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The Owls Inner Grin

By x-EBee-x
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Have you ever seen a Barn Owl open it's mouth all the way? If you have, then you've probably seen it's second pare of eyes and the row of teeth near the back of the beak. Such mysterious creatures, aren't they?

I drew this in the spirit of Halloween and Inktober! I don’t have any easy access to actual ink at the moment, so the ink brush in SAI had to do. It’s an demon barn owl, showing his true face. (Also, the first time I saved it, it saved with a transparent background? I don’t know how I did that, I didn’t think SAI could do that??)
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But seriously this looks so awesome aaaa I love the lines and the crosshatching WHY ARE ALL YOUR OWL MONSTERS SO UNSETTLINGLY COOL
Are you doing a full inktober challenge?  Because more of this would be EPIC
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Thank you *O* I don't know but I saw this one in my mind before I went to bed one night so it had to be done.
I! I want to. But I don't think I'll be able to do one everyday. I did two other really basic ones the same day I did this one that I haven't posted yet. If I'm going to do the full inktober challenge I'll have to do three every other three days because I just don't have the time (or energy when I have time OTL, like this weekend for example, I could have done some last night but after working an 11-7 hour shift and then a 10-3 shift during crazy-ornament-premire-time at Hallmark, I existed for the soul purpose of becoming a slug)
BUT I'm off today so I'm going to try to make some today. 
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Hahah no problem mate! <3
Ah yeah, that's understandable.  Darn real life interfering with IMPORTANT INTERNET THINGS
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This thing is just so epic. :la:
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Thank you Raine! :hug:
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Your mouths man, your mouths make the world round yo those teeth. Unf.
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Aah, oh my gosh, thank you <3
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Why does this remind me of FNAF? Probably because Chica has 2 rows of teeth...
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Probably because of the teeth :nod:
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Still awesomely creepy though!! I like creepy things...
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That's pretty damn creepy.
Nice job :D
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Thank you, I'm glad you think it's creepy! :)
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............ Well I didn't plan on sleeping tonight anyways.
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Haha, he's just showing off his pearly whites! xD

Thanks for commenting.
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