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Hey everyone.
Sorry for being so inative on the group lately, I been busy and I can't come everyday as I used to checking on the group.
So for now on requests of new members will be automatically aproved  and also the for the drawings  BUT only 1 per week.


That's all :)
Thank you

Admin ~ JoanDark
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Writing Commissions Open!I am taking writing commissions again!† Updated my fandom list and rules just a little bit and here you go: Examples of my work:†(†1,†2, 3†) I also have†this†tumblr account specifically for my writings.As you can see, I am capable of doing both short stories and multiple-chapter stories.†:)†I am very flexible in general.Fandoms I am most familiar with:Dragon AgeMass EffectWitcherAmnesiaOkamiDisneyTransformers†(specify universe)Historical fictionLOTR/the Hobbit/The†SilmarillionGoTHarry PotterPercy JacksonTwilightWarriorsSilent HillSupernaturalATLA/ATLKHetaliaPokemon/DigimonStar TrekStar WarsMLPThe LabyrinthLovecraftian horrorMortal KombatMarvel/DCUSteven UniverseFNAFLeague of LegendsDon't StarveKingdom HeartsSonic the HedgehogFinal Fantasy (VII/VIII/X)Dragon Ball ZBleachFullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonTomb RaiderDnDSkyrimOverwatchResident EvilAlienPredator (franchise)Fire EmblemDoki Doki Literature Club!Yu-Gi-Oh!And if you donít see a fandom here you can ask me and I will tell you if I know it or not! I didnít list them all here.Things I will write:Your OCs/Self-insertsLGBT+NSFWOriginal Fiction (as long as enough information is provided)AngstFluffHorror/CreepypastasCrossovers (If I know the series)HeadcanonsTorture/GoreBDSMOmegaverseAUsRape/DubconTentacles/AliensVampires/Werewolves/Monsters etc.Furries/Anthro (both SFW and NSFW)Fetishes (please specify so I can see whether Iím okay with it or not)If I havenít mentioned anything that you wish to know feel free to ask as well!Things I will NOT write:Pedophilia/UnderageDD/LG (Daddies/Mommies and littles)Vore/CannibalismInflationWatersports/ScatBestialityNecrophiliaEven if I haven't mentioned something, there are still things I may still not like and will not write it.Prices:Short and simple! 1 USD for every 100 words, which I think is pretty fair. I take payments through PayPal.†PLEASE NOTE†that I have every right to reject a commission, even if it fits my rules.Send me a note if you have an offer! :)

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Peter's Mischievous Halloween Party It was the 31st of October 1968, a 13 year old Peter had been dragged to a Halloween Party by his Mom. He didn't want to be there, he'd rather be at home watching Bonanza. What's the worse that could happen? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1968 - Community Halloween PartyPeter wasn't looking forward to the annual Halloween Party that was hosted at the local Town Hall every year, he had tried everything to get out of it. But his Mom had insisted that he should go, apparently he needed to get of his basement more and make some friends.If only Peter's Mom knew that the kids at his school teased him since his mutant ability had manifested, it had been hard for him to keep it a secret. One day his hair was brown like his Mom's hair, the next day it was grey. It was a lot for him to take in at first, but with his grey locks came speed and he loved it. But it did make him question who was his Father? He had asked his Mom many times about it, but she refused to tell him the identity of his Father.Parking up on the car park in his Mom's Rambler Wagon Peter sighed while he looked out of the car's window, he really didn't want to go to the party. He knew most of the kids from his class would be there, he didn't fancy being called Silver the Kid tonight." Mom, do we really have to go the party?" Peter asked. " Can't we just go home and watch Bonanza? I'll get us some pizza and soda, it can be family night."" Please don't be difficult, it's just once a year." His Mom replied." I know that, but you're pregnant. Shouldn't you like be putting your feet up and resting between your work shifts?" Peter asked. " You work hard Mom, I think you should be resting. Yeah, I think I'm right. I know I'm right, trust me I'm your Son."" Don't be difficult Peter!" His Mom sighed, she was getting annoyed with his constant questions and excuses to get out of going to this party. " Please, just one evening out of the house! That's all I am asking of you Peter, just do this one thing for me! Okay?"" Okay, I'll do this one thing for you..." He replied." Do you promise?" She asked.Peter sighed and nodded his head, the things he had to do for his Mother. He got out of the car and closed the door behind him, he could hear music playing already from the Town Hall. Following after his Mom he put his hands in his pockets and kept his gaze fixed on the ground, he then had to listen to his Mom going through the set ground rules he had to follow when he was out in public." Okay Peter, you know the rules. No stealing, no swearing or using your ability around other people. Just act normal." She said with a stern tone in her voice. " I only set the rules because I want to protect you, you understand that right?"" Of course I do..." He replied.Peter felt his Mom's hand on his shoulder, he looked up at her and smiled. He knew he was one lucky kid to have a loving and supporting Mom like her, she really cared for him. After all the news reports lately about mutants causing trouble he knew she only wanted what was best for him, that's why he tried his best to behave himself for her." We'll have a Bonanza night tomorrow, I promise." She smiled.Peter gave his Mom a thumbs up and turned his full attention towards the Town Hall, they could get through this together has a team. It had always been him and her, that's the way he liked it. But soon it would all change, he'd be having a baby Brother or Sister in another six month.It wasn't long until they were at the entrance of the Town Hall, he could see colorful lights and paper pumpkins hanging from the ceiling through the glass window of the door. He walked through the doorway with his Mom, he planned on staying close to her for most of the night. Looking around the room he could see many familiar face from the community, the local shopkeeper and teachers from his school were there." Marya! Over here!"The voice calling his Mom's name caught Peter's attention, it was one of his Mom's work friends. She was pretty tall and slim, she wore her hair up in a bun. He had never really spoken to her before, but he recognized her from the club his Mom work at part time. He felt himself getting pushed to one side, she was kind of rude. He cleared his throat loudly which caught his Mom's attention, she gave him a smile and asked him to get her a soda.Peter did has he was told, he got himself and his Mom some soda from the refreshment table. Returning to his Mom he gave her one of the sodas and checked out the room once again. He could see some kids from his class sitting at a table, they were laughing and joking. One of them made eye contact with him and licked their tongue out at him while they gave him the middle finger, how he would love to get some pay back for all the naming calling he had to go through at school." Be good, okay?" He heard his Mom say, she gently took hold of him by his arm and kissed his cheek. " I'll just be sitting with Barbara over at that table by the window, come and find me if you need anything."" Sure, I'll see you later." Peter said." Peter, remember what I said... no misbehaving." She whispered into his ear. " Just one night off, that's all I'm asking for."" Yeah I got it, I know the drill Mom!" He sighed.Peter took a swig of his soda and watched his Mom leave with her work friend, but his gaze soon returned to that group of kids. He could see what they were doing, they were flicking candy at smaller kids and popping balloons behind old people's backs. He wasn't going to let them get away with it, but he knew he could get away with anything.Last year some of those kids from his class had beaten him up and stole his lunch money, but it be would different this year though. It was his first Halloween Party he'd been to since his mutant ability had manifested, he felt more cocky and stronger. No one would bully him again after he had finished with them, he quickly checked on his Mom before he made his way to the middle of the dance floor.The song Shakin' All Over by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates was playing, it seemed like the party was now in full swing. Taking another swig of his soda he took his goggles from his jacket's inside pocket and put them on, he looked over his shoulder at his Mom just in case she was watching him." Time for slow dance." Peter said.Pulling his goggles over his eyes time slowed down for him, the people around him were like statues. It made him think about the party game musical statues, but without music and just stillness. No talking or music could be heard, the disco lights frozen into one place and his Mom had no idea what he was about to do next.Flicking some slow moving confetti from in front of his nose Peter threw his soda cup over his shoulder, he was ready to unleash his mischief upon the unaware party guests. He zoomed forward and grabbed two rolls of toilet paper from a woman's hand, he sped around the room and allowed the paper to flow behind him. A big grin began to creep across his face, he was enjoying this way too much.Next he jumped up onto a table where the group of kids from his class were sitting, he smirked while he let go of the empty toilet paper rolls. The force beneath his feet made the drinks and cakes slowly move into the air, this was going to get messy. Stopping for a second he had a little dance on the table top, he did the twist and the Batman dance.Peter smiled before his attention was drawn to one of the kids at the table, it was a boy called Bobby. He had been bullied by this kid more than once, Bobby had made gym class hell for him. Maneuvering a slice of cake with his hand in front of the boy's face Peter licked his tongue out at him, he deserved what was coming to him. Jumping from the table and popping some balloons around another group of other kids from his class he didn't like he kept going, he wasn't going to stop just yet.Peter moved chairs from beneath sitting kids and stuck Halloween candy on one girl's face, he even replaced a candy apple with a Gobstopper. He poured pickle juice into cups of soda and put rubber spiders into a sandwich one kid was about to eat, he was getting revenge on all the kids who called him Silver the Kid at school.Finally stopping Peter helped himself to a plate of candy apples, choosing the biggest candy apple he took a bite from the delicious sticky treat while time returned to it's normal pace. He watched has kids screamed and people around them looked on in horror at the chaos they were witnessing, they were all confused. He couldn't help but laugh at kids falling onto their backsides and the cake slice splatting into Bobby's face, but he felt someone's gaze burning into the back of his skull.Peter looked over at his Mom, the angry expression on her face said it all. His smile soon disappeared from his face, he knew he was in big trouble. Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand he couldn't help but mouth the words " Happy Halloween." to his Mom, this could be his last Halloween he'll ever see outside of his basement.
Cerebro Files - Anna-Marie Darkholme by Roysovitch
Red Guard by Shiera13
Raven and Logan by Shiera13
Raven and Logan by Shiera13
Raven Darkholme by Shiera13
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Brotherhood Sketch by sicninja911
Saiyan OC vs Juggernaut + Doomsday = COMMISSION 39 by CartoonArtworks


Logan and co by Glabrex Logan and co :iconglabrex:Glabrex 18 4 Rogue 2 by rzhevskii Rogue 2 :iconrzhevskii:rzhevskii 751 8 90s X-Men by ROSchwoe 90s X-Men :iconroschwoe:ROSchwoe 8 1 X-Ponies:Jubilee by ShylaBlu X-Ponies:Jubilee :iconshylablu:ShylaBlu 12 2 The classic X-Men vs Sentinel by donnyg4 The classic X-Men vs Sentinel :icondonnyg4:donnyg4 21 0 X-Men: Dark Phoenix by ClaudioGP
Mature content
X-Men: Dark Phoenix :iconclaudiogp:ClaudioGP 9 5
...and first Wolverine for 2018 by IttoOgamy ...and first Wolverine for 2018 :iconittoogamy:IttoOgamy 52 15 Logan and Jean by IttoOgamy Logan and Jean :iconittoogamy:IttoOgamy 61 4 Jean Gray | Dark Phoenix by TiamatAkaTakhisis Jean Gray | Dark Phoenix :icontiamatakatakhisis:TiamatAkaTakhisis 20 1 Polaris | Lorna Dane by TiamatAkaTakhisis Polaris | Lorna Dane :icontiamatakatakhisis:TiamatAkaTakhisis 26 0 Marvel Premier 2017 by ChrisPapantoniou Marvel Premier 2017 :iconchrispapantoniou:ChrisPapantoniou 9 0 Marvel Premier 2017_2 by ChrisPapantoniou Marvel Premier 2017_2 :iconchrispapantoniou:ChrisPapantoniou 10 0 Wolverine by IttoOgamy Wolverine :iconittoogamy:IttoOgamy 67 6 Wolverine by Vaughn787 Wolverine :iconvaughn787:Vaughn787 8 0 house of Q begins by jose rodrigues art by joselrodriguesart house of Q begins by jose rodrigues art :iconjoselrodriguesart:joselrodriguesart 4 5 X-Men OC by ZADRpunk13 X-Men OC :iconzadrpunk13:ZADRpunk13 3 0



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