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Matryoshka English Singable Lyrics
what's the point of even bothering
sending out a message, if no one ever sees
yes, forever this is what i shall be
stitched back up with patches, a
m a t r y o s h k a !
my head sings something of a package, see
that clock on the wall, it's not moving from three
i tried to ask but no one ever told me why
suddenly the the ground was up, the earth became the sky
ah, now i'm cracking up
throw away my thoughts, they'll get out anyway
ah, i just wanna know
what lies deep within
now hey there, dance a bit more, loosen up here!
kalinka, malinka -- pluck all my strings, please!
with these feelings, what should i do?
won't you tell me, you're the only one who knows
good reception, five
freud, or keloid, or--just hit my keys, please!
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 78 14
Development Of Amazing Apps English Singable Lyric
thirteen minutes have gone by
and still i haven't gotten my reply
and suddenly i get one finally
"call me, call me!"
i guess you're gonna work with me now
"who are you?"
don't tell me you don't know me!
"who are you?!"
don't try and act like a fool!
so, how's that app coming along now!
...i thought so.
i think it's time to start production
"hey, really?"
really, serious!
and i'd like to try make an app, an innovative one that you can buy in stores worldwide!
and as for i, i'll put in the work, do what i gotta to get by
in the future i, would like to make an app that shows the world what we can do with our minds*(create!)
hidden deep within my heart, a passion that's unrivaled is in overdrive deep down in my core
our good friend steve jobs, he'd be in awe, our innovation flowing 'round the world that can't be stopped (amazing!)
soon the whole world will be ours!
i can't believe how easy it'll be, amazing apps - unfold!!!
don't get too carried away, mi
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 10 3
Beginning's Goodbye English Singable Lyrics
"do you have somebody that you like?" these days
i can't simply ask that, i got no right
suddenly getting intrigued, i sent it
didn't think that i'd regret it
and at that point, i wanted to die
those hectic days, stuck in a haze
(forwards, friend!)
just a bit much, i push myself much too far
(let it end!)
really, i'd rather act like a brat
and even though it's hopeless i still think of you now
dislike, dislike, dislike
i know it's true
future together yeah
i'm searching too
i act all tough but can't spit it out
and now, nothing will change
oh torn,
melodies from memories, the same old song that
time, playing in my head, nothing else can stop it now
forgetting is so hard
and it hurts my heart
i remember your sound
it comes back to me now
the movies we watched and the food we baked, they
come back and they haunt me, those carefree times
and though i thought that i could be much stronger
the balloon that is my heart, it
was poked and prodded until it popped
it's cloudy with a
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 3 1
Coin Locker Baby English Singable Lyrics
all our secrets, we simply can't agree
i guess it's time to throw them to the locker, hey
overlapping, our love has intertwined
i guess it's time to throw them to the locker, hey
those happy feelings we shared only exist in our mind
and in our hearts we would fold them up and pack them up tight
(it's all because i am going out with some other guy)
look here, a package from a stranger?
must be trash, it's trash trash trash!
passion flows through our finger tips and toes
i guess it's time to throw them to the locker, hey
passion gone, all escaped straight from our throats
i guess it's time to throw them to the locker, hey
trust me you don't need to come, it's just (un)necessary
and on your identity, what do you think you believed?
(just let it fester, this busy secret, just for a while)
"if that's what you think, just do what you want!"
so i say
see you later, see you later
coin locker baby
spinning into the dark, free from all that's filthy
one after another, all the species break apart
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 11 4
Honeymoon Un Deux Trois English Singable Lyrics
everybody has left us at last
only the two of us here in the town
and the clock has struck, informing us that night
is arriving so shortly, it's almost due
now the sky, glows like the  twilight
dyed like the colour of newly-made wine
and us, so new to life and love
up there on stage we're invited to go
chasse and whisk and natural turn
i'll give you magic here under the moon
throwaway and oversway
think of the name of it, honey mead
honeymoon, our un deux trois
interlocking hands, our fingers linking 'round
singin' swingin' sweetest song
playing in our dreams, the ones of just us two
chasse and whisk and natural turn
i'll cast a spell on you under the moon
throwaway and oversway
captivating essence, honey mead
honeymoon, our un deux trois
kissing through the night, our lips would softly touch
singin' swingin' sweetest song
playing in our love, the love of just us two
in the moonlight air, the alleyway
lit up by streetlights and young love we shared
nowhere perfect, stumbling as we
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 2 1
An Idiot's Drug English Singable Lyrics
night sky bright, it makes my tongue-like eyes
scoop it up and take it in
wallow in this world that's given nothing back
gettin' dizzy as it spins
pennilessly pandering, i walk around the town
staggering on wobbling roads
getting caught in rushes just to board the last train
to the graves they take their loads
somehow, easier than i thought it would be
faulty brakes and broken signs
look for them hastily, try putting on a show
really, this is my desire
i don't wanna drink, but i swallow it down
spitting simply just won't do
neverending journey lingers, stuttering its way
i know that you want some too
brain's turning twisting, guess it works on me
whatever this drug may be, and the
side effects work triple, tell me how can that be?
yes, it's this kind of drug for me
all my life, absent and distracted fallacies
there goes my future, see
look, will i ever be cured, will i ever be set free?
all from a dullard's drug for me
in a shabby bar, where the simpletons all go
drunkards swaying to a
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 5 0
best selfie challenge of all time by x-happilyinsane-x best selfie challenge of all time :iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 1 14
Mature content
I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry English Singable Lyrics :iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 8 26
Up and Down (EXID) English Singable Lyrics
up down & up, up down &
up down & up, up down &
up down & up, up down &
up down & up, up down &
up down & up, up down &
up down & up, up down &
i don't know, that look in your eyes, where'd it go
lift me higher, none the wiser, tell me oh no
then i feel loco oh oh
drives me up the wall, it's like i'm being forced to ride a
roller coaster, yo
su-such a monster
hey baby boy
spinning, spinning me around's not the way to go
hey baby boy
risky, risky lips and hips, i say no no
don't touch me here or there, not that way, you'll be outta here today
up down & up, up down &
'cause i keep, yeah i keep shaking up and down
why don't you know, don't you know, don't you know?
if you love me, then it's time to let it show
why don't you know, don't you know, don't you know?
up down & up, up down &
up down & up, up down &
up down & up, up down &
those things you say and do
when all they're doing is confusing
words, face, they leave a trace
(come on now, shake it shake it good)
it's not there,
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 5 0
Hibikase (Miku/Reol) English Singable Lyrics
twelve in the morning caution
these sounds of revelation
consonance repetition
i'm getting drunk on them
you're shaking, getting brighter
all the while fading lighter
fingers dancing, we start to fall apart
feelings felt inside my heart
the nights spent peacefully are far too apart for me but
feelings felt just by the heart
these ripples start overlapping, music-making, captivating
so don't forget it now, hey
that voice that we've created
ignore the screen between us
'cause i'm ready for your love
don't try and tell me i'm fake
it'll be your mistake 'cause
really, i'm waiting
for all your sounds to come and drown me
you must remember me, hey
that voice that we've created
in front of you, this body
is all you've given to me
our gazes met, and we suddenly connected here
our breathing, the sounds that we're sharing
they resonate
twelve in the morning questions
these chills of fevers breaking
midnight, it's getting later
and i'm still here, waiting
the mirror's bright reflections
flooded w
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 31 8
Voodoo Doll - VIXX - English Singable Lyrics
you can call me when you're hurting and i won't mind
if you want his heart, then i can go and turn back time
or you could tell only me, or simply whoever's free
'cause if you can't forget
it's still okay to take
just breathe, believe, and follow me
he'll come to me, just wait and see
and though you cry at night, now time is right on your side
the tears you cried for him then
i'll cry for you instead now
tick, tock, tick, tock
your wish is my command
and if you can't quite reach, i'll be happy to live for you
there's no limits anymore
all for you, i'll hurt 'till i'm gone
watch me closely from now on, what i'm about to do
i'll never waste a minute of my time with you
say their name, right to my face
without a doubt, i'll get them slain
tick tock tick tock
your wish is my command
if i can't do it, don't forgive me, throw me away
'cause you don't deserve that, no one else should treat you that way
whatever the reason now, you need me and i need you
this doll will fight for you
all you wan
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 7 2
Super Nuko World English Singable Lyrics
meowing, mewling, cat-scratching too
meowing, mewling, yowling at you
fluffy fluffy, licking at your fur
fin'lly now - kitty punching!
glossy fur, a tongue that purrs, i'm so obsessed with you
classy ears, i watch them as they're bobbing up and down
come with meeeeeeeeeeee -
fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy running somewhere warm
tell me now, what are you doing?
tiny body running 'round, it's hard for me to see
do you ever really need to sleep?
fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy, never ever stops
tell me now, where are you going?
casting glances, looking at me, am i gonna cry?
'cause i've always been a baby, right? meo-ow...
meowing, mewling, cat-scratching too
meowing, mewling, yowling at you
fluffy fluffy, licking at your fur
fin'lly now - kitty punching!
tsundere alley cats, they're always hard to find
lure them out with fish-filled rice, don't feel the need to hide
come with meeeeeeee -
fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy, doesn't it seem fun?
keeping warm under the blankets
getting boring
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 22 8
Slow Motion English Singable Lyrics
slow motion, slowly ever-changing, it's true
visited the dairy
snatched up some sushi
i went back to my room then started to watch bad TV
the quiz was just beginning
the answers were easy
the fool i will keep playing
who can't stop fantasizing
my fever was breaking
i gulped down some pepcid
my eyes, they were closing
tucked underneath my bedsheets
your stupid face appearing
as my head was aching
"i'm not ready to die!" i was thinking
as i dazed my night away
that smug, snarky way of thinking when you're ten years old
that shame and embarrassment when you're twenty years old
and then, learning who you are when you're thirty years old
it's a part of being human, part of getting old
breaking into a sweat
i might need to change pyjamas again
the clock's hands are striking twelve, i see
until now this song has been about one small minute long
but how many minutes have you been alive, then?
slow motion, cradle to the grave we have a
condition, happy-gloomy fluctuation
wanting to find somebod
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 14 6
Leave It To Yotsuya-san English Singable Lyrics
ah, as the whirlwinds grow out into the breeze
ah, as the deep blue sky is now cruelly mocking me
there, in the dull and listless half morning light
yes, the one i'd liked
after we met, they had soon died*
"don't like, don't like, don't like
the way that i can't cry
can't breathe in the strong spring breeze this night
i had a feeling that it would be bad
when i turned around
the pain, the pain, again
and i can't take a breath
the air takes a chokehold of my neck
in this cruel play
i'll leave it all to you, for another day~"
ah, as we stood side by side, now face to face
i saw the sky so dark and cloudy, oh what a waste
now, i wish i could leave here without a trace
i tried to run away, stepping on sacks as i cried out
"someday, keep this in mind
i'll steal it when i like
i'll steal it, your dignity, your mind
you sneer, i fear
the blackness we feel here
you've touched it again
it's cold, it's cold, say why
these bad feelings of mine
can't breathe in the strong spring breeze this night
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 23 9
Here And There English Singable Lyrics
now, what to do
that i still can't go back 'cause you
make my heart start up
and i can't make it stop
all the feelings i've raised, haven't put them in their place
now i'm holding my hands with you on our first date
even if we've got such a good thing going on
it's an act, just a script, so can't you feel it's going wrong?
with my motives uncovered, my plans been set free
and you invite me, surprise me, pretending not to see
both here and there, we've been staring from afar
peeking through all the gaps of windows we had covered up
both good and bad
there's much promise to be had
we can meet each other at a compromise we send
i can't take no more, at my very last straw
with my heart torn in two, can't think of what to do
here and there, everywhere, tell myself "nothing to fear"
got my feet on the ground, but my head up in the air
when the time's finally come, and when you're ready to begin
showing off, it won't help you, can't impress him all again
try and be like a flower, as hard as i
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 5 0
Patchwork Staccato English Singable Lyrics
the time we spent in love
we patched it up
but now should we give up?
it's been too rough
i haven't got enough
this thread, we'll cut
to shreds and let it fly into the wind
untie it from the knot
hey, you see
the words we uttered way back when
that useless time we piled together then
it's all right here, inside this thread
we cut it, it breaks, oh dear
isn't it laughable?
tick, tock, tick, tock
draw a circle
ding dong, ding dong
now we'll start the game
tick, tock, tick, tock
connect it, release it
ding dong, ding dong
"well, later then"
that's what it whispered,
the frayed thread to us
you know, i think i'd like it more if you weren't here
'cause i can't change the way that things are going but
i'm sure that someday, it won't get that way
although it might do, come what may
hey, can i, can i throw it all away?
'cause i can't change the way that things are going but still
maybe i'll keep liking you that way
and even though there might be pain...
and once i noticed it
it hurt a little b
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 39 11


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