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IceAge creature

Concept for a furry ice age creature..just a relaxtion after the stress of hard working hours!
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Given the massive bio-diversity just before and during the last ice age, there was almost certainly some little critter who looked like something like this.
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Possible conclusion! there's an unconfirmed theory says that by the end of the glacial age, various mammal species were found apart from the ones we already have known such as the mammoth, saber tooth, short faced bear..etc but no accurate fossil proof to support it, alas we'll never know :)
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It's a given that the fossil record only represents a small fraction of the extant species in any given epoch, and the further back you go, the smaller that fraction becomes. Further, it's also a given that of the extant fossils, only a small fraction have been recovered and studied sufficiently well to determine what they actually were or looked like in even the roughest sense.

The (vast) majority of the lifeforms that have ever lived on earth will never be known to man... and that's not just sad... it's also wonderfully liberating. Within rather broad limits, no one can tell you that your critter "never lived"... just that if it did, we don't (yet) know about it.

Dinosaurs are still cooler than dragons.