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:iconx-doctorgadget:X-DoctorGadget posted a status
*Discovers a cool thing, but at the same time disappointing*
"Bayonetta 3? YAY!
Exclusive for Nintendo Switch? Fuck you, Nintendo! >:C"
*Blames SEGA for not keeping the Bayo series anymore*

Sounds truly awesome. Bayo 1 was a satisfaction to most Steam players who saw that wish coming true. I hope Platinum Games also releases Bayo 2 for PC, because it's worth it. My sister owns both games on WiiU, but hardly ever plays them. However, I'm concerned about these console-exclusive games in general that are also a way to force people buy consoles for them. I personally would get a PS4 for just Bloodborne, MediEvil Remaster and God of War 4 (I don't even care about Crash and Spyro LOL). Nothing else. But for 3/4 games it looks insane purchasing that console, personally. 
That's why I think games should be enjoyed by everyone, indipendently from the console each person owns.

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