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Fashion Star Filly want list

These are just ponies that I can think of that I would particularly like. Ones I am particularly keen on in bold.

If we are doing a trade, it may be worth while looking at my haves list as to not double up on ponies as I am happy having ANY pony really. But I'd rather not double up. Also NO G3.5s or ponyville please

G1 pony stampers (all except firefly, bow tie, moondancer & skydancer) Really really want Apple Jack

Rattles and Tattles (teenie Tiny)
Little Whiskers

Any Tales ponies
Any Dream Beauties (except skyflier or dream gleamer)
Sandcastle and Shovels
NBT Jebber
Doodles and Noodles
SHS Sunblossom
Baby Honeycomb
TAF Love Melody
TAF Buttons
TAF Bonnie Bonnets
All the Surprise babies
cloud dreamer
Dazzleglow (both variants)
Baby Starbow
Baby Rainribbon
Baby Fleecy and Baby Woolley the Lamb
Baby Lucky Leaf and Leafy the Calf
McDonalds Bookmarks: Blossom, Snuzzle, Minty
Mummy Charm - Sweet and Special
Mummy Charm - Fair Play
Baby Sea Shimmer (mermaid pony)

Baby Katie
Bushwooly Chumster
Princess Serena and Cheery
Bushwooly Hugster
Princess Starburst and Eager
Flutter Pony - Glow
SSP - Secret Star
SSP- Stardazzle
NSS - Gusty
NSS Surprise

Birthstone ponies June and October (MIB)
Snow 'el (pegasus version)
Snowdrop Swirl
tiny tin pinky pie
Royal Beauty (Castle Extra, not fancy hair)
Pretty Palace
Pinky Pie Patchwork Plush
Small Rainbow Dash Pillow Plush
Black Project pony

Candy Cane (either MIB or with accessories)
Winter Berry
Savannah Sage
Cinnamon Breeze
Hula Lula
Always and Forever (MOC)
Yours Truly (MOC)
Rosey Posey
Abra-ca-dabra (MOC)
Pumpkin Tart (MOC)
Garden Wishes
Whistle Wishes
All My Heart (MIB or with accessories)
Candy Heart (MIB or with accessories)
Winter Wish (MIB or with accessories)

Photo Finish   MIB
Chinese New Year Pinkie Pie
Twilight sparkle night light
Holly Dash
My Little Pony Fan Favourites 2  (I'd prefer to have this MIB, but I am fine with getting the ponies that are exclusive to this set loose if you can get them cheap)
Twist A Loo  Happy with either loose or boxed in the set she came with
Any And all Power Ponies MIB
Aurora Plushes (Any except mini Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle or Apple Jack)
Large Octavia funrise plush
Any Build a Bear Ponies except Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle and Spike
Funko Trixi

Bits and Pieces 
Apple Jack Merch
Tail for Sunspot
Eye for galaxy
The top to nibbles and dibbles cot.
Towel for G3 Soakey Dokey
see this thread for playset accessories needed 

**********Enter Play Cards Bellow this line - make great fillers for swap boxes*************************

Enter Play Collectors Cards
series 1 - Foils only

F36 - Pinkie Pie
F37- Rainbow Dash
F38 - Fluttershy
F40 - Rarity
F41 - "I just don't know what went wrong"
F42 - DJ PON-3 & Octavia
F43 - Untitled

G2 - Princess Luna
G4 - Twilight Sparkle
G5 - Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
G6 - Discord
G8 - Queen Chrysalis

Series 2 (I am actually not very complete at all for series 2 so buying me booster sets is still perfectly reasonable - but if you have cards you want to unload here is what I need. I will take any and all stickers from this series List is subject to change due to the fact I do occasionally buy packs of cards).

❑ 4 Applejack-Apple Farmer

❑ 17 Flitter & Cloudchaser
❑ 33 Diamond Dogs
❑ 36 Bon Bon
❑ 39 Minuette
❑ 45 Rocky
❑ 62 This Day is Going to be Perfect
❑ 63 Clock is TICKING!
❑ 69 Unlearn What You Have Learned
❑ 72 You’re a Leader
❑ 76 Spike’s Got it All Under Control

❑ S2 Changelings
❑ S5 King Sombra

❑ F11 Rarity-Seamstress
❑ F13 Spike-Twilight’s Assistant
❑ F14 Princess Celestia & Princess Luna
❑ F15 Apple Bloom
❑ F16 Scootaloo
❑ F19 King Sombra
❑ F20 Cadance
❑ F23 Rarity
❑ F24 Rainbow Dash
❑ F25 Fluttershy
❑ F26 Shining Armor
❑ F28 Spike
❑ F38 Applejack
❑ F39 Fluttershy
❑ F40 Derpy
❑ F42 Twilight Sparkle

❑ G1 Princess Celestia
❑ G2 Princess Luna
❑ G3 Princess Cadance
❑ G4 Twilight Sparkle
❑ G5 King Sombra
❑ G6 Discord
❑ G7 Trixie
❑ G8 Timberwolves

Series 3 Have only just started buying these. So once again, packs are great as extras in swap boxes. If you have spares you want to unload, here is what I need.

non-foil characters
❑ 1 Princess Twilight Sparkle
❑ 3 Pinkie Pie
❑ 6 Applejack
❑ 7 Spike
❑ 8 Cutie Mark Crusaders
❑ 12 Coco Pommel
❑ 13 Cheese Sandwich
❑ 17 Nightmare Moon
❑ 18 Flutterbat song cards

song cards
❑ 26 Glass of Water

foil only characters
❑ F1 Trenderhoof
❑ F2 Seabreeze
❑ F3 Bulk Biceps
❑ F6 Goldie Delicious
❑ F7 Suri Polomare
❑ F9 Chimera

parallel foil characters
❑ F11 Fluttershy
❑ F13 Rainbow Dash
❑ F14 Rarity
❑ F15 Applejack
❑ F16 Cutie Mark Crusaders
❑ F19 Coco Pommel
❑ F20 Cheese Sandwich
❑ F21 Maud Pie
❑ F22 Lord Tirek

parallel foil episodes
❑ F25 Winter Wrap Up
❑ F27 Lesson Zero
❑ F28 Luna Eclipsed
❑ F30 Sleepless in Ponyville
❑ F32 Pinkie Pride ❑ F33 Twilight’s Kingdom - Part 2

foil puzzles
❑ F34 Fluttershy
❑ F36 Applejack
❑ F37 Rarity
❑ F38 Princess Twilight Sparkle
❑ F41 The Super Duper Party Pony
❑ F43 The Goof Off
❑ F45 Make a Wish
❑ F46 Princess Twilight Sparkle
❑ F47 Fluttershy
❑ F48 Pinkie Pie
❑ F49 Rainbow Dash
❑ F50 Rarity
❑ F51 Applejack
❑ F52 Spike
❑ F53 Discord
❑ F54 Castle of Friendship

special foils
❑ F55 Princess Twilight Sparkle
❑ F57 Pinkie Pie
❑ F58 Rainbow Dash
❑ F59 Rarity
❑ F60 Applejack
❑ F61 Discord
❑ F63 Untitled

❑ L1 Princess Twilight Sparkle
❑ L3 Applejack
❑ L4 Pinkie Pie
❑ L5 Fluttershy
❑ L6 Rainbow Dash
❑ L7 Untitled
❑ L8 Maud Pie

❑ E5 Griffon the Brush Off
❑ E6 Boast Busters
❑ E12 Call of the Cutie
❑ E13 Fall Weather Friends
❑ E16 Sonic Rainboom
❑ E19 A Dog and Pony Show
❑ E25 Party of One
❑ E26 The Best Night Ever
❑ E27 The Return of Harmony - Part 1
❑ E28 The Return of Harmony - Part 2
❑ E29 Lesson Zero
❑ E30 Luna Eclipsed
❑ E31 Sisterhooves Social
❑ E33 May the Best Pet Win!
❑ E35 Sweet and Elite
❑ E37 Hearth’s Warming Eve
❑ E40 The Last Roundup
❑ E46 It’s About Time
❑ E49 Ponyville Confidential
❑ E50 MMMystery on the Friendship Express
❑ E52 A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
❑ E53 The Crystal Empire - Part 1
❑ E54 The Crystal Empire - Part 2
❑ E55 Too Many Pinkie Pies
❑ E57 Magic Duel
❑ E58 Sleepless in Ponyville
❑ E59 Wonderbolts Academy
❑ E61 Spike at Your Service
❑ E62 Keep Calm and Flutter On 
❑ E66 Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1
❑ E67 Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2
❑ E68 Castle Mane-ia
❑ E71 Power Ponies
❑ E72 Bats!
❑ E74 Pinkie Apple Pie
❑ E77 Pinkie Pride
❑ E81 It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies
❑ E83 Maud Pie
❑ E90 Twilight’s Kingdom - Part 1
❑ E91 Twilight’s Kingdom - Part 2

❑ P1 Saddle Rager
❑ P2 Saddle Rager-Bulked out
❑ P4 Fili-second
❑ P5 Zapp
❑ P6 Radiance
❑ P7 Mistress Mare-velous
❑ P8 Hum Drum
❑ P9 The Mane-iac
❑ P11 Untitled
❑ P12 DJ Pon-3
❑ P18 Coco Pommel

❑ S1 Golden Oaks Library
❑ S3 Huzzah!
❑ S4 Rock Poetry
❑ S6 Radiant!
❑ S7 Horseplay
❑ S8 Lord Tirek
❑ S11 Cheese & Pinkie
❑ S12 Burger Queen
❑ S13 The Day is Saved
❑ S15 Ponyville Postcard
❑ S16 Glass of Water

autograph cards
❑ Ashleigh Ball - Rainbow Dash & Applejack
❑ Kathleen Barr - Trixie & Queen Chrysalis
❑ Ingrid Nilson - Maud Pie
❑ John de Lancie - Discord
❑ Andrea Libman - Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy
❑ Peter New - Big Mac
❑ Nicole Oliver - Princess Celestia
❑ Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity & Princess Luna
❑ Tara Strong - Princess Twilight Sparkle
❑ “Weird Al” Yankovic - Cheese Sandwich

‘Ponyville Ponies’ puzzle!
❑ V1 ❑ V2 ❑ V3 ❑ V4 ❑ V5 ❑ V6 ❑ V7 ❑ V8 ❑ V9

Fun Tats

Card Game Once again I haven't been buying these much, but I do like them and want them. So expansion packs or starter decks are fine. I have already got the Canterlot Nights Celesia/Rarity starter deck, and the Canterlot Nights Luna/Rainbow Dash Starter.

If you have extras you want to include in swaps or trades, specific cards are listed.

Premier Edition
Mane Characters
❑ 1F. Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire
❑ 2F. Applejack, Steadfast Farmpony
(❑ 3F. Pinkie Pie, Party Animal*)
❑ 4F. Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student
❑ 5F. Rarity, Dazzling Fashionista
(❑ 6F. Fluttershy, Beastmaster*)

❑ 10R. Wild Fire, Speed Racer
❑ 11R. Cloudchaser, Flexible Flier
❑ 13F. Holly Dash, Flighty Filly
❑ 17R. Scootaloo, Creature Catcher
❑ 19R. Solar Wind, Enterprising Astronomer
❑ 21R. Gala Appleby, Refined Farmer
❑ 24R. Applejack, Barn Raiser
❑ 26F. Cherry Jubilee, Queen of the Hill
❑ 31R. Full Steam, Smoke Stacked
❑ 32R. Silver Spanner, Nuts for Bolts
❑ 35R. Night Watch, Vigilant Patrol
❑ 38F. Big Top, Silly Pony
❑ 39R. Charged Up, Energizer Pony
❑ 41R. Lucky Streak, One in a Million
❑ 43R. Goldengrape, Popular Punster
❑ 45R. Pinkie Pie, Pinkie “Responsibility” Pie
❑ 49R. Snips & Snails, Dynamic Duo
❑ 50R. Surprise, Party Pegasus
❑ 51R. Apple Stars, Fruit Prodigy
❑ 53R. Bright Bulb, Seasoned Strategist
❑ 56R. Gyro, Poindexter
❑ 57R. Lemony Gem, Sour Grapes
❑ 59R. Rare Find, A Real Gem
❑ 61R. Spring Forward, Companionable Filly
❑ 62R. Sunny Rays, One Bright Mare
❑ 63F. Lady Justice, Judge & Jury
❑ 65R. Action Shot, Shutterbug
❑ 66R. Big Shot, Wildlife Photographer
❑ 67R. Featherweight, Editor-in-Chief
❑ 70F. Vidala Swoon, Mane Manager
❑ 72R. Savoir Fare, Snooty Server
❑ 74R. Lotus Blossom, Sauna Expert
❑ 82R. Falcon, Fast & Furious
❑ 83R. Fluttershy, Guidance Counselor
❑ 87F. Hummingway, Fine Feathered Friend
❑ 88R. Lilac Links, Superstitious
❑ 89R. Mane Cureall, Veteran Vet
❑ 90R. Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth, Dam Builder
❑ 93R. Sea Swirl, Porpoiseful

❑ 96F. Getting Your Hooves Dirty
❑ 97F. Dig Deep
❑ 98F. Like Apples and Oranges
❑ 100F. Sweet and Kind
❑ 101R. Good Hustle
❑ 103U. A Touch of Refinement
❑ 104U. A Vision of the Future
❑ 106R. Back Where You Began
❑ 107U. Crème de la Crème
❑ 111U. Duck and Cover
❑ 112R. Eeyup
❑ 113U. Here’s Your Invitation!
❑ 114U. Let’s Get This Party Started
❑ 116U. Nurture With Knowledge
❑ 118R. Stand Still!
❑ 120U. Swing Into Action
❑ 121R. Team Effort
❑ 122R. The Big Guns
❑ 124U. Spike, Take a Letter
❑ 125R. Undercover Adventure
❑ 127U. What Went Wrong?
❑ 128R. Whoa There Nelly!
❑ 129R. Working Together

❑ 131R. Assault Cake
❑ 132R. Carousel Boutique
❑ 140U. Lead Pony Badge
❑ 143U. Ridiculous Outfit
❑ 146R. Picnic Lunch
❑ 147U. The Ponyville Express

❑ 152R. Ahuizotl
❑ 154U. Flam
❑ 155U. Flim
❑ 156R. Parasprite Swarm

❑ 164U. Bunny Breakout
❑ 167U. Clearing Gloomy Skies
❑ 170U. Emergency Dress Order
❑ 176U. It’s a Twister!
❑ 177U. It’s Alive!
❑ 189U. Raze This Barn
❑ 192U. Special Delivery!
❑ 194U. This Way, Little Ones

❑ 197UR. Dr. Hooves, Unblinking
❑ 198UR. Rainbow Dash, Winged Wonder
❑ 199UR. Big Mac, Immense Apple
❑ 200UR. Ship Shape, Heavy Lifter
❑ 201UR. Lyra Heartstrings, Bonafide
❑ 202UR. Screwy, Barking Mad
❑ 203UR. Twilight Sparkle, Ursa Vanquisher
❑ 204UR. Zecora, Everfree Guru
❑ 205UR. Octavia, Virtuoso
❑ 206UR. Rarity, Truly Outrageous
❑ 207UR. Philomena, Bird of a Feather
❑ 208UR. Princess Celestia, Ray of Sunshine
❑ 209UR. Heart’s Desire
❑ 210UR. Nightmare Moon
❑ 211UR. Fluttershy, Monster Tamer
❑ ƒ 1. Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire
❑ ƒ 2. Applejack, Steadfast Farmpony
❑ ƒ 3. Pinkie Pie, Party Animal
❑ ƒ 4. Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student
❑ ƒ 5. Rarity, Dazzling Fashionista
❑ ƒ 6. Fluttershy, Beastmaster
❑ ƒ 7. Finish Line, Jammer
❑ ƒ 8. Wild Fire, Speed Racer
❑ ƒ 9. Rainbow Dash, Weather Leader
❑ ƒ 10. Rainbowshine, Cloud Wrangler
❑ ƒ 11. Spike, Baby Dragon
❑ ƒ 12. Applejack, Plant Leader
❑ ƒ 13. Applejack, Barn Raiser
❑ ƒ 15. Granny Smith, Apple Elder
❑ ƒ 16. Drill Bit, Destruction Worker
❑ ƒ 17. Berry Dreams, Pom-Pom Pony
❑ ƒ 18. Pinkie Pie, Pinkie “Responsibility” Pie
❑ ƒ 19. Pinkie Pie, Ice Cutter
❑ ƒ 20. Pinprick, Pop Star
❑ ƒ 21. Professor Neigh, Algebraic!
❑ ƒ 22. Gyro, Poindexter
❑ ƒ 23. Rare Find, A Real Gem
❑ ƒ 24. Twilight Sparkle, All-Team Organizer
❑ ƒ 25. Featherweight, Editor-in-Chief
❑ ƒ 26. Rarity, Nest Weaver
❑ ƒ 27. Fluttershy, Guidance Counselor
❑ ƒ 28. Fluttershy, Animal Team
❑ ƒ 29. Lilac Links, Superstitious
❑ ƒ 30. Winona, On the Scent
❑ ƒ 31. Assertiveness Training
❑ ƒ 32. Let’s Get This Party Started
❑ ƒ 33. Straighten Up & Fly Right
❑ ƒ 34. Undercover Adventure
❑ ƒ 35. Working Together
❑ ƒ 36. Carousel Boutique
❑ ƒ 37. Golden Oak Library
❑ ƒ 38. Sweet Apple Acres
❑ ƒ 39. Picnic Lunch
❑ ƒ 40. Ahuizotl
❑ Pƒ3. Pinkie Pie, Ear to Ear
❑ Pƒ4. Twilight Sparkle, Research Student
❑ Pƒ5. Rarity, Dragon Charmer
❑ Pƒ6. Fluttershy, Safe Haven
❑ Pƒ7. Nightmare Moon
❑ Pƒ8. Eeyup
❑ Pƒ9. Gotta Go Fast
❑ Pƒ10. Stand Still!
❑ Pƒ12. Assault Cake

Canterlot Nights
Mane Characters
❑ 1U Rainbow Dash, Hanging Out
❑ 3U Pinkie Pie, Pokey Pony
❑ 4U Princess Luna, The Parties Over
❑ 5U Twilight Sparkle, Gala Greeter
❑ 6U Rarity, Dressmaker
❑ 8 Rarity, Mover and Shaker

❑ 9R Chief Thunderhooves, Buffaloing Buffalo
❑ 10U Cipher Splash, Born Ready
❑ 12R Dr. Hooves, Just in Time
❑ 14C Hairpin Turn, Blocker
❑ 15C Orange Swirl, Dizzy Daredevil
❑ 16R Pipsqueak, Scrappy Squirt
❑ 19R Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty
❑ 21U Scootaloo, Fan Club Founder
❑ 24C Apple Bumpkin, Caramel Coater
❑ 25R Applejack, Element of Honesty
❑ 26U Applejack, Applebucker
❑ 27C Bags Valet, Luggage Lackey
❑ 33R Earth Pony Royal Guard, Arresting Officer
❑ 34R Fast Clip, Drill Instructor
❑ 35C Golden Harvest, Beyond Her Garden
❑ 36U Hayseed Turnip Truck, “A” For Effort
❑ 37R Joe, Doughnuteer
❑ 38C Steam Roller, Juggernaut
❑ 40R Cheese Sandwich, Wandering Partier
❑ 42U Globe Trotter, Sight Seer
❑ 43U Lily, Panicked Pony
❑ 46R Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter
❑ 50R Snips, Schemer
❑ 53U Amethyst Maresbury, Crystal Librarian
❑ 54R Canterlot Archive Guard, Literate Lookout
❑ 57R Minuette, Clocked Up
❑ 60C Sealed Scroll, Studious Scribe
❑ 61R Shining Armor, Captain of the Guard
❑ 62R Spike, Assistant Librarian
❑ 65R Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic
❑ 66C Twilight Velvet, Proud Mom
❑ 73R Hoity Toity, Fashion Critic
❑ 77U Rarity, Dragon Charmer
❑ 78R Rarity, Element of Generosity
❑ 79U Roseluck, Fainthearted Filly
❑ 81C Silver Frames, Art Curator
❑ 82R Twilight Sky, Stanchion Stallion
❑ 83R Angel, Serious Business
❑ 84R Blossomforth, Too Flexible
❑ 89R Fluttershy, Element of Kindness
❑ 92C Liza Doolots, Boundless Energy
❑ 95R Nurse Redheart, Cantankerous Caretaker

❑ 99 U A Major Problem
❑ 100U Anything I Can Do To Help?
❑ 102R Critter Stampede
❑ 103R Eep!
❑ 104U Fashion Week
❑ 105R Furry Free-for-All
❑ 106U Hoofwrasslin’
❑ 108R In Your Dreams
❑ 109U Magic Duel
❑ 110R Mane-Raising Experience
❑ 111R Nice Moves, Kid
❑ 113U Nothing to Be Afraid Of
❑ 115U Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!
❑ 117U Staring Contest
❑ 120R The Hard Way
❑ 123U Thunderclap
❑ 124R Too Much Fun
❑ 125U Very Startling
❑ 126U Wardrobe Malfunction
❑ 127R What’s Old is New Again
❑ 128R You’ve Been Up All Night

❑ 130U Apple Cider
❑ 132R Bell Tower
❑ 137U Combat Hat
❑ 139R Go, Feed!
❑ 140R I Just Can't Decide!
❑ 141U Joe's Doughnut Shop
❑ 142R Learned Lesson
❑ 143U Monstrous Cave
❑ 145R Pie Family Rock Farm
❑ 147U Reformed
❑ 148R Snooty Boutique
❑ 149R Soothe the Savage Beast
❑ 151R The Twillicane
❑ 152R Train Tracks
❑ 153R Varmint Barricade
❑ 155R Welcome Wagon

❑ 165R 800 Years of Sweltering Heat
❑ 172R Cockatrice on the Loose
❑ 178R Fruit Bat Roundup
❑ 181U Impress the Intspector
❑ 188R Too Many Pinkie Pies

Main Character Foils
❑ 189UR Princess Luna, Dream Catcher
❑ 190UR Princess Celestia, Equestrian Leader

Friends Foils
❑ 191UR A.K Yearling, Adventure Writer
❑ 192UR Bulk Biceps, All Muscle
❑ 193UR Granny Smith, Jar Judger
❑ 194UR DJ Pon-3, Everypony's Shufflin'
❑ 196UR Princess Luna, Mare in the Moon
❑ 197UR Twilight Sparkle, Noted Speaker
❑ 198UR Fancy Pants, Trendsetter
❑ 199UR Sweetie Belle, Doting Sister
❑ 200UR Princess Celestia, Protector Equestria

Resources Foils
❑ 201UR Element of Kindness/Share Kindness
❑ 202UR Element of Magic/Complete Magic

Troublemakers Foils
❑ 203UR Queen Chrysalis

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