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GarGar Feels Pretty

By x-EBee-x
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GarGar! Done in a sorta-inky style for Inktober. I’ve been in a mood to draw him showing off his bling for a while, ever since I realized that he is arguably my most feminine character, despite the fact that he’s a genitalia-less giant cyclops from the void. If you’d asked him if he was a boy, he would say he was, just like his brothers - but that won’t stop him from wanting to feel pretty and stick rubies in his belly button.   
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So so pretty :3c
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You'll make him blush.
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Ah! I need to catch up on my inktober stuff. For some reason Tumlbr keeps being a butt and won't let me post stuff. >:/

So if GarGar's genderless, how does he have siblings who are specifically male?
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I'm sorry Tumblr is being a dumby for you.

His "brothers" are also genderless, but they consider themselves male because their creator dubbed them "sons". No other reason really!
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