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:iconx-doctorgadget:X-DoctorGadget posted a status
After a period of hiatus, there's another video.

I'm also considering to make few changes to the Commissions prices, but more specially making a sheet with few examples.

Devious Comments

so are you showing that we happy few is glitchy and broken or is it just meaningless funny videos?
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
The idea came to me last year when I thought of collecting bugs and funny moments like I did with a bunch of videogames, whose clips were collected to make "Glitches and Funny Moments in Videogames", one of my very first videos. All dedicated to WHF, in this case. My bad is that the game suffers for the framerate issues on my PC, which isn't a gaming one. Reason of the bad quality of the clips.
This is also a sort of "Rerum Memento" (things to remember) when the full game comes, so when someone looks at these videos after playing the full game he will say "Zh!t, WHF was so glitchy!" or "Ah, good ol' bugs!" if he ever played the alpha versions.
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