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Tale of two Worlds

The eternal conflict between good and evil and the battle ground inside us. both worlds are struggling to keep the balance of their sides.. The tough solid shape of good stands for the idea that good is clear and obvious. While the evil twisted shape and symbolic world stands for the fact that evil has no straight face it can be anything and taking several forms. that's my vision to the good and evil theory!
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Beautiful concept! I love the idea of making the themes clash! Night vs. Day. Very creative! Keep up the awesome work! :D
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Thanks,you too keep it up :)
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<333 Have a great day!
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really awesome :D
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The compositions is really something! and I really like how you bordered the scene with the twisty evil plants on the left and magnificent vibrant flora on the right. Another great piece of art! :D
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WOW :happycry: . . . this is inspiring . . . :+fav:
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Thanks for your comment..
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This is the most wonderful thing I've seen in weeks. @_@
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Awesome concept!!
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I like the depiction of this idea - good work :)!
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thanks,appreciating your comment :)
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You are most welcome :)
جميلة ما شاء الله ولا قوة الا بالله
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Amazing composition and contrast. Great Blending. Instant Fave! Great Work!!
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Amazing, it reminds me of the yin-yang symbolism. The only thing I miss is a dark splotch in the light world, to remind us of that nothing is purely black nor purely white.
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Good point,only my theory regards that subject's more like genetics (xx-xy) one carries both elements x,y while other is not !"Good" I mean the true pure source of goodness has no other choice but to be good and that's the basic nature of its creation while "Evil" can turn good or stay bad or even be balanced between both like the evil comedian actors the ones you can't hate "Dr.Evil" for instance :), like the sinner who became a saint,the thug who became a's a matter of a point of view
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