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:iconx-doctorgadget:X-DoctorGadget posted a status
WHF threads have become shittier since the big announcement of Compulsion Games regarding the partnership with Gearbox and the increase of the price due to pre-orders as retail copies for the consoles. Also, season pass and collector's box.
Despite the given reasons behind all this, people keeps complaining Gearbox and the new price (I also agree with them for this last) and some even dare to troll the whole community and insult the developers themselves. 
This has caused several negative reviews on the game, all regarding the price and Gearbox, but not on the constructive criticism about the game itself. The risk? The game may not see the light one day.
Rather than being worried for the game, I'm greatly worried for the confusing and mad situation. *Leaves WHF threads and plays Fallout - New Vegas*

Devious Comments

Sheogorart Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw man, doesn't sound good :/
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017
I heard about Gearbox's nasty actions, especially with Aliens Colonial Marines. Understandable the fear about the publisher and the game being different than what promised.
The price hike due to pre-orders and retail copies for all the platforms? I admit that 51 and 60 USD are too much; I personally expected the game to cost 50 USD at the final release. But it's said that the game content will be bigger than planned, hence the price of the game. 
The collector's box? Not my kind of stuff, sincerely. Blamed for not having a copy of the game.
Season Pass? I would preferably a special edition with the game and all the released DLCs, including soundtracks and the art book which are still under development.
The PS4 version? Good for PS4 users, bad for PC players, claiming that the PC version of the game will have less content due to the console versions having more content (WTF?!). Also, these people have forgot about the already existing Xbox One version.
But people keep coming and throwing benzin on fire for the already dangerous situation, even if it's not necessary. Also, mentions about fraud, betrayal and, now to me, even free giveaways given to popular YouTubers to promote the game. No concrete proofs.
And these YouTubers are mostly Kickstarter backers, including Jacksepticeye. If the statement above was true, maybe I could have seen PewDiePie (the one who's greatly popular and sometimes plays games given to him by the developers to advertise their products) playing it, but he has never played WHF and published a related gameplay video.
As far as I know, the partnership was made prior to the announcement of 16th of August and the planned DLCs, with new exclusive content, were planned EVEN prior to the partnership. The actual Life in Technicolour update was even prepared in June. The developers own a more advanced version of the game, which is obvious for the development purpose and testing.
But I think you already know: when there's a Season Pass, people have to say their opinion on the matter, often negatively, indipendently from the game.
Merchandise? This should only interest the collectors and passionate fans, not anyone.
If all this wasn't for Gearbox, probably people wouldn't have reacted so badly. If there was another publisher, probably people would have only blamed for the prices and the rest, but not for the developer.
Also, to be precise, behind Gearbox taking care of WHF there's Steve Gibson: I don't know why people keep saying about Rendy Pitchford being behind the curtains.
Sorry for this long comment with a bit of anger taste from me, but I don't uderstand people complaining the developers with occasional insults and trolling.
Hope it's clear for you.
Sheogorart Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, thanks, it's more clear for me now. I'm not really aware about all of this "behind the scenes" stuffs, so I didn't really understand all the drama around this game 
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