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Chipotle for 53-c

By x-EBee-x
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Fixed the markings! Put the diamond on the correct leg and added birthmark. I had a moment so I just went a head and did it! C:

AT for 53-c, their character Chipotle Tezcacoatl! 

This was VERY FUN to make! Such a cool character! Raccoon/rattlesnake. Also, I wasn't sure if the diamond marking was only on the right leg or on both so I apologize if it doesn't belong on the left leg like it is. Looking at the ref again I'm pretty sure I got it wrong haha. I also forgot the birthmark on the knee frigg'n OOPS
I'll fix it if you'd like me too.

Pose? He's being a sneaky radcoon, sneak'n up on somebody, gon'get SPOOKED. (October is next week.)

Also, with your permission, I'd like to post this on some other sites! Let me know if that's okay!
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Looks even better when not viewed through a livestream! =P
Really though, great work.  His little face and the poncho and thOSE FEET AUGH SO CUTE
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Ahh thank you Torry! I'm very pleased with it :D I'm also happy with the hands! They aren't perfect, but considering I didn't use reference, I think they turned out rather well!
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No prob!
Agreed, they look exactly like how I'd expect raccoon snake hands to look. *nodnod*
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OH AND the diamond marking is only on their right leg youre right haha, but you dont have to fix it if you dont want to
ALSO you can post it in other places :0 i definitely dont mind!
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I'm so glad you like it! :'D It was so much fun, like wow, you're welcome! And take your time on your half, I'm sure it'll be great! Cx
AND DANG I knew it, I'll try to fix it when I have the time but I won't stress over it. But I'll definitely fix it before posting it else where. And thanks! I didn't want to just assume so that's why I asked :3
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OHHHH oh oh oh oh my gooood ebs this is SOOO good i love it so much i dont even know what words and how to comprehend how good and how much i love this FFFhhh THANK YOU!! so much for the trade i'll do your part as soon as i can!! :^D
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Love the pose! This is very cool character. :D
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Thanks Raine! :D I agree, the character is very cool.
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