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Kaleidoscope is now CLOSED FOREVER, RP Journals will remain untouched, and submission of artwork will be kept. Members are free to leave the group, though there will be no more invites

Rise to arms, Divide and Conquer this July 6th!





There are other worlds and dimensions to be explored, feel free to affiliate with us DO NOT COMMENT BELOW, SEND US AN AFFILIATION REQUEST

So please avoid advertising your group blatantly, It is very disrespectful to advertise your groups when we have worked so hard for our group.
If you would like to advertise, please send an affiliation request instead. any advertisents will be hidden.
alternative text

"We would like to thank all the fans who helped bring life to Kaleidoscope with all their characters. Your loyalty, dedication, and countless hours of masoness is what made it all possible. Kaleidoscope was a unique experience and will be cherished forever"

Don't be sad Kaleidoscope may have ended but instead you and your characters must chose their own paths

It's time to say goodbye to Kaleidoscope, but I prefer if we all say Hello. Hello to the new adventures that lie await in front of you my Kaleidoscopians~


START: July 1, 2015

DEADLINE: July 22, 2015

T H E   R E B E L L I O N,  G O O D B Y E


▌ A B O U T

Kaleidoscope was planned to only have 4 Chapters throughout it's whole run in Deviantart. We were determined to end it with a mega battle between Gray Order and the Kaleidoscope! As time passed by we knew it was approaching its end. We wanted it to be short and sweet! We realized a lot of groups tend to drag on for so long with the plot and we didn't want that it led to the group lacking activity and then dying on its own. We don't want Kaleidoscope to go out like a wilted flower, we decided to burn it marvelously like vikings do, everyone bids their farewells while we celebrate the last days of Kaleidoscope! 

I had the mods sign a 6 month contract to pledge their souls to serve Kaleidoscope during that time being. During June it was time for the mods to renew their 6 month contract but of course the mods refused, they had all the knowlege they needed to make their own groups! They wanted to go out and nake their own story, IcyBii was given another chance by ANTI-FACTION she loved the group so much that she just had to leave. As alone mod I can't manage the group on my own, plus I don't want to pass the story onto someone else. This group has been created, molded and shaped byIcyBiiGlaSs-EyEd-MaiDen, :devzaniyasouthwind, ZyrssSapphireBlueRoses and JinFrenzy and I want to keep it this way.March to August was the deadline we set up.

We wanted to spread the word that an RP group is an RP group, not just about art. I mean if you count all the RP groups I tried to apply in that claimed they were a pure RP group to only throw "draw this and that" during Main Plot events then you're bound to cry with me

"I wish to end the group with the same people who built it"


Good Evening to Everyone! This is Bii speaking, you may know me as Icy back then. I do not wish to state the exact reason Kaleidoscope is closing, it is a very personal issue moderators wish to keep, mostly about managing. Moderators have thought of shutting down the group, but I for one do not want that to happen. Instead the group will still be here, you can still submit your artworks to the group which will be accepted automatically. Members are free to leave the group once the ending is over, but keep in mind you can never come back. Kaleidoscope will remain here in Deviantart as it is after the events. I will summarize the whole story into one journal as the final blog post of Kaleidoscope

▌ R E A S O N S


Most mods lack the experience and knowledge to manage and as a result the group was falling apart. What had been fun was no longer any fun. The lack of experience from the mods lead to many issues. To the point where the damage had been done. This was the main reason for the closure of the group. Each mod had different clashing ideas yet even though the story was made by us. 


Most mods in the group joined Kaleidoscope to fulfill the ideas they always wanted to have and I have rejected most of them to avoid OOC war. They didn't want anymore of their ideas being rejected and thus wish to leave Kaleidoscope to fullfill the ideas they wanted. One of them was having Ever Blue choose which leader to execute, Having 


I, IcyBii, will weave the final journals to finish the conclusion of this group. I will be sure to weave the tale and arrange the Kaleidoscope lore to the point it will make sense. I will stay up this midnight to finish the videos and such. The ending of Kaleidoscope will be announced this midnight hopefully. I am a little saddened this happened just when I returned to the business. as your final RP make it as memorable as you can as I weave the final closing.

"I will draw for Kaleidoscope one last time and finish the story. It's up to you to make your own ending"


Message from :iconrocknrollzchickz:

Icybii created this group for my birthday after we both got rejected in the 8th group we tried to apply. We were always rejected in RP groups, a lot of them actually that is till Icybii got in :devianti-faction: I wasn't so lucky, from the moment on Icy was so into the group that she had waited for a year for it to come back from the dead...but it never did. She decided to manage the group with me and we were able to recruit GlaSs-EyEd-MaiDen, :devzaniyasouthwind, ZyrssSapphireBlueRoses and JinFrenzy It was an attempt to create the experiences IcyBii was never able to experience in Anti-faction, by learning form their mistakes we were able to create such a lovely group. I wish to end the group with the same people

Message from :iconglass-eyed-maiden:


Message from :iconzaniyasouthwind:

[Good day,

For the past few months Kaleidoscope had become my new family, because of it's creation I have met amazing people, and befriended some of them. It did feel surreal that we were able to create something like this, a group where in everyone had bonded and a group where everybody had fun. As a MOD it really had been a pleasant experience, but it also made me realize how inexperienced I was at being one and it showed. Perhaps my efforts could not please everyone but I realized I have only myself to blame. I should have studied, and made sure that I had the tools to handle a group before I jumped into being a MOD. To all my faults and selfishness I apologize.

Discovering other groups in DA I realized I didn't want Kaleidoscope to face the same outcome as those who have closed, and there can only be one option in my power to stop that from happening. All things in existence must face an end, and all the good things never did last long, and before this good dream leads to a nightmare I shall end it. Thank you everyone. Thank you for being here with us, and supporting us despite our short comings. This had truly been an experience I will never forget. Each and everyone of you will hold a special place in my heart.

To all you kids,

Zaniya Southwind

PS. All things start with a leap of faith, you just need the courage to believe in yourself]

Message from :iconsapphireblueroses:

For these short months, everything was unexpected. I never expected that I would spend my summer as Sabrina Éclair leader of Blistering Roses and of course before that, as a moderator of Kaleidoscope. It wasn’t easy of course, I never had any experience in these kinds of things and then the group suddenly grew bigger and bigger… more work loads and sleepless nights. We made lots of mistakes but we push through to correct those things, and you guys for helping us, I’m forever thanking you guys with it. And through everything, I could say so far that I really had great time together with all of you. And I should thank you all for the wonderful experience I had with you guys! Thank you for being so overly supportive! 

For my Blistering Roses family, For the members of kaleidoscope, even the Kaleidostalkers! … I really love you guys!! Thank you for the memories, fun, experiences we shared together! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m soooo glad with meeting you guys!! I never expected that BR would be acting like a family soo much and I’m so happy that I became your moderator, leader and then meeting you talented wonderful people made me very happy and honoured. Thank you very much guys! Thank you very much for the overflowing support! We never expected the group to be this popular to be honest. Our time together may be very short but, the memories of all the great times together with you guys would be forever. I’m so happy and honored to meet you guys! Love you guys sooo much!! And thank you sooo much!!

Message from :iconicybii:

I feel quite a little sad our little 1 year project has ended at  the same time as our contracts. I regret to inform you all about this, we do not wish to speak of the true matter of this decisions and how it came to be but please do understand, we still want the group to end happily. We want the group to be fun, but once its stop being fun it's time to bring the curtains to a close. 


[To be added this 2000HRS GMT+8]
More Journal Entries


[A R E--Y O U--R E A D Y--F O R--T H E--R E B E L L I O N ?]

Year 100 (2200 A.D.) of the rule of the Gray Order, a black and white world exists wherein its achromatic citizens live in peace and prosperity in a placed called Silverlight, the last living city on Earth. Color is considered to be a disease; an infection called Color Syndrome.

You have unluckily caught but, at the same time, fortunately survived the disease. Tainted with color, you are no longer accepted by the achromatic citizens of Silverlight. Desperate to find refuge as you ran away, you remembered an urban legend about those who survived the Color Syndrome; gangs that live underneath the city who call themselves—

The Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is an alternate universe set a century after the downfall of ANTI-FACTION where the Wastelanders have lost against the Elites. Although, the victory of the Elites are short-lived once a new reign ensued. (Any events that transpire in the group diverge from anti-faction, thus not canon in the anti-faction universe.)

A sci-fi, gang-based RP group, Rated R, if you are not comfortable with violence, fights, mysteries, deception then please turn around. This group is not for you

Sci-Fi | Action | Thriller | Mystery | Slice Of Life | Tragedy

Inappropriate Language | Violence | Mature Content


:iconshriotorizawa::iconresfeberis::iconoonekopandaoo: :iconrp-chanty::icongetsuuu: :iconghost-sweater: :iconmeguru-sama: :iconmeiruuu: :iconmiisoto: :iconpixelplush: :iconhisekii: :iconchi-satan: :icondofuuhua: :iconsem-pie: :iconkhione2010: :iconbestness: :iconlilmooreart: :iconsammielove20: :iconnashiepotato: :iconcutiepiehotstuff: :iconniekaori: :iconraehira: :iconbakugou: :iconlancelight: :iconlegodragons: :iconjenmini: :iconxcookietan: :icononikagi: :iconmegiru: :iconour-s: :iconjayjaytay: :iconkingalmiest: :iconneospice12: :iconrainemi::iconrecolzer: :iconaro-around: :icontadakonanako: :iconkumalicious: :iconahoneybadger: :iconkuratine: :icondazzlingthing: :iconimreimog: :iconaccelixio: :iconshiroxix: :iconrosegotham::iconsimanada: :iconhen-tie: :iconkanlamari: :icondeanahere: :iconchronice: :iconprinceprocrastinate::iconakari-hikari::iconcookie-suu::iconflytedify: :iconjunshiro: :icondielftmnsch: :iconomigrim: :iconzephyras-lied: :iconxarcania: :iconrhyfu: :iconshrimp-cat: :iconapplerawr27: :iconsousekiterra: :iconpiesuki: :icondeathruby: :iconmoriusii: :iconskyetopia: :iconyukicole02: :icony-uno: :icongiogiorno: :iconicykyubu: :iconoceres: :iconkoppin: :iconzungie: :iconhirokachii:

alternative text</font>

Recent Journal Entries

Intruders Alert

[Warning Intruders spotted within HQ]
[Threat]: Minimal
[Action]: Shoot the Target
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