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Nerf Tifa

who is here that not satisfying with current Tifa boobs size? Im in to Endless Tears 

FYI, my commission slot for this month was full, you can still contact me for the next reservation.

I'd be happy if you willing follow me in other site too, since I'm rarely active on my DA :) (Smile), here :
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New tifa is way better than the old design in every way possible lol
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Draw my waifu Lightning :DDD
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This is fantastic! I love it! I hope you do more of her! I would love to see her alternative outfits, too, like the Wallmarket or Amano style! I would have preferred they split the difference between her old size and new, but it's OK, she looks great!
They didn't really nerf her. They shoved her in two sports bras that's double the compression so she doesn't knock herself out in battle lol.
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I know that Lol

Hehehe just saying even Hitomi Tanaka looks nerfed when she does that properly lol
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Yeah great work bunneh icon12 
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Heh, Nerf Tifa. Her chest is too OP.
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