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/Flora ref 2014/

*Edit* I forgot to put info about the sap on the sheet so I put it in the description.

Finally done! My ref for my little Sapla made by Kiiasuki 

Personality: Shy and quiet. She likes helping others. She may be small but if her friends are in trouble she'll stand by them. she loves collecting discarded ribbons and putting them on trees so if you see a ribbon on a tree in the middle of nowhere she was there.

Likes: Flowers, afternoons, sunlight, water, little discarded ribbons, flower crowns, the sound of birds singing.
Dislikes: Rain, flowers dying, hurting others or others in pain, flooding in the flower fields, the color orange.

Sap: It is stored at the end of her tail. Smells sweet like honey and she says it tastes like flower nectar.

Saplas are a closed species by Kiiasuki but I do believe she has customs open.
Original designed sapla:
Stock used for the background done by AngiWallace here:
Art is mine. 
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i'm so glad you used her <33

love it so much <3
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I'm glad you do. I hope you don't mind the changes and the fact one of her accessories isn't made from nature.
kiiasuki's avatar
its okay <3

but its green : nature
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its really nice! :D
x-Luna-SilverWolf-x's avatar
Thanks. It totally didn't take me a week to make it >.>
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