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/Fursona ref 2014/

*Edit* All the information got deleted ;w; Will add more later. Need to go somewhere soon.
*Edit 2* Forgot the colors but they're pretty easy xD
*Edit 3* My one and only change to my fursona. She has lots of fluff in her ears.

Finished this dreadful thing and it deicied to deleted an hours worth of work. FML much?
Information layout inspired by bieIIe 

Main Info

Name: Luna SilverWolf
Meaning of name
Luna: Moon, Name of Roman goddess
SilverWolf: Describes species, Silver: Color of power/ knowledge Wolf: Leader or Loner
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: Anthro: 5' 9" To shoulder feral: 3'
Species: White Wolf
Sexuality: Pan/ Demi-sexual
Relationship: None currently; Not looking for one

Side Info

Markings: Black tipped left ear, black crescent moon facing outwards under the left eye, and bangs cover the right eye with three noticeable streaks, the longest in the center.

Wings: Contrary to belief *cough* Nightscore07 and RiRiSqueak *cough* she/ I has a power. Can make wings appear/dissappear at will. Can be any size or shape. Most commonly seen are dragon wings in dark colors. Can fly with any size wings but only when wings are formed. This is the only power she has.

Personality: Shy and quiet for the most part and does not seem to be very outgoing. Ask her closest friends and they will have a different story to tell you. Loves to listen and share stories.

Likes: Cookies, naps in the sun, nighttime, springtime and fall, the stars and moon, all the colors (though browns I'm picky about), swimming, hot showers, Fall Out Boy and many bands like them, and classical music.

Dislikes: Rude people, people who cut her off when talking, cold showers, storms, spiders, her dipshit brother, people who call pop "soda", and most people in general.

Feral ref made by kiiasuki 
Art and fursona are mine.
You are not allowed to copy, trace, or use in anyway.
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cool, I really like she has a power now! :)
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Yeah xD
I got inspired when you said you liked the picture that had the bat/dragon wings on it
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The wings.... : D
x-Luna-SilverWolf-x's avatar
I know <3
I should finish all the info but I'm lazy and playing Minecraft x3
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XDD euheuehe I didn't play anymore :/ isn't thaaat cool for meh now...
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Did you buy the game or get a cracked version?
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I played the demo. version on my xbox ;_;
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Ah. The full PC version has a lot more to offer.
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It has horses you can ride x3
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