need to acquire at least ONE Cannon.

Would appreciate any one willing to be art detonators for contest winners.

Online Fun
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