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Young Sweet Thing :iconsilver-moonlight:silver-moonlight 3 2
3 Words- Light A Flame
Light A Flame
When all else fails, light a flame. When falling, fading, loving, leaving, light a flame. Find a candle, matches or lighter, flint or just sticks, find it and find it fast. Hold on to that burning, run your hands through the flame. It's real and it's here. It's burning your finger, it's melting the wax. Scorching the paper or burning the past.
This flame, it's your lifeline. It's your hold on the world. It's your blackened skin, the smell of burnt hair, the light in the dark, the warmth in the cold.
It's these words not making sense, yet meaning everything in the world. It's embracing your past, not fearing your future because the flame is your present- unending even when extinguished. It's yelling and crying, silence and loud.
Light the flame to contradict. Light it to warm a cavern and see in the dark. Find all it's weak points and make the shadows dance. Light a flame to find your Love, hold them tight and wait out the night. Light a flame to heal the wounds, hid your
:icon3an:3an 2 3
Born for This by daniellesylvan Born for This :icondaniellesylvan:daniellesylvan 69 20 Elegance by daniellesylvan Elegance :icondaniellesylvan:daniellesylvan 117 14 Innocence by daniellesylvan Innocence :icondaniellesylvan:daniellesylvan 51 14 Lost and whispering by fogke Lost and whispering :iconfogke:fogke 524 113
Like rose petals falling
From dark stormy skies
Into the pure white snow.
My love's tears are falling
Red from her eyes
Into the grounds below.
She stares up in silence
At her savior moon
With eloquent prayers to the gods.
To release all the violence
That she's known too soon
Forced to suffer against all odds.
She stands in the moonlight
Plain as can be
Her emotions flowing out in a flood.
I watch through the dark night
Where all I can see
Are her sorrowful tears of blood.
:iconsilver-moonlight:silver-moonlight 9 8
Snow White Queen
The world is in twilight. I am floating through a haze. All around me swirl the words she's spoken. Some of the words touch me and echo deep into my soul. I see a memory of her face, frozen in time, and that touches me. Behind them, I can dimly make out the shapes of my imagination, the foundation of my obsession. I loose sight as she screams that word at me. Obsessed. It taints my love with anger.
A door slams, bringing me back form my doze. With drooping eyes and tired limbs, I stand up and shake off the images that have been denying me sleep for the past weeks. And yet I am wide awake. I am excited; tonight is the night. The night I will finally sleep, because she will haunt me no more.
She will not haunt because she will be with me in more than a memory, more than a dream. Tonight is the night I sleep with her in my arms. Tonight is the night she will see. She will understand.
I brace myself against the wall as I hear feet coming lightly up the stairs. I quiet my brea
:iconsilver-moonlight:silver-moonlight 5 0
Violet Upreach by jamieoliver22 Violet Upreach :iconjamieoliver22:jamieoliver22 4 0
I hide beneath the surface,
And wait for you to cross my path,
So I may implement my purpose,
So you may feel my unjust wrath.
As you step into my waters,
I spread throughout your limbs.
I cause your blood to boil hotter,
As I subject you to my whims.
As soon as you have welcomed me,
You may wish me to be gone.
But right next to you I'll always be,
And you'll always be my pawn.
I am the whisper that you hate to hear.
I am your deepest and everlasting fear.  
:iconsilver-moonlight:silver-moonlight 3 3
He lay on his bed, sleepily curled up into a ball. He wasn't asleep - he never really slept - but his eyes were closed and his mind was buzzing soothingly, jumping from thought to thought, image to image.
He heard a few creaking noises, but didn't respond with anything more than a twitch of his ear. Even when he heard the muted footsteps coming towards him across the carpeted floor he didn't open his eyes. He only "woke" when he heard a soft cooing voice and felt a hand stroke his back. He opened his eyes into lazy slits, and looked upon his favorite sight in the whole world: the sight of his girl, home at last, lying next to him on the bed. He yawned widely and stretched out from his curl.
"Hey there, baby," she whispered to him, still petting him. A purr rose to his throat. She smiled and wrapped her hands around him, dragging him closer to her. He mewed grumpily - he didn't particularly like it when she did that. But then the moving stopped and he was pressed up against her.
:iconsilver-moonlight:silver-moonlight 3 1
Times Square at Night by jamieoliver22 Times Square at Night :iconjamieoliver22:jamieoliver22 2 0 Manhattan Sunset by jamieoliver22 Manhattan Sunset :iconjamieoliver22:jamieoliver22 5 0 The Ticking of a Clock by jamieoliver22 The Ticking of a Clock :iconjamieoliver22:jamieoliver22 4 0 Into Brooklyn By Night by jamieoliver22 Into Brooklyn By Night :iconjamieoliver22:jamieoliver22 6 0 The Broken Branch by jamieoliver22 The Broken Branch :iconjamieoliver22:jamieoliver22 1 0



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I'm grounded. ground.ed. what? when was the last time I was grounded? or right last summer when i got a D in math and my dad found out. why did i get a D in math? Oh riiiight I wasn't in school for the last month and a half of school because I was in the hospital.

Well, I failed religion. And I don't get to go on the New York Trip as my punishment but do you want to know something? I'm relieved.  I hated the chaperones and the fact that we had to perform.  I need a break from the other students who are going on it.  The only thing that kept me from saying I wasn't going to go early was the fact that I paid for it with my own money.  And I would feel a whole lot worse about not going if I didn't pay it all by myself.  

Now, you might be thinking: What kind of idiot fails a religion class? Well, apparently this kind of idiot does! The reason I failed is because I had surgery and therefore I had extensions on everything.  Who knew that meant I only had two weeks?  I was out of school for one week and recovering for four weeks.  I was in school for the last three weeks because my dear father insisted that it was imperative I return to school at once.  So I did.  Then I spent the whole day drugged out on Painkillers and sleeping in the nurses office, but not actually in class.  Therefore, it was pointless for me to be at school.  While I wasn't in class, I fell behind.  Today my bitch teacher for religion emailed both my mother and father about how she is going to fail me in religion because I haven't turned in a project reality check. she never once told me she was going to fail me, so I will pull an allnighter, finish the project, and pray she grades it.

So now I'm not going to New York.  It's probably for the best.  Right now I'm more pissed than anything...maybe it will inspire me to write something? I hope so.  It's been too long.


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thank you so much for the watch :)